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Wednesday, November 15, 2017

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EOTR Previews: WWE Survivor Series 2017

By @TrueGodImmortal

A few weeks ago, I was not really interested in Survivor Series, and I really didn't plan on watching the show. WWE had given us lazy matches for the show like Brock Lesnar vs Jinder Mahal (who the fuck wants to see that?), Alexa Bliss vs Natalya (boring), and Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins vs The Usos (that wasn't bad at all). The problem with the card was that it highlighted all of the booking issues that both Smackdown and RAW had. For some reason, the WWE had a much needed change of heart, and they would end up switching over a lot of the matches and making changes to most of the card. Now, the Survivor Series card is looking like the best card for the event since 2002. With that being said, today I wanted to take a look at the card and provide a preview of the stacked lineup for the show. Let's take a look.

*Kickoff Match
Cruiserweight Championship
Enzo Amore vs Kalisto

-While this match isn't one I'm excited for, I'm glad they moved it to the kickoff show. The fact is, the WWE doesn't seem to know what to do with the division and for 205 Live. There are rumors of Hideo Itami coming over to join that brand and while a KENTA vs Cedric Alexander match really is appealing for the belt, that's not likely at all. The biggest issue here is that Kalisto is not popular, and while Enzo is really good for the division in terms of drawing interest, the biggest problem now is that the matches have taken a hit as Enzo isn't as good as the rest of the roster in the ring. Still, this match will be virtually insignificant and will see Enzo retain his title and move on to whoever is next, which should be a Cedric or maybe even an Itami if he debuts soon. It's time to move on from this unnecessary feud.

*Intercontinental Champion vs United States Champion
The Miz vs Baron Corbin

-While I did say this card is stacked, I think the biggest thing about this match is the promo ability of Miz. In terms of the actual in ring action, this match doesn't excite me at all and I'm sure a lot of fans feel that way. I would have loved to see someone else as US Champion to face Miz but Corbin is doing decent in his role so far, and with that, I think he might pull off the victory here. Miz should walk away with the win, but with my thinking, I expect the RAW side to dominate the wins in the matches, so Corbin hits his finisher after about 10 minutes and picks up a clean win over Miz.

*Women's Team RAW vs Team Smackdown Match
RAW (Asuka, Alicia Fox, Sasha Banks, Bayley, Nia Jax) vs Smackdown (Becky Lynch, Carmella, Naomi, Tamina, TBD)

-Charlotte was originally the 5th member, but she's now moved to the Smackdown team. What is intriguing about this match is the fact that they didn't just put Natalya in her place and there will be a 5th member decided this Sunday. A lot of speculation has it being Paige, while most think it'll be Natalya or even Lana, but that leaves this match in a bit of suspense.... for that reason only. The RAW side is stacked and to be very honest, they should win due to one name and one name only: Asuka. Asuka hasn't been promoted like she should be and I predict she will eventually win the Women's Title, so what better way to begin her push than to make her the sole survivor in this match? If the WWE wants to do the right thing, they need to make Asuka the sole survivor for RAW in dominant fashion.

*Women's Champion vs Women's Champion
Alexa Bliss vs Charlotte

-This is a match I'm definitely looking forward to. This should be an excellent match between the two biggest women in the WWE over the last year basically. Charlotte was the top heel on RAW all last year and Bliss has thrived in that role this year. Honestly, it's impossible to really know how this match will play out, as there is literally nothing behind it minus a brief encounter on Smackdown where Bliss lays Charlotte out backstage. I would assume that Charlotte rides this wave of momentum to a victory over Bliss, as I don't really see Alexa walking out with a big time win here. Still, all I want to see here is both of these ladies put on a show that we remember for months to come. I think they are capable.

*Tag Team Champions vs Tag Team Champions
Cesaro and Sheamus vs The Usos

-This could end up as a match of the night. This is a huge match in general, but it's made bigger by the fact that The Bar is at the top of their game. Cesaro is comfortable in his role and I think he's been responsible for the success of the team, but Sheamus isn't a slouch at all. The Usos are the best team in the company and with these four men in the ring, we could witness a possible classic. If these two teams are given about 16 minutes to go out and perform, I think we might be amazed by the final result. I expect this to outshine a majority of this card and be a diamond in the rough for the night. Be on the lookout for this match.

*RAW vs Smackdown
The Shield vs The New Day

-You know, in the heyday of The Shield, we saw them go against so many great teams and great trios including the Wyatt Family and Evolution. However, the biggest act in the WWE since The Shield disbanded is The New Day. The New Day have been one of the biggest acts in the company and with the reunion of The Shield, it's only right that we get The New Day vs The Shield since The Shield might not be together much longer. I think we all know what the outcome of this match will be, but I think they will give this match at least 18-20 minutes and we'll see a lot of great action and near falls. The New Day will for sure take The Shield to the limit and I actually think this match could be better than the contests between The Shield and Evolution, as well as some of The New Day vs The Usos matches, and that's exactly what you want. Give us a tough battle with an ending that comes out of nowhere and we might have a classic in the making. However, we know The Shield will win this match. It's pretty obvious. Just book The New Day strong in a losing effort and there are no complaints from me.

*RAW vs Smackdown 5 On 5 Match
RAW (Triple H, Kurt Angle, Braun Strowman, Finn Balor, Samoa Joe) vs Smackdown (Shane McMahon, Bobby Roode, Randy Orton, John Cena, Shinsuke Nakamura)

-In reality, this is the most stacked Survivor Series match ever. Ever. This is not up for debate. It's a fact. Finn Balor, former Universal and NXT Champion. Samoa Joe, former NXT Champion and a current legend. Braun Strowman, who is one of the hottest acts in the company. Kurt Angle in his 2nd match back, who is a former WWE Champion and a true legend in this business. Triple H, one of the greatest to ever do it. That's just on the RAW side. Smackdown has Shane McMahon and Bobby Roode, who are a bit of a weak link for the team, but truthfully, when you have legends like Randy Orton, Shinsuke Nakamura, and John Cena on your team, it makes up for it. The facts remain, this match is STACKED by itself and enough to sell this entire event, but I think there a ton of elements that will make this a clusterfuck that's still entertaining. There is the chance that Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens ends up interfering and costing the Smackdown team the match, along with an appearance from Kane to help eliminate Braun Strowman, and maybe, just maybe a heel turn from Jason Jordan on Kurt Angle. This match has so many elements to it that I expect something epic and also a disaster. An epic disaster. Still, that's going to be entertaining to watch, and I expect Team RAW to win this and lead to a storyline between Triple H and Kurt Angle, which I don't think anyone wants to see, but it's rare WWE gives us a lot of what we want in succession. Team RAW wins this match with the sole survivor being Triple H.... I'm calling it now.

*Universal Champion vs WWE Champion
Brock Lesnar vs AJ Styles

-Once upon a time, Brock Lesnar was a good wrestler. Once upon a time, Brock Lesnar was one of the best performers in the company. That time is gone. However, it's not they Brock can't perform at a high level, it seems like he just doesn't want to. His one on one matches have been standard and nothing special, and his best matches come when he's involved in triple threat or fatal 4 way matches. However, he's facing the best wrestler in the company, AJ Styles. Can AJ make Brock wrestle again? Can AJ force Brock to find something other than the F-5 and Suplex City moveset? That's going to be the real question. Brock hopefully doesn't get winded 7 minutes in, and we can get a good 15-20 minute main event from both of these men. I think Brock might win, but I actually think there is a bigger upside to this match if AJ wins. Brock gains nothing from a win and loses nothing in a loss, so I would say let these two have a really good match, and force AJ to hit three flying forearms in a row to pin Brock, which could be a great way to make Brock still look strong, but give the well deserved win to Styles. I mean, knowing WWE, Brock will win convincingly, but after all the work that AJ has put in, it's time for him to get rewarded even more. I hope AJ can get a great match out of Brock and I hope he wins this battle. Survivor Series is going to be a great show I'm sure, and I just hope we get enough great action to justify the hype now after they built it up much better recently.


Tuesday, November 14, 2017

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EOTR Tag Team Tuesdays: 5 Tag Team Matches At Survivor Series

By @TrueGodImmortal

Survivor Series is almost here and you can bet we are excited here at EOTR. The card looks solid and is building up well, so we wanted to do something different. We wanted to look at 5 tag team matches at Survivor Series. Not the 5 on 5 or the 4 on 4, but matches that feature two man teams over the years. Let's take a look at 5 interesting tag matches at the November event.

*The Dudley Boyz vs The Hardy Boyz
Survivor Series 2001

-As the Hardy Boyz were starting to tease a breakup, they would end up going into Survivor Series looking to unify the tag titles and put the WWF on top over the WCW/ECW Alliance. This was a tag team steel cage match that got out of hand, and had great action throughout. However, after Matt made it out of the cage for his team, it was up to Jeff to do the same. Jeff would make it to the top and be right there, but made the mistake of wanting the big moment and would end up costing them the match and the titles. This would set for a possible breakup of the team that just never happened, though a one off match occurred.

*The Rock and John Cena vs The Miz and R-Truth
Survivor Series 2011

-One of the most famous tag team main events in the history of the event, this was the first match for The Rock since 2004. Almost 8 years removed from his last match, Rock would team with his Wrestlemania 28 nemesis John Cena to take on The Miz and R-Truth in what turned out to be a pretty decent match. Rock doesn't do much of the heavy lifting in the match, but he would take a few bumps and win the match for his team with a big People's Elbow and then lay Cena out with a Rock Bottom to close out the night.

*Randy Savage and Mr. Perfect vs Ric Flair And Razor Ramon
Survivor Series 1992

-A heavily promoted tag team match that didn't go the way we expected. Initially, Savage was supposed to team with the Ultimate Warrior, but as we know, Warrior didn't make it to this match and would not be heard from again on WWF TV for quite sometime. Mr. Perfect would replace Warrior, which worked out better in the long run, as Razor was getting a small heel push and Flair was continuing his subpar heel run in the company. This match is actually solid, but the result is a bit underwhelming, as Razor and Flair got DQed and lost. I would have preferred Razor to take the pin after a Savage elbow drop, but as expected, this was an indecisive finish and I'll attribute that to the fact that Warrior was replaced. Still, this was a solid contest.

*Edge and Rey Mysterio vs Kurt Angle and Chris Benoit vs Los Guerreros
Survivor Series 2002

-This is the greatest tag team match in Survivor Series history. It's one of the best tag team matches of the Ruthless Aggression era. When you take the members of the Smackdown Six and put them together with the tag titles on the line, you're bound to get greatness. Greatness is exactly how I would describe this match as all three teams gave their all in this triple threat elimination match. Angle and Benoit were eliminated first in a shocking turn of events, but Los Guerreros managed to hold on and win this match. It was a great culmination to the month long battles between both teams and this was the perfect ending and a classic match at the greatest Survivor Series event.

*CM Punk and Daniel Bryan vs The Wyatt Family
Survivor Series 2013

-Of all the tag team matches, this is the most forgettable one on the list for one glaring reason: Bray Wyatt didn't wrestle. Punk and Bryan were teaming together and that was amazing, but what made it so interesting was that they were battling the much bigger and brutal Harper and Rowan. Of course, Punk and Bryan would end up winning this contest, but it's surprising that we didn't get the anticipated Punk vs Wyatt and Bryan vs Wyatt battle, which made this match a little underwhelming, but still enjoyable nonetheless.


Monday, November 13, 2017

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Eyes On Survivor Series: 10 Most Memorable Moments

By @Phranchize19

Survivor Series is one of the big 4 PPVs that WWE usually tries to go all out for. Survivor Series had lost its luster for a while but it has attempted to pick back up over recent years. Here are the 10 most memorable moments of this event.

10. The Debut Of Rocky Maivia

-The man known as The Rock is a worldwide phenomenon and in 1996 at Survivor Series, we were all introduced to him. The blue chip third generation star came out and amazed with his performance. His athleticism was unparalleled. Even though he was a cookie cutter babyface, people were quite intrigued as to where he would go from this strong outing. I think he did alright in his career following this.

9. The Debut Of The Undertaker

-Ted Dibiase’s Million Dollar Team had the million dollar acquisition of The Undertaker. While the WWF was still in its goofy character stage, this character of a western mortician stuck in a way that I don’t think anyone could imagine. Taker debuting is an all time classic moment.

8. Bret Hart vs Shawn Michaels 
Survivor Series 1992 Main Event

-Long before the Montreal screwjob, Bret Hart and Shawn Michaels were leading the post Hogan era of WWF. This was significant due to the fact that WWF was in transition from the Hogan era. It was quite surprising to see Vince go with Bret Hart as the face of the new era because he usually picked the bodybuilder larger than life sized guys but Bret was a relatively smaller champion. Conpounded with the up and coming Shawn Michaels, who also was a small competitor, this was not your typical WWE main event but this match was simply fantastic.

7.  The Shield Debut

-Arguably one of the greatest factions of all time debuted at this event in 2012. Roman Reigns, Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins would interfere in the main event and cause utter destruction. These three men are now the top guys in WWE and it all began on this night.

6. Goldberg defeats Brock Lesnar 

-Brock Lesnar has been built to be unbeatable, so many people (myself included) assumed there was no way a man who hasn’t wrestled in 12 years was going to beat the most unbeatable wrestler we’ve seen in years. We all thought Goldberg was gonna be in Suplex City and it was gonna be over but boy were we all wrong. Not only did Goldberg defeat Lesnar, he defeated him QUICKLY and DECISIVELY. The crowd erupted. This was such a shocker and honestly it was needed because we all thought the same old predicable outcome was coming.

5. Never Before Never Again

-Who would’ve thought two of the most charismatic entities in wrestling history would face each other. Who would've thought they would even team together? Well at Survivor Series 2011, that’s what we got. The Rock and John Cena TEAMED up to take on Miz and R Truth. Building hype for their eventual Wrestlemania 28 showdown, it was smart to keep people's minds on it with a match like this.

4. Debut of Kurt Angle

-The Olympic gold medalist made his debut at survivor series 1999. Kurt Angle would go on to have a hall of fame career and become one of the absolute best wrestlers of all time. This debut wasn't very eventful, but it was solid enough to let people know he had arrived.

3. Debut of Sting

-Sting is arguably the greatest wrestler that had never worked for WWE. At Survivor Series 2014, that all changed. Sting came out and the internet broke as the crowd erupted and things were never the same. Sting decided that it was time to finally make the jump and The Icon was finally in the building to our surprise and enjoyment.

2. The Rock Turns Heel 

-Survivor Series 1998 needed a big ending and what better way to end it off than having your new big time face completely surprise everyone by turning heel and winning the WWF Title, while also joining forces with the McMahon family? That was completely unexpected and exciting for many of us. This was also a career changing move for The Rock.

1. The Montreal Screwjob

-You knew this was coming. This is the most important moment because it changed a lot. Bret Hart left WWF. Vince became a heel after this. Shawn became champ and DX got stronger. Survivor Series has had a lot of great moments but this is the top of the mountain.


Saturday, November 11, 2017

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EOTR Match Of The Week: The Undertaker vs Batista

By @Phranchize19

Starting off the next chapter of our match in the week series, we take a look back at the best matches at Survivor Series that aren't traditional Survivor Series matches. Today, I wanted to start with a gem, Batista vs The Undertaker in the Hell In A Cell match for the World Heavyweight Championship. Building up to the match, there were big implications at stake and their year long feud would finally culminate at one of the big 4 PPVs. Who would leave the Cell victorious?

The Match
We start out with both men going back and forth. Undertaker attempts the first pin and then begins to take control. Undertaker would attempt to bring in a chair but Batista spears Him. Batista attempts to use the same chair but Taker counters him. Undertaker would take the battle outside of the ring and take control of the match again. Undertaker would dominate until Batista counters Old School. Batista would then start a small rally and start ramming the Undertaker into the cell but Undertaker would counter and bust Batista open. Undertaker would then attempt old school but Batista would counter once again.

Next, Batista would bust the Undertaker open. Batista would attempt to hit punches while Taker was in the corner but Taker would counter with the Last Ride. Batista would again take control and hit the Undertaker with the spinebuster twice. Batista would then bring a table into the match and uses it against The Undertaker. Then, Undertaker would rally and perform a tombstone on Batista who would surprisingly kick out. Undertaker would then tombstone Batista on the steel steps and seem to be near victory. Edge would then interfere and cost the Undertaker the match, allowing Batista to retain and beginning the next chapter.

-Undertaker drives Batista’s throat into a chair.
-Batista counters Old School into a spinebuster.
-Batista would ram the steel steps into the Undertaker's head 4 times.
-Batista hits the Batista Bomb through the table.
-Undertaker counters a Batista Bomb and Batista lands on the steel steps.

Fun Fact
Batista is the only man to have defeated the two men who have dominated this match in Undertaker and Triple H. Batista is also the only man to walk in as world champ at multiple Hell In A Cell matches and leave with the title still in tact.

Grade and Analysis
This was as physical as it gets. JBl and Michael Cole added to this with great commentary. I thought both men performed very well. This match was relatively short considering but with that Survivor Series card being as stacked as it was I get it. Edge interfering added to this great story and left us with a cliff hanger and more questions than answers. I thought Batista did a fantastic job letting Undertaker lead the match and Undertaker as usual gave us a superb performance. A little more brutality wouldn’t have hurt though, but overall this was really solid.

Rating: 8.5/10