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Thursday, October 19, 2017

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EOTR Feud Of The Week: Chris Benoit vs Kurt Angle

By @Phranchize19 and @TrueGodImmortal

Some rivalries are born out of entertainment some are born because wrestlers are the best at that they do. This week we will discuss one of the best rivalries ever in Kurt Angle vs  Chris Benoit, where these two legends gave it all they head over a three year period. Two of the best wrestlers to ever lace up boots, you knew Kurt Angle and Benoit wasn’t going to disappoint from an in ring standpoint, but with the element of entertainment Kurt Angle brought it made for an even more entertaining rivalry. Whether it was about tapping out to a submission or their reluctant tag team, they would entertain the audience through the duration of their epic feud.

Best Match
It was tough to pinpoint a single match that was their best encounter, because there are so many, but this is the one we selected and I think most would agree that it's hard to argue against it.

*Kurt Angle vs Chris Benoit
WWE Championship
Royal Rumble 2003

-Hands down their best encounter. This wasn’t about entertainment. This wasn’t about fun. This was about Angle being back on the mountaintop and Benoit wanting to win the title. These two went out and put on an absolute clinic. When you think of a wrestling clinic this is the match you show people, for a few reasons. For one, Angle showcased why he was one of the best. Two, Benoit had what would likely be considered his breakthrough performance, as the standing ovation he got after the match was huge, and set the tone for him to win the Rumble the very next season. There are so many matches we could reference as their best, as they have some classics on Smackdown, at Unforgiven 2002, Backlash 2001, and many others. This feud would spawn so many great matches that it would take up the entire article. There isn't a bad match in their feud at all.

Underrated Matches
There are so many great matches that we figured we should list a couple of those, since there are no bad matches to speak of, only matches that were too short and mostly don't even count. Let's take a look at the underrated matches. 

*Kurt Angle vs Chris Benoit
2 Out Of 3 Falls/Three Stages Of Hell
Judgment Day 2001

-We were tempted to put their Unforgiven 2002 clash here in the first spot but this match was too good to ignore. You have to love every second of this. These two went out there and arguably had the best match of the night. It was simply fantastic. They never had a bad match as the two had excellent chemistry that can never be ignored, so with that being said, let's take a look at two more underrated matches in their feud.

*Kurt Angle vs Chris Benoit
Wrestlemania 17

-Another match between these two technicians that showcased exactly what you expected. Angle and Benoit went at each other with everything they had and this match tends to get slept on just because it's a part of one of the greatest events in WWE history, and in my opinion, the greatest Wrestlemania ever.

*Kurt Angle vs Chris Benoit
Ultimate Submission
Backlash 2001

-The master of the Ankle Lock. The master of the Crossface. These two went at it in an often forgotten match that showed that both men were able to compete at the highest level for over 30 minutes. This match was fun, and even went to sudden death, where Benoit pulled out the win continuing his face turn and push. I honestly think that 2001 feud between Angle and Benoit is one of the best feuds in ring wise of the last 20 years. It was consistent top tier performances over and over again, and this match was another on the list.

Who Won The Feud
I would say Angle won barely, as the high profile matches saw him get the win, including Wrestlemania 17 and Judgment Day 2001, along with their best match, Royal Rumble 2003. Benoit got the victory at Unforgiven 2002 and Backlash 2001, but it seemed that Angle had his number. This feud would end up catapulting Benoit to the next level, pushing him to become a main event level star by the time it was finished, so in reality, no one really lost this feud. It's a classic feud that needs to be remembered and appreciated for years to come.


Wednesday, October 18, 2017

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Eyes On WWE: WWE TLC 2017 Preview

By @TrueGodImmortal

If you're a WWE fan, times are tough for a number of reasons. The crowds aren't drawing, the product is lackluster and lazy, and Jinder Mahal is still WWE Champion and a failed experiment. The company has nearly ruined the once extremely over and popular Shinsuke Nakamura, they are trying another sad attempt to get Roman Reigns over. It's really sad times in the WWE world, but despite that, there's a lot to still discuss, and we return with our WWE PPV Previews just in time for the return of The Shield. Today, we take a look at WWE TLC. Let's get into it.

Kickoff Match
*Alicia Fox vs Sasha Banks 

-I was told that Nia Jax was originally meant for this match, and with her not a part of this feud, I suspect this is all a waste of time. Sasha deserves much better and unfortunately, this is not it. Still, if given decent time, we could see a solid match between the two ladies, I just hope the release of a new Alicia Fox shirt doesn't mean she'll be winning this match. Hopefully, Sasha walks away with the win then moves on to a feud with Asuka, Emma, or even Mickie James for the Women's Title. I'll get to why Mickie should win the title a little later, but let's hope Sasha wins the kickoff bout.

*The Demon Finn Balor vs Bray "Sister Abigail" Wyatt 

-This is honestly the funniest match of all time. It's going to be ridiculous in the worst way possible and I'm not going to lie, I probably won't even watch this match or a majority of this entire PPV anyways, but this whole feud is one big joke. Finn deserves better and Bray deserved better. With a Halloween themed style Demon for Finn and some form of gothic drag for Bray, this match is literally a Halloween special for the two to play dress up. I hope Finn wins and moves on, as this feud should never have continued beyond No Mercy, but WWE can't seem to help themselves. Finn should win this.

*Asuka vs Emma 

-I have very little to say about this match as we all know how this one will end. It's clear. Emma is being fed to Asuka on her main roster debut. My fear is the WWE will ruin Asuka sooner than later, but for now, they'll give Asuka a dominant win over Emma and set her on the right path.... For now.

*WWE Cruiserweight Championship
Kalisto vs Enzo Amore 

-This is likely going to be a bad match, though I can admit their first encounter in the main event of RAW was actually pretty fun to watch overall. I don't know if they manage to execute this match right this time, but I do like the focus on the Cruiserweight Division more now. Enzo seems to have a possible faction brewing and utilizing this could very well be a huge deal for the division if done right. I think Enzo regains the title by interference and we see a bigger feud leading into a Survivor Series Cruiserweight Match. Enzo wins this one and gets his title back.

*WWE RAW Women's Championship
Alexa Bliss vs Mickie James 

-I think this match should see Mickie James go over. Here's why. I don't think Alexa Bliss is doing a great job with the title honestly and with Nia Jax out of the way, Asuka seemingly due to dominate if booked right, and a possible Asuka vs Alexa Bliss feud to come, I think two things should happen. One, I think we should have a battle between Asuka and Alexa in December that isn't for the title, leading to a possible Women's Royal Rumble or No. 1 Contender Elimination Chamber that Asuka wins. I see Mickie winning the belt and dropping it to Sasha, which leads to a Bayley vs Sasha feud at the Rumble and finally to an Asuka vs Sasha match for the title once Sasha turns heel as champion. However, it's more than likely WWE just fucks up the momentum and has Alexa win and drop the belt to Asuka after retaining over Mickie. I think Mickie should win, but Alexa will likely win.

*The Brian Kendrick and Jack Gallagher vs Cedric Alexander and Rich Swann 

-Honestly, when we look back at some of these matches that have been in the Cruiserweight Division, there is rarely more than one match on each PPV. Now, WWE seems to want to give the division a bit more of attention and as a result, we get some interesting feuds and a second match on the show. This features the best in the division Cedric Alexander and Rich Swann against Jack Gallagher and The Brian Kendrick, and I hope this match is given a lot of time. If given time, this could be the match of the night. Cedric and Swann deserve to win and I think they will pull out the victory as I don't see a reason to give Gallagher and Kendrick the win here. Still, this could either way, but I hope Cedric and Swann get the win. 

*TLC 5 On 3 Match
Kane, The Miz, Braun Strowman, Sheamus & Cesaro vs The Shield

-The only match that really matters on this show. The show itself looks horrible on paper and this is literally all of the RAW star power in one match minus Wyatt and Balor. The Shield officially reunited and they seem to be fully back in Shield mode, and that's good for now. However, my biggest issue is that they return in an unnecessary 5 on 3 TLC Match. What is the purpose? If The Shield loses, it makes sense, but I don't see them losing their return match together and that makes all 5 competitors look weak in this contest. Because of that and knowing how WWE loves to protect Roman Reigns, you'll likely see Kane take the pinfall and Reigns defeat him for the Shield to get the victory. Still, this match seems silly and and there's no upside for anyone involved. At best, this will be a fun contest that allows us to have The Shield officially back and give them a win heading into Survivor Series for this short lived reunion. Will TLC end up surprising everyone and being a good show? I doubt it, but you never know.


Tuesday, October 17, 2017

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EOTR Tag Team Tuesdays: The Undertaker And Kane

By @TrueGodImmortal 

For the first several years of his WWF career, the Undertaker was seen as a solo star. Through the years, he had been a solo entity with Paul Bearer in his corner until Bearer turned against Taker and began a feud with him. Shortly after their feud got underway, Bearer hinted at Taker having a brother who was believed to have died in a fire, but he rose from the ashes. As silly as this is now, then it was a huge deal and it led to what would become an epic feud. Undertaker's brother was named Kane, and shortly after their feud, Kane and Taker would join forces briefly. The brotherly reunion was short lived in 1998, but we got a glimpse of how well these two could work together. After feuding with each other again briefly in 1999, Taker went on a hiatus for months, before returning in 2000.

Once Taker returned, we got to see the two team up as Taker was well into his American Badass persona, but that was short lived as well, with Kane turning on Taker. After another short feud against each other, Taker and Kane would go on to reunite in late 2000, just in time for the Royal Rumble 2001. The Rumble made their reunion official and throughout 2001, these two would stick together. Starting with their first PPV tag team title match at No Way Out 2001 against The Dudley Boyz and Edge & Christian, Taker and Kane would make their presence felt in the tag division. After coming up short in their quest for the tag titles, Kane and Taker would briefly feud with Rikishi and Haku leading into their respective singles matches at Wrestlemania 17. After that brief feud, we got a full fledged tag team and a name. They were now the Brothers of Destruction and they had their sights set on tag team gold. It wouldn't take long for them to accomplish that goal.

Since Taker was involved in a singles feud with Triple H, who had just teamed up with Stone Cold Steve Austin, we would end up getting a huge tag team feud between Taker and Kane vs Triple H and Austin, and the stakes got raised even higher when Taker and Kane won the tag team titles from Edge and Christian. At Backlash 2001, Taker and Kane lost the tag titles to Austin and Triple H, and continued their feud into Judgment Day 2001 in singles matches. After this feud ended, we would then see a feud brewing between Diamond Dallas Page and The Undertaker. As Chris Kanyon came in to help team with DDP, Kane and Taker would team up for battle against these two as well. After defeating The Natural Born Thrillers for the WCW Tag Team Titles, The Brothers of Destruction would end up unifying those belts with the WWE Tag Team Titles for a moment after a huge cage match against DDP and Kanyon at Summerslam 2001. 

After losing their WWF Tag Team Titles to The Dudley Boyz, The Brothers of Destruction would briefly feud with Kronik before that team fell apart and went away. They would lose their WCW Tag Team Titles to Booker T and Test before going their separate ways again after Survivor Series 2001. Years would pass and the Brothers of Destruction would feud with each other off and on, including a Wrestlemania 20 contest that signaled the return of the Undertaker to his Deadman persona. The Brothers of Destruction would briefly reunite in 2005 during their respective feuds with Snitsky and Heindereich, but that, like most of their reunions was short lived. Their next official reunion came in 2006 via Smackdown, as they would feud together against MVP and Mr. Kennedy, as well as Booker T and Finlay briefly. After their 2006 reunion, we didn't see the two together often, but they did team sporadically through 2007, 2008, and 2009, before feuding once more in 2010.

The final chapters of their team came through 2012, 2013, and 2015, first starting in 2012 when the two reunited for a special segment at RAW 1000, and again in 2013 when Undertaker helped Kane and Daniel Bryan take on The Shield. The last chapter of this team came against The Wyatt Family, and it took place at the event Taker debuted at, Survivor Series. The Brothers Of Destruction weren't an all time legendary team, but their legacy rests well within each man's career and they are still a great team to observe and watch. If only they could have got a longer title reign during their time together.


Monday, October 16, 2017

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EOTR Match Of The Week: Chris Benoit vs Chris Jericho vs Eddie Guerrero vs X-Pac

By @Phranchize19

We continue our Intercontinental Championship series with a fast paced match from some of the best wrestlers ever.

Jericho has an obnoxious way about him that fans love. We all know the history between Jericho and Stephanie McMahon. Jericho at No Mercy had injured X-Pac with a power bomb and following that, he injured Eddie Guerrero with the Walls of Jericho. In January, Jericho won the IC title from Benoit in a Ladder Match so all three of these men had an axe to grind with Jericho. With the way Jericho insulted Stephanie McMahon, Vince McMahon decided it would be fair if all three men got a shot at Jericho and the IC title.

The Match
This match starts with Jericho vs Eddie with Benoit and X-Pac battling outside. Once Benoit disposed of X-Pac, he and Guerrero double team Jericho. Jericho finally gets the upper hand only to be stopped by X-Pac. As the action continues, Benoit and Jericho fight outside while Guerrero and X Pac fight inside. After X-Pac takes a frog splash, Jericho interrupts the count. Jericho is then pummeled by Benoit and is pinned but Guerrero puts the foot on the rope. Benoit and Guerrero again double team Jericho. After a few pin attempts, Benoit and Guerrero finally begin to fight each other. As they fight each other, Jericho and X-Pac come in and attempt a double pin only for a near fall. We get back to Jericho vs Benoit in the ring. After these two go back and forth, the other competitors come to the ring. Jericho has maintained control at this point and Justin Credible comes out, but is attacked by Jericho. After Benoit is disposed by X-Pac and Credible, Jericho hits the lionsault on Guerrero but X-Pac breaks up the count. We finally get all four men in the ring where Benoit suplexes Guerrero. X-Pac then hits a mean spinning kick on Benoit and while trying to gloat, he gets rolled up by Jericho who wins the match.

-Benoit tells Guerrero to go up top in an attempt to double team X-Pac but puts him in the crossface instead 
-While X-Pac is attempting a Bronco Buster Jericho drop kicks him
-Guerrero reverses an Irish whip by Benoit into a hurricanrana
-Jericho puts all 3 men in the Walls of Jericho in a span of about 20 seconds 
-Benoit is pulled out of the ring and Credible and X-Pac both superkick him
-Guerrero performs a Mr. Perfect style neckbreaker on Benoit while he has the cross face applied to X-Pac

Grade and Analysis
While not a classic, this was still a fun Intercontinental Championship bout. The storytelling about what Jericho has done to all these men in the months preceding was smart. The action was fast with very few down spots. It wasn’t opening the show but this could’ve opened it as it was an energetic match that didn’t fail to disappoint. Lack of time hurt the bout more than anything, but it was a solid contest

Rating: 7.5/10


Thursday, October 12, 2017

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Eyes On NFL: Week 6 Games To Watch

By @TrueGodImmortal

Week 6 of the NFL season is upon us. We've seen some interesting things during the season, and with the middle of the season approaching, a lot of teams know where they stand going forward. While there aren't too many games that stick out this week as being possibly great, there are a few that will be interesting. Let's take a look at those.

*Philadelphia Eagles vs Carolina Panthers 

-This is one of the most interesting games for sure. With both teams coming into this one at 4-1, it'll be interesting to see what the outcome is. Carson Wentz is playing well, but the Panthers defense has provided some trouble for a number of quarterbacks so far this year and it could be the same for Wentz. On the other hand, Cam Newton is playing absolutely like the MVP and shows no signs of letting up. Will Cam end continuing his winning ways with another great performance? Or will the Eagles soar to another victory?

*Green Bay Packers vs Minnesota Vikings 

-I am usually not excited for NFC North battles and this isn't really much different. The Packers are 4-1 however, and with Sam Bradford back (I think Case Keenum will start likely), this game could get interesting. I would keep an eye on Stefon Diggs for the Vikings, but of course, the man to watch in this game is AR12, Aaron Rodgers. The Vikings defense is solid, but Rodgers breaks down defenses quite often. Can he do it again? All signs can seem to point to a yes, and for that reason alone, this game is one to look out for. Here's hoping Rodgers puts up 300 plus yards and at least 3 TDs.

*Detroit Lions vs New Orleans Saints

-In a way, this game has no business being on this list. The Lions, on paper, should be heavy favorites, as they've proven that they are a good enough time. However, Drew Brees is still Drew Brees and with the Adrian Peterson situation taken care of, perhaps the offense will flow much smoother. Matt Stafford will likely have a good game against this terrible Saints defense, but will it be enough? I would say yes, and I predict the Lions pull out the win in what should be a shootout.

*New England Patriots vs New York Jets 

-First things first, the Patriots defense is still terrible. Don't be fooled by the horrible field goal kicks and the miscues from Jameis, the Patriots should have lost to the Bucs. The Bucks had a touchdown overturned and missed about 4 field goals, most of which should have been easy to make. The Patriots secondary still hasn't found their niche yet, but perhaps they won't have to against the Jets. Surprisingly, both teams have the same record and I would have never guessed that would be the case going into week 6. However, the Jets and the Patriots could be interesting if the Patriots defense doesn't step up. I expect the Patriots to win, but wouldn't be surprised to see the Jets pull off an upset.

*Los Angeles Rams vs Jacksonville Jaguars 

-This game could very be one of the most intriguing of the season. I never expected either team to be where they are right now and that's with winning records. While that could all change by the next week or two, I still think this game could be interesting. Could the Jaguars defense slow down the production of the Rams offense, mainly Todd Gurley? Can Blake Bortles actually have a good game offensively for once? Can Jared Goff shine in this game? Who walks away from this game with the victory? Those questions are enough to make me tune in.

*Pittsburgh Steelers vs Kansas City Chiefs 

-Big Ben looks washed. He doesn't seem the same. While he can still manage to get some passes in, he hasn't looked great this season and father time might be calling him to the retirement land. Still, the Steelers have Le'Veon Ball and Antonio Brown, along with a solid defense, so you can't count them out. However, the Chiefs come into this game undefeated and with all the momentum in the world on their side. They could very well end up 6-0 in this game. Kareem Hunt is a beast, and Alex Smith is playing the best football of his career. Can the Chiefs maintain their undefeated run and defeat the Steelers? I think they will and they'll get a measure of revenge for what occurred in the playoffs last season. This is probably the most must see game of the week, as the Chiefs are still reigning as the best team in football until further notice.


Wednesday, October 11, 2017

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Eyes On WWE: The 5 Best Matches Of The Shield

By @TrueGodImmortal

The return of The Shield is upon us. One of the only things the WWE has booked right in the last 5 years, The Shield was a force when they were together and people still clamor for them together. This has led the WWE to reunite the most important trio of this decade, and there are some interesting possibilities going forward. However, in order to really be excited for the reunion, you have to know the history. That's why we are here today. Let's take a look back at the 5 best Shield matches in the WWE as we get closer and closer to TLC.

5. The Shield vs John Cena, Sheamus, and Ryback
Elimination Chamber 2013

-I remember going into this match being nervous. I was certain that the WWE was about to fuck up the booking of The Shield by making them lose their first match in the company to the faux superman team of Cena, Ryback, and Sheamus. I didn't have high expectations for this match, but I was very surprised, as the match turned out great. There are a few other random six man tag matches that could have taken this spot, but this match being a pleasant surprise is what earns it a top 5 spot. The Shield get the victory and maintain their dominant run in the early stages for the Hounds of Justice.

4. The Shield vs The Undertaker, Kane, and Daniel Bryan
Raw, April 2013

-It was funny. After the Undertaker and CM Punk went at it at Wrestlemania 29, Punk disappeared for a few months. Taker on the other hand, decided to stick around for a little bit to help put The Shield over. This match was excellent, and it took place in the UK, so the crowd was on fire. On top of that, anytime you put Ambrose and Rollins in the ring with Bryan, you were sure to get a classic. This is one of my favorite matches ever on RAW, and definitely a top 10 match on RAW of the decade. When the smoke cleared, The Shield stood tall once again, walking away with the victory, earning their biggest victory as a collective up until this point.

3. The Shield vs Daniel Bryan, Kane, and Ryback
TLC 2012

-The original match of The Shield. The first contest. A month after debuting, the Hounds of Justice would take part in a brutal TLC match that kicked off what would end up as one of the biggest matches of the era. The TLC PPV didn't have much to rave about, but this match would end up being a great way to close out the year. All of these men put it on the line and left everything out there, with a lot of high impact offense being the focus of the match, and some huge spots, including a Seth Rollins spot that looked beyond brutal. Luckily Seth was okay, but the match is one of the most physical debut matches in WWE, but The Shield did what they do best and earned a victory, which kicked off their career in WWE on the right foot.

2. The Shield vs Evolution
Extreme Rules 2014

-I wanted to put this at No. 1, but it just missed the mark. In what was a dream feud in many ways, we got to see the most intriguing trio of the 2010s against the most intriguing faction of the 2000s. As a result, going into Extreme Rules had a big fight feel to it, and we weren't disappointed by what we got from both of these trios. Triple H, Batista, and Randy Orton worked together well again, while The Shield did what they do best here. While the Payback match was a bit more intense, this match was aggressive and seemed about as even as can be. The Shield would pull out a big victory here, and they would start the process of burying the Evolution name and faction once and for all. This match is a definite must see.

1. The Shield vs The Wyatt Family
Elimination Chamber 2014

-There was no other choice for the best. This was the culmination of a full year's worth of begging from the fans for the mega match between the two top factions in the WWE and the very moment that we got it, the world was set on fire. While this match should have been at Wrestlemania 30 instead of Elimination Chamber, the energy in the arena for this contest was electric. The actual match itself was special, as both teams gave each other eveyyhting they had, but a miscommunication led to The Shield taking a loss and The Wyatt Family reigning victorious. Surprisingly, this is the only match on this list that The Shield lost, but in a losing effort, they managed to give their best performance. That speaks to their talent.