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Thursday, July 31, 2014

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CJ's Top Five: Finishers

The Finisher. The move that is guaranteed to pop a crowd, and a wrestler's go-to move to get the 3 count. A superstar's finisher should reflect the personality of their character, as well as deal enough damage to put their opponent away. Here are my top five finishing moves.

5. RKO

Say what you will about Randy Orton (I've been a staunch critic of him, myself), there is no denying that the guy is incredibly fluid in the ring. The RKO fits his moveset like a glove. Its a move that can be hit on anyone, and absolutely out of nowhere. Perfect proof of that is the RKO he hit on Evan Bourne while he was in the middle of a shooting star press. There's no doubt that it's an effective move that said everything about Randy's in-ring persona.

4. F-5

This move has the perfect name, not just because of how it looks, but it speaks to how Brock Lesnar arrived on the scene. He showed up like a devastating twister that was destroying everything around him and causing mass carnage. His finishing move, the F-5, is a perfect compliment to who he is. It's a move that was very original and a bit innovative for its time, as we had not seen a move quite like this before. It's the move that ended Undertaker's undefeated WrestleMania streak. Not to mention that Brock is strong enough to hit it on guys like Mark Henry and Big Show, so the move has unlimited potential, if used correctly.

3. Sweet Chin Music

Due to Shawn Michaels' size and build, it was perceived that he was at a disadvantage in the ring. He had the speed, agility, and athleticism to get in the ring and hang with the best of them. His finisher reflected his brash personality and was short, sweet, and to the point. Everyone loved when he would tune up the band before delivering that signature superkick. That kick was his ticket to the top and it put down everyone he faced. If you want to see the true impact of that move, go watch the superkick he landed on a leapfrogging Shelton Benjamin, and you realize why it was so effective.

2. Tombstone Piledriver

It's the move that carried The Undertaker to 21 consecutive victories at Wrestlemania.  The Undertaker made an immediate impact when he debuted at the 1990 Survivor Series just by his over-powering stature and presence. He proceeded to become, in my opinion,  the greatest character performer in the history of the WWE. The tombstone is a dangerous move and is an almost-guaranteed victory for the Deadman. Lol no further than the laundry list of hall-of-famers and top-tier superstars he has put away with that move.

1. Stone Cold Stunner

The Texas Rattlesnake. The Bionic Redneck. The toughest S.O.B. in the history of the WWE, and he left a trail of destruction and mudholes behind him.  The man who received the loudest ovations from the crowd, also had the finisher that received the loudest ovations. A jawbreaker is an effective move by itself, but you add a sit-out variation to it, backed up by the sheer impact and attitude that only Stone Cold Steve Austin could provide, and you have the recipe for the greatest finishing move in history. It was a sure thing that if you got hit with the Stone Cold Stunner, it was nighty-night for you.


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