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Thursday, July 31, 2014

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Will Somebody Make It Stop? - Speed on the CM Punk Chants

Greetings, all and welcome back to EOTR...IS...SPEED. You've got to extend my contract if you guys want all these posts. I kid. I'm not paid for this and just love talking about wrestling.

But, you knew it was coming. What wrestling website in 2014 can go as long as we have without a post on this guy? Hell, I even talked about this on my personal site.
Still waiting on my ice cream bars, Punk.
In the months since CM Punk's retirement, just the mention of his name drives people insane. His name has become a chant, akin to "BORING!" or "YOU CAN'T WRESTLE!" or even my personal favorite, "WHAT?" It was worst right after Punk left, even overtaking Daniel Bryan's fight against everyone not named John Cena. As time has gone on, Punk's name isn't chanted at every turn, but when it is, it's loud and takes over everything.

But, when is enough, enough?

I love fans, and I'm not here to say "Damn you smarks! Stop trolling." That's a punk (no pun intended) move. I've been to events where I've chanted just sheer ignorance (True can vouch for this) just because the show was that bad. Being a troll (for a brief period of time) during an event is our given right as fans. Hijacking a show for a segment or two isn't always a bad thing.

However, this constant (almost) begging for Punk is a problem. Some performers can deal with it/are allowed to play off it (Paige, for instance, using the "GTS" call to mock AJ during live events and Batista's "I'm tired of this CRAP" quit angle in June 2014 are decent examples), but not everyone gets that chance. And when this happens, people lose control of the match and we're potentially denied a good match. And it's all because someone wanted to hear "Cult of Personality" hit rather than watch and appreciate those who are still here do what they love.

I respect Punk as a performer, and as a man. But it's disrespectful to keep shouting for a man who isn't there. I don't even think Punk'd want that. He probably would prefer everyone chill out and forget that he wrestled, so he can get back to piping AJ not doing drugs doing whatever the hell it is that a thirty-something retiree does (host award shows, support gay marriage, and appear in Nerdist videos, I guess). If he wants to come back, that's cool. But, for now, we've all gotta accept it (even though I know I'm probably just talking to the proverbial brick wall for some of you)

Punk's gone, guys. Let him go. That goes for everyone.
Besides, when/if Punk does come back, we want him to have
a welcome overdue. Just like Warrior, but hopefully, not as
tragic. RIP Warrior.


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