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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

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All Eyes On: ACH

"ACH, ACH, ACH" usually rings throughout every crowd that he performs for. He's death-defying, electrifying, entertaining, and the future of this business. He's ACH. What does ACH stand for, you ask? To be fair, no one really knows. It's been said that it means Athleticism, Charisma, and Heart, but there are other meanings around for it as well, so it's all just speculation until ACH himself confirms it(which, even he said, he doesn't lnow haha). Take a look at some of his work below

From his start in Anarcy Championship Wrestling up to his current rising status in Ring of Honor, ACH has always been a top prospect in this business. He's worked for Chikara, PWG, AAW, AIW, and countless other promotions, but his main work has been seen in ROH. ACH, at this very moment is the no. 1 Contender for the ROH TV Title, which will see him go against Jay Lethal in what will be a great match no doubt. ACH's rise to prominence is detailed in his ability to captivate the audience and his outlandish personality. He's famous for some of his random impressions(he does a good DMX impression) and his love for the San Antonio Spurs(his home team), and he makes no apologies for it(I still hate that the Spurs made it out the West, but.... I digress). 

He's had matches with indie legends such as Kevin Steen(I witnessed this live), Chris Hero, and countless others, and had been searching for that one BIG moment in the indies that put him over the top. When would that moment come? At ROH's first actual Pay Per View Event, "Best In The World 2014" in the no. 1 Contender's match for the TV title. Listen to the crowd reaction when ACH picked up the victory and it's very telling..

From that moment forward, all eyes have been on ACH. He could very well be the next ROH TV Champ, and the fans would be extremely happy with that. He could also be the ROH World Champ within a year as well. Only time will tell. But, make sure to KEEP your eyes on ACH always. 



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