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Sunday, August 3, 2014

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Ring Of Honor Wrestling Review – Airdate: 8/2/14

By Nathan Neumann (@Headliner5 on Twitter)

This week’s episode of Ring Of Honor Wrestling Television was centered around one match and one match only.  They gave the entire hour to this one match, which made it feel special.  I love it when ROH does this because they have a way of giving matches that they deem important enough time to be executed properly in ring by all of the wrestlers involved and that was exactly the case in this one.

Match 1

BJ Whitmer vs. Caprice Coleman vs. Matt Taven vs. Romantic Touch vs. Jay Lethal vs. Cedric Alexander

Result: Cedric Alexander wins the match last defeating Jay Lethal after the lumbar check to win the match and receive a future Ring Of Honor World Title opportunity.

I hope I can do this match the justice it deserves because it was so good.  BJ Whitmer and Caprice Coleman started off the match.  If you can’t remember who Caprice Coleman is, he’s the guy who is kind of floundering on the roster after splitting up from his former partner Cedric Alexander.  It’s not that Coleman isn’t good because he is. But, they haven’t figured out what to do with him since the break up of C and C Wrestle Factory.

Regardless of what I just said, Caprice Coleman started off this match looking very good in the early going.That is until BJ caught him a few minutes in and took over on the offensive, not letting up until he defeated Caprice Coleman with a Lariat.

Elimination #1: Caprice Coleman

Next out was Matt Taven, Taven was a guy who when he first started in the promotion after winning 2012’s top prospect tournament that I could really care less about.  He was a decent wrestler but he seemed to not be able to put it all together.  Once he was paired with Truth Martini he started figuring things out and now that he’s split from Truth and the House Of Truth as a result he’s built himself a nice foundation to go off of and really come into his own. Taven would go on to eliminate BJ Whitmer with a Frog Splash.

Elimination #2: BJ Whitmer

Next out was The Romantic Touch, it was here where we figured out that The Romantic Touch was NOT Matt Taven.  For those that may not follow Ring Of Honor weekly like I do (Shame on you) they were playing up the fact that Matt Taven was, in fact, The Romantic Touch. Taven took it a step further when he dressed up like the Romantic Touch to score an unsuspecting win against Jay Lethal with whom he lost the Television Championship to. Taven hits an arm drag on The Romantic Touch, later on in the match Taven would execute his finishing maneuver the Climax on The Romantic Touch to eliminate RT from the fray and move on to the next entrant.

Elimination #3: The Romantic Touch

The next entrant was the ROH World Television Champion Jay Lethal with Taven’s former manager Truth Martini.  These two men faced off at June’s Best In The World Pay-Per-View and would once again meet as a part of this match.  Later on in this stretch of the match Taven punched Truth in the face and shoved Seleziya Sparx to the ground.  As Taven got back into the ring Sparx recovered and hoisted Truth Martini onto her shoulders and carried him to the back leaving Lethal alone with his arch rival Matt Taven.  However this wasn’t enough. Shortly after, Jay Lethal would eliminate Matt Taven after Jay Diesel, an independent wrestler and crack security guard, rushed the ring. He distracted Taven, which allowed Lethal to hit the Lethal Injection and Hail To the King (top rope elbow drop) to score the pinfall victory over Taven.

Elimination #4: Matt Taven

That would bring out the sixth and final entrant into the match, Cedric Alexander. The action started off with some back and forth action until Cedric Alexander was finally able to gain the upper hand on Jay Lethal. Alexander then hit Lethal with his finisher, the Lumbar Check--which looked extremely nasty, by the way--which allowed Cedric to pin Lethal and earn himself a future Ring Of Honor World Championship Opportunity.

Final Thoughts: I thought this match was very well done. Normally, matches like these can be a mess. But, Ring Of Honor really knows what to do when it comes to these types of matches. I was happy to see a true gauntlet match (not a battle royal that is called a gauntlet because that’s not what the match really is) and I figured that Cedric Alexander would come out of it the winner due to how popular he is and how good he has gotten within the last year or so. Cedric Alexander has had a hell of a 2014 and we still have five months to go.  Right now he is a dark horse for independent wrestler of the year because he’s really come into his own since splitting away from his former partner Caprice Coleman.

That will do it for me and this week’s review, I hope you had just as much fun reading it as I had writing it.  Until next week keep your eyes on the ring and be sure to be on the lookout for some great content from all of us here at eyesonthering.blogspot.com/


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