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Sunday, August 17, 2014

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Ring of Honor TV Review: 8/16/2014

Ring Of Honor Wrestling Review - Airdate 8/16/14 
By Nathan Neumann @Headliner5 on Twitter  

There were only two matches this week which is fine by me. The less amount of matches there are in a one hour episode means each match gets more time.  This show was good and it may be better than last week's show. Every company should strive to put on better shows each week, which is exactly what Ring Of Honor has been doing.  Let’s get to it shall we? 
The show opens up with a pre-taped interview from Kevin Steen, who says that he has personally handpicked Steve Corino to be his last opponent in Ring Of Honor.  The choice makes sense as Corino fought for Steen to stay with ROH, when someone who used to be employed by the company wanted to get rid of him along with a few other guys who were solid hands. 
Match 1 
Tadarius Thomas vs. ACH 

Result: ACH defeats Tadarius Thomas with a top rope 450 splash to pick up the pinfall victory.
Thoughts: When the match started both guys were doing their best to one up the other. They were flipping all over the place, performing all sorts of high flying maneuvers, with neither man gaining a clear advantage.  That changed quickly as Tadarius rolled out of the ring after getting knocked down.  ACH jumped over the top rope onto the apron and proceeded to run full steam at his former partner to kick him square in the chest.  ACH then tries to capitalize by diving through the top and middle ropes at his former friend but Tadarius answers with his own kick this time to ACH’s chest sending ACH cashing down to the floor.  I happened to notice that since Thomas has turned heel (a reluctant one at that), he has abandoned his Capoeira style offense, which fans are accustomed to seeing.  I’m completely fine with this as the style was just way too flashy for my taste, and it’s good to see him evolve into a more serious wrestler.  Thomas also worked a slow more deliberate pace in this one, which again is great if you are a heel.  Later on in the match the camera catches a close up on ACH’s face as he has seemingly lost a tooth.  Blood is pouring out of his mouth and he spits the dislodged tooth out of his mouth and it lands on the canvas in a pool of blood as the camera gets a nice close up of it to insure us that that’s what happened.  Earlier in the match, Tadarius kicked ACH right in the face while ACH was tied up in the ropes, which caused the aforementioned tooth to fall out.  The finish would come at about seventeen minutes into the match, as ACH would pick up the win with a top rope 450 splash allowing him to pick up the win, and defeat his former Adrenaline Rush tag team partner.  This match was well done, and like I said earlier I’m glad Thomas toned down the Capoeira style, as he seems to overuse it at times. 
From there we go straight into the main event. 
Main Event – Match 2  

Steve Corino vs. Kevin Steen  

 Result: Kevin Steen defeats Steve Corino with a package piledriver to win his final match in Ring Of Honor. 
Thoughts: This match was crazy from the get go, even the introductions of the wrestlers were entertaining.  After both wrestlers were in the ring, Bobby Cruz went to introduce them for the pre match introductions.  Before the introductions even start there was a loud very audible Mr. Wrestling chant echoing throughout the building.  The introduction for Steve Corino was top notch because it was really long but super funny. During Steen’s introduction he got on the second rope and the streamers started flying there were so many of them.  So many in fact that they covered the entire ring canvas, Steen laid on the ground and started making streamer angels he then got up to one knee and was covered head to toe in them. 
The match starts with the two men shaking hands, which doesn’t surprise me given that they are really good friends outside of the business. Early on in the match, Steen is on the apron while Corino is on the outside of the ring.  Corino takes his right arm and does a swiping motion to the back of Steen’s legs which causes Steen to lose his balance and fall on the apron and roll to the outside of the ring.  Later on, a fan hands Steen an El Generico mask, which Steen puts on to a huge Ole chant in response.  The two men proceed to clothesline each other at the same time and fall to the floor on the outside.  Back in the ring Steen downs Corino and hits the top rope senton splash for a near fall. The fans start chanting “You Still Got It’ at Corino.  The finish came when Kevin Steen hit Steve Corino with the package piledriver to score the pinfall victory in his final match in Ring Of Honor.  This match was excellent, I wish Steen all the best of luck in his future, and I hope that he will make it big in the WWE.  I hope that the WWE knows what to do with him and that they don’t screw it up, because he truly is a one of a kind talent. 

After the match ended, Jimmy Jacobs ran into the ring and jumped into Kevin Steen’s arms giving him a hug.  Corino would join in and they would reunite the SCUM (Suffering Chaos Ugliness Mayhem) Stable.  The reunion however was short lived, as Jimmy Jacobs' new stable "The Decade" would rush the ring to attack Steen.  Jacobs would get on the microphone and say that Steen is another guy who is leaving the company that he no longer gives a damn about and that’s how the show would go off of the air. 

Final Thoughts: This show was solid, the opener was very good, and the main event was excellent.  The final segment was very well done, and fit the Jimmy Jacobs character to a T. I’ll be interested to see how Ring Of Honor can go forward after losing one of the best talents they have ever had.  It will be a tough void to fill, but it can be done.  Whether or not it’s by one guy or multiple guys remains to be seen.  Until next week Ring Of Honor fans, I am Nathan saying so long for now and keep your eyes on the ring for some great content from all of us here at eyesonthering.blogspot.com


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