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Friday, August 1, 2014

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WWE Releases Several NXT Talents

Remember those days when WWE would mass-release talents, known among some in the IWC as "Purge Day?" Heads would roll by, seemingly, the dozens and almost no one was safe. Possibly due to unseen monetary woes (the stock price tanking, WWE Network not reaching its lofty subscription goals yet, that possible SEC investigation, etc.), WWE has seemingly brought back Purge Day. This time,they're hitting every outlet possible. Last month saw the release of many talents--including JTG and Teddy Long. Today, in addition to axing WWE Magazine and releasing the likes of Ricardo Rodriguez earlier this week, WWE has, per WrestleZone and other sites, "future endeavored" the following talent from NXT:

Garrett Dylan
Travis Tyler
Slate RandallMac Miles

Dani Jackson

Garrett Dylan, son of country legend Kris Kristofferson, was released for the second time. Prior to this release, Dylan appeared as Captain Comic of Adam Rose's Rosebud party posse. Tyler, now going by his real name, Sam Udell, made light of his release, stating that he was "probably the first guy...fired while wearing a pink fanny pack in some time." Randall, who made waves on the indie circuit as a protege of the late Paul Bearer, also appeared in the Dwayne Johnson-hosted reality series The Hero. Miles appeared at the July 17 taping of NXT, where he and his partner were squashed by The Ascension. Finally, Jackson, a former OVW talent, was signed about two months ago following a tryout in December 2013. Hopefully, I don't get heat for this, but she was quite curvaceous. I comment on that because I haven't seen much of her actual in-ring work, but I've seen her Instagram. So, in light of this bad news for these talents, I present some still mostly-safe-for-work eye candy. Why? Because we need some cheering up in the wrestling world this week.

Until next time, guys. Hopefully, I'll have some good news next time we speak.


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