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Sunday, September 7, 2014

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ROH TV Review: 9/6/14

Ring Of Honor Wrestling review – Airdate: 9/6/14 By Nathan Neumann @Headliner5 on Twitter 

This week's show had three matches again, which like I said last week, I wish they would cut it back to two because less matches equals more time for each match. I get that they are trying to use more guys in the allotted time that they have and do it effectively however. 

Match 1 
BJ Whitmer and Jimmy Jacobs vs. Caprice Coleman and Watanabe  

Result: Whitmer and Jacobs win the match after pinning Watanabe via the All Seeing Eye 
Thoughts: This match was good for an opener. Whitmer and Jacobs’ work well as a team, but I was a bit thrown off by the pairing of Coleman and Watanabe.  I understand that they got him from NJPW to do some shows, but I would rather see him in singles action instead of being placed in what seem like random tag team matches, which is exactly what this was.  The match wasn’t bad by any means however. Early on, Whitmer and Jacobs worked Coleman over in the corner using quick tags to their full advantage. Watanabe comes back with a basic side slam and scores a near fall on Whitmer.  Watanabe tags in Coleman who hits a perfect top rope move on Whitmer for a near fall.  The match ends when Whitmer and Jacobs hit the All Seeing Eye (Canadian Backbreaker into a flap jack combination) on Watanabe to get the pinfall victory while Coleman was outside of the ring and unable to help his partner. 
This match was really good and like I said, I like Watanabe and I am glad he is getting used.  However I would rather see both Watanabe and Coleman in singles matches. Maybe this team was a one-time thing and I really hope it was, because it was just an awkward pairing.  They still did fine with what they were given, which made for a perfectly acceptable match. 
After the match The Decade attempted to recruit Watanabe, which didn’t work out in their favor because Coleman stopped it from happening. 
Match 2 

Silas Young vs. Brian Kendrick 

 Result: Silas Young defeats Brian Kendrick after reversing a sunset flip attempt to score the win via pinfall. 
Thoughts: This match was watchable to me because of Silas Young. I’m not a fan of Spanky AKA Brian Kendrick, I never have been and I probably never will be.  He’s always been a guy who has just been kind of there to me.  At the start of the match, the two men brawl to the outside of the ring.  Kendrick gets the upper hand and goes back into the ring only to dive back out of the ring onto Young though the top and middle ropes.  The two men come back into the ring and while Silas was in the corner, Kendrick would charge at him and get backdropped over the top rope sending him crashing to the outside of the ring.  Young would go out to bring Kendrick back into the ring and deliver a power slam on him, which Kendrick reversed into a near fall.  With Kendrick still down, Young would go to the top rope and attempt his split legged moonsault, only to be caught in a Sliced Bread number 2 by Kendrick for another near fall.  Later on Young grabs Kendrick and delivers a suplex from the inside to the floor on the outside.  They both get back into the ring where Kendrick hits a downed Young with a frog splash, but Young would kick out at two.  Kendrick would once again hit a Sliced Bread number 2 for yet another near fall.  The end of the match came when Silas Young reversed what looked to be a sunset flip attempt by Kendrick.  This match was very passable despite my dislike of Kendrick. 

Main Event – Match 3 

The Addiction (Kazarian and Daniels) vs. The Young Bucks 

Result: Frankie Kazarian hits the Flux Capacitor (top rope flipping rock bottom) on Matt Jackson to get the pinfall victory 
This match was crazy. it was so crazy that I couldn’t keep track of everything that was going on. For a match involving four guys I really don’t care about at all, it was decent, but it's hard to become emotionally invested in the match for that very reason.  Kazarian and Daniels are now going under the tag team name "The Addiction" due to not being able to use the name Bad Influence for obvious legal reasons. This match was pretty good, but I couldn’t keep track of everything that happened in the match, due to there being too much going on in one time.  That’s the problem I have with ROH sometimes. I really like the promotion and they are my favorite wrestling promotion from a personal perspective, but it’s matches like these that I can’t stand.  I’ve noticed it with the Young Bucks, they hit about 1000 super kicks in one match (that move means nothing to me on the Indy scene) and everything gets kicked out of.  People like the Young Bucks because of the entire “Super Kick Party” gimmick and the Bullet Club (they suck), but if you were to strip the Young Bucks of the super kick, they wouldn’t get through a match without looking lost.  Seriously I challenge the Young Bucks to get through one match without doing a single super kick because I guarantee you they can’t do it.  Sorry for the rant but they annoy me that much.  The finish came when Frankie Kazarian hits Matt Jackson with the Flux Capacitor (top rope flipping rock bottom) 

Final Thoughts: 
This show was decent enough. It was piled with an opening tag match that was decent.  A singles match that really did nothing for me, due to one of the competitors. Finally, the main event, which I mentioned earlier, all four guys in that match I didn’t care about.  I usually like to post positive reviews, and maybe this one was or wasn’t, but this is the first week in a while where I wasn’t impressed.  Maybe it was due to All Star Extravaganza 6 that they figured not a lot of people would watch the TV show, but this show just seemed very blah to me.  Still probably the best TV wrestling show I’ve seen this week, but with everything that went on this week, that’s not saying much.  Anyways that’s all I have for this week so until next week, ROH fans, I am Nathan your ROH Reviewer saying so long for now and keep your eyes locked on that ring for some great content at eyesonthering.blogspot.com 


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