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Sunday, October 12, 2014

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Dream Match Series: CJ's Top 5 Dream Matches

As a wrestling fan, particularly a WWE fan, things tend to become stale and uninteresting. A fun thing to do is to think of dream match-ups, pick your favorite stars and wonder what it would be like to see them go head-to-head. In that spirit, here are my top 5 dream matches. 

5. Daniel Bryan vs. Eddie Guerrero 

You wouldn't even need a big build-up to this match, or some crazy storyline. Have Bryan come out and challenge Eddie, just to see who the best in the ring really is. These two would put on a 5-star classic. Both like to move at a fast pace, both have devastating moves in their arsenals, and both are complete ring technicians and incredibly smooth. This would be one for the ages. 

4. The Four Horsemen vs. NWO 

Arguably the two biggest and most influential factions in history, going at it to see who reigns supreme. The hall of fame horsemen(Flair, Tully, Barry, Arn) squaring off against the core members of the NWO(Nash, Hall, Hogan, Giant). Put these guys in a Survivor Series-esque elimination tag match, and let the moments happen. 

3. Sting vs. Undertaker 

   Since the Monday night wars, a match between Sting and Undertaker has been debated. With Sting recently signing with WWE, there is still a chance that this match could be possible. Both are staples and legends in the industry, and there is no doubt that this would be an entertaining back-and-forth contest. 

2. Bret Hart vs. Kurt Angle 

Two of the most elite workers the business has ever seen. Hart and Angle in a submission match would be one of the most intense technical clinics ever. Both have the capability to show you what true wrestling is all about, and with the mutual respect between the two, you know that both would give every ounce of energy that have to win this match. 

1. CM Punk vs. Stone Cold Steve Austin 

Ever since CM Punk came to prominence in 2011, the question has been asked: What would happen if the straight-edge, old-school Punk went one-on-one with the beer-swinging, mudhole-stomping Stone Cold Steve Austin?  What would happen is a box office main event. Both have the ability to control the emotions of millions, and you would witness one of the loudest, most dead-even crowds in history. It would truly be one that you would have to see to believe.



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