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Monday, October 20, 2014

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Ring Of Honor Wrestling 10/18/14 Review

By Nathan Neumann (@Headliner5)

Hello once again Ring Of Honor Wrestling fans. Nathan here once again to give you your weekly dose of ROH Wrestling. It was a quality show this week, so lets get going.

We open up this week with a promo from Adam Cole who seems to be very angry the promo was geared towards the man he will be facing in tonight’s main event Cedric Alexander. Adam Cole is an interesting case in ROH; he’s been handled a lot differently ever since he lost the World Title to Michael Elgin this past June.

From there we go inside of the arena and Kevin Kelly welcomes us to the show, he is joined this week by Caprice Coleman on colour commentary which made for an interesting combination at the table but Coleman did a fine job.

We go to the first match of the night between The Romantic Touch and the 2014 Top Prospect Tournament winner Hanson.

Match 1

The Romantic Touch vs. Hanson

Result: Hanson defeats The Romantic Touch with the Spin Kick Of Doom

Thoughts: This match was fine for an opener. The Romantic Touch is a great character for a company who doesn’t necessarily need characters. But, I actually don’t mind it.  He’s a breath of fresh air from doing what he was previously. (Rhett Titus is under the mask for those that didn’t know) When Titus was on TV, he had no real direction and they never seemed to know what to do with him.  However, The Romantic Touch although still placed in random matches, has more of an appeal with the crowd. He’s really over with the fans wherever ROH goes.  

Hanson got the upper hand in the match early on. The Romantic Touch really had trouble getting out of the gate the entire time due to Hanson’s overwhelming size and power. The finish came when Hanson hit a Cartwheel Clothesline and then followed it up with the Spin Kick Of Doom. The match was solid, as Hanson did some good work. It will be interesting to see how they handle Hanson going forward in singles competition, since his War Machine partner Raymond Rowe is still out of action following his motorcycle accident.

Rating: **

From this match we go to a commercial. When we come back, The Decade are shown cutting a pre-taped promo. They promote next week’s Championship Week on Ring Of Honor TV where all three of the ROH Title’s will be at stake in three separate matches.  ReDRagon will defend the tag team titles against two members of The Decade (it’s unclear at this point which two members it will be). Jay Lethal will defend the ROH World Television Championship against Will Ferrera and Michael Bennett will receive his ROH World Title opportunity that he earned two weeks ago when he goes one on one with the current ROH World Champion Jay Briscoe.

We then go to another backstage pre-taped promo--this time involving ROH World Champion Jay Briscoe. He says that next week he’s coming for Michael Bennett’s ass.

Next up, an in-ring promo from Michael Bennett who has the “Title Of Love” with him (It’s pink and it’s gross) he’s with both Maria and Adam Cole. Bennett tells everyone that he is going to win the ROH World Title next week and then he will no longer need the “Title Of Love.” This infuriates Adam Cole, who gets on the mic. We barely hear what he has to say though as Maria whispers something into Cole’s ear, which causes Cole to rescind whatever he was about to say. They then leave the ringside area.

Out next is The Decade, Jimmy Jacobs wants to see how the members of the Decade fare against one another so the next match. This was booked by Jimmy Jacobs, because for some reason, he’s a booker. The end result? Adam Page versus Tadarius Thomas.

Match 2

Adam Page vs. Tadarius Thomas

Winner: Adam Page via count out

Thoughts: This match was odd. It wasn’t “bad” by any stretch of the imagination. But, it was more of a match that happened to further a story which I’ll admit I’m not used to ROH doing matches this way but it worked out just fine. Both Thomas and Page went at one another in the match for a few minutes before Page went underneath the ring. He then pulled out a few chairs, a trashcan, and whatever else they left under the ring.

Adam Page immediately chucks a chair right at Thomas’ face. Thomas goes down meanwhile Page sets up two chairs, which he then proceeds to grab Thomas and German Suplex him through the chairs to score a near fall. The match ended when Tadarius Thomas hits Jimmy Jacobs in the face with a chair while Jacobs was on the apron.  Tadarius had enough up to that point and he walked out of the ring, which left Adam Page in the ring to score the victory by count out.

Rating: *1/2

From this match we go straight into the next match, which was the main event of the evening.

Match 3

Cedric Alexander vs. Adam Cole

Winner: Adam Cole via Twist Of Fate

Thoughts: This match involves an Eyes On The Ring favorite--and one of my personal favorites--in Adam Cole so this match was very nice to see and it delivered.  The two men shake hands the lock up and do a sequence of chain wrestling before Cedric takes Adam down with a picture perfect float over arm drag. Cedric then hit a Tornado DDT but Adam Cole managed to kick out at two, later in the match Cole gets a near fall of his own with a Shining Wizard.  

Cedric then rolls out onto the ring apron and proceeds to climb up to the top rope.  He leaps off of the top rope but Adam Cole Super kicks him out of mid air to score another near fall.   Cole hits Alexander with the Florida Key (a straightjacket German Suplex) for the nearest of near falls. The finish of the match finally came when Adam Cole hit Cedric Alexander with the Twist Of Fate (Matt Hardy’s move) to win what was one hell of a singles match.

Rating: **3/4

Anyways, that will do it for me and this edition of the ROH Review. It was a solid show this week and reminded me why I continue to watch ROH TV on a weekly basis (I’ve never missed an episode since the show started airingalmost three years to the date).  Until next week ROH fans, I am Nathan, the ROH Reviewer for eyesonthering.blogspot.com saying so long and keep your Eyes On The Ring for some more great articles from myself and the entire Eyes On The Ring Team.


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