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Sunday, October 12, 2014

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ROH TV Review 10/11/14

Ring Of Honor Wrestling review – Airdate: 10/11/14

By Nathan Neumann @Headliner5 on Twitter

What’s up wrestling fans, I’m back for the first time in a while with an all-new Ring Of Honor TV Review.  It’s been a while but ROH is finally back on track with their TV show airing the first episode from their most recent batch of tapings, so lets get right down to business and on to the review shall we?

The show kicks off with a recap of Ring Of Honor’s All Star Extravaganza 6, which took place on September 6, 2014.  We saw how Jay Briscoe went on to defeat Michael Elgin to become the second man in Ring Of Honor history to win the Ring Of Honor World Heavyweight Championship on more than one occasion. 

The champion made his way out to the ring and said that the second go around would be a lot different than the first.  He also made reference to the redneck world championship (the championship that Jay Briscoe created) and said that he wants it back, but in order to get it back he would have to go through Michael Bennett and Maria Kanellis to reclaim the belt(that is now Pink with fur on it and is rechristened the “Title Of Love)

Adam Cole comes out and says that himself and Jay Briscoe have never liked each other. Cole then says that he is the one that deserves the first opportunity at the World Heavyweight Championship. Whether or not this happens remains to be seen, but this was a really good way to start off the show.

Back from a commercial and the members of The Decade are shown arguing backstage about who will win tonight’s honor rumble.

The first match is up and here we go.

Match 1

Moose and RD Evans vs. Red Scorpion and Grey Wolf

Result: Red Evans picks up the win after Moose hits a spear on both Scorpion and Wolf

Thoughts: This match… well it was a match....I’ll just put it that way, I’m a big fan of RD Evans, but one guy can’t make a match work when multiple men are involved.  Too many cooks in the kitchen make for a very volatile situation and that’s exactly what we had here.  I’ve made no bones about it in my past reviews, I’m not a fan of Moose because he does nothing for me.  Having said that I actually enjoyed him in this match because his opponents were quite frankly more annoying than he was.  Red Scorpion and Grey Wolf are two huge muscle bound freaks that look like they came out of the 80’s. They are a cross between the Legion Of Doom, Powers Of Pain, and Demolition. Well probably Powers of Pain because these guys SUCK.  When I watch ROH I prefer smaller wrestlers because it fits their style a lot better, but when you start bringing in bigger guys like Scorpion and Wolf and to some extent Moose it ruins the entire idea and concept of the promotion to me.  Plus I’m not real keen on overly gimmicky gimmicks in Ring Of Honor because they have no place within the promotion.  That said this match was nothing special, if you missed it I wouldn’t recommend watching it outside of RD Evans. RD Evans was good on the comedy shtick which made it watchable, but if you are like me and don’t like muscle bound freaks in ROH then this match should probably be skipped.

Match 2

Honor Rumble

Winner gets a shot at the ROH World Championship on ROH TV in two weeks

Result: Michael Bennett wins the match last eliminating Mark Briscoe

Thoughts: First of all I’m not a fan of Honor Rumbles, I saw one live and it was cool and all but doing one on TV was a bit weird because they don’t have the cameras to cover it.  Too much was happening at once and it made for a weird match.  Jay Lethal and ACH started things off fast and furiously for one minute before Tadarius Thomas made his way out.  Lethal immediately went to try and work out a deal with Thomas so that he would help him eliminate ACH, but Thomas wasn’t having it at all.  Next in the ring was J Diesel who wastes no time in eliminating ACH.  Diesel then eliminated Tadarius Thomas before entrant number five came out, which was The Romantic Touch. Touch didn’t last long, he was eliminated by Lethal and Diesel who were working together. Adam Cole made his way into the match as did Brutal Bob Evans.  Evans didn’t last long at all as he was almost immediately eliminated followed by Jay Lethal.  Out next was Roderick Strong who was jumped by Tommaso Ciampa for some reason.  The next entrant after that was Bobby Fish, but by the time he had gotten in, his partner Kyle O’Reilly was already eliminated.  That’s what sucks about battle royals like these, so much goes on and you miss eliminations.  The final four men in the match were Mark Briscoe, Cheeseburger, Adam Cole, and Michael Bennett.  Michael Bennett would win the match last eliminating Mark Briscoe to earn himself a World Title Opportunity at Jay Briscoe in two weeks time.

Final Thoughts: Not a bad show by any stretch of the imagination, but not great either. I wouldn’t recommend going out of your way to see it because Battle Royals are never that special (unless you're into that sort of thing) and the opening tag match wasn’t good at all.  This was only the first night in the new set of tapings but this week’s show just didn’t deliver. Did I still enjoy it? Yes because I always find enjoyment in watching ROH, but this week’s show was definitely a show I will not write home about (even though I’m currently writing this). Besides that, the show gets a thumbs down from me. Not bad necessarily, but not what I like to see from Ring Of Honor. 

Well that will do it for me and this weeks review so until next week fans, I am Nathan your ROH reviewer saying so long and keep your eyes on the ring.  Also be sure and visit eyesonthering.blogspot.com as well as blogtalkradio.com/eyesonthering to give Eyes On The Ring Radio a listen.


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