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Monday, October 20, 2014

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Speed on the Beat's RAW Preview - 10/20

First of all, let's send some condolences to the family of wrestling great Ox Baker, who passed at the age of 80. Baker, one of the first wrestlers to bring the heart punch into the squared circle, faced off with the likes of The Original Sheik and Randy Savage. Baker also had a part in shaping the man we revere as The Undertaker. As seen in the below clip, he wasn't just an ox who liked to hurt people. He could also talk, something that's still a bit of a rarity in the pro wrestling world.

And now for something completely different: tonight's RAW.

Lillian Garcia isn't the only thing that's new, but still throwback on tonight's episode. Since this is the go-home episode before Hell in a Cell (and the next-to-last RAW before WWE 2K15 drops next week), we can expect a lot of build-up for HIAC and many not-so-subtle references to the game (probably less than next week's episode, but they'll still be plentiful). But, oddly enough, less than a week out from HIAC, there are (maybe) four matches set. So, with that said, here are some things to look for:

Some sort of development between A.J. Lee and Paige: 
For weeks, we've been getting this weird, borderline stalker/lesbian-esque angle between A.J. and Paige. Sexy pins, backstabbing, even a few "LOLAJWINZ" moments. But, at the end, we're still left with a "what's next" for the Diva's Champion and her rival. Expect a schmozz which leads to a match between the two at the pay-per-view. Now, granted, the fire/collective fanboy orgasm from these two battling has died down. But, with a pay-per-view on its way (and money to make), you can also expect some more of this.

Dean Ambrose to pop out of somewhere to attack Seth Rollins: 
Look, this event, even if it doesn't get the main event spot, is my personal main event and will be treated as such by a lot of the WWE Universe (notice I didn't say all; I'm not that delusional). So, my money's on Dean going all Lunatic Fringe on Seth and popping out of his briefcase appear out of thin air to layeth the Smackdown on Seth (to a nice, big pop). Seth's done a great job heeling it up to the point you want to see his effin' head kicked in. Inversely, Dean's played a great anti-hero you can still rally behind. Now, will Dean be the next SCSA, I honestly don't care right now. I just want to see these two beat the crap out of each other at every chance they get.

Something Something Cena, Something Something RKO Out of Nowhere:
Since this is the WWE we're talking about, let's assume that there's still another Cena/Ambrose vs Orton/Rollins match tonight. This probably leads to Randy Orton of #RKOVines fame hitting an RKO...out of nowhere (even though we see it every friggin' time). My money's on Cena eating canvas (since Cena will probably win on Sunday). I like Cena/Orton matches. I also like grilled cheese sandwiches. The thing with too many grilled cheese sandwiches, however, is that they can kill you. And yet another Cena/Orton match-up, to me, can kill the vibe from a crowd (unless we get something like this again).

Wyatt Family Values:
The Wyatt Family, one of the bright spots in the WWE, is rumored to be on the verge of a major restructuring. I'm intrigued to see how WWE will build on the past two weeks' promos. I mean, we got to hear Rowan speak! That's gotta be worth something. Now, rumors (gotta love 'em) say The Ascension will be Bray's new right and left-hand-men. However, I think that there's gonna be more in the cards for this "it's coming" tease they're showing. I mean, I don't exactly see The Ascension becoming Wyatts as a "peel the skin from the top of your head" revelation. Kevin Steen randomly popping up and almost instantly turning Bray face to challenge for the tag titles, setting up a Steen/Wyatt vs. Harper/Rowan feud, which ultimately leads to Steen vs. Wyatt for the Big W (I don't know what other nickname to give the WWEWHC)? Now, that would be a Bray revelation. 

...what? I can fantasy book, can't I?

Give Ziggler Something to Do:
[Insert random match here, with Miz/Mizdow coming out]

[Insert random Big Show/Henry beatdown of Rusev, leading to Rusev...crushing Big Show. Oh, and Lana. Lots of Lana]

Ok, and that's about it. I'm sure there'll be other things happening. For instance, the Bunny will be revealed to be...who gives a flying-you-know-what. But, hey. These were my thoughts on this week's RAW before it airs. 


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