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Monday, October 20, 2014

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Thoughts on the Hell in a Cell Main Event

By @BigJonDaLegend

The Hell in a Cell pay-per view will take place this upcoming Sunday October 25, 2014. There have been two big main-event matches announced: John Cena vs Randy Orton and Dean Ambrose vs Seth Rollins. Both matches will take place in the demonic Hell in a Cell structure. There is one big question which needs to be answered before this event takes place. Which match should end the show as the main event?
Traditionally, the last match on a pay per view card is left for the most prestige’s title being defended at that event. This usually happens in all fighting sports, such as MMA, boxing and wrestling events. The WWE has gone away from this tradition on several occasions and mainly for one man: John Cena. 
Hell in a Cell, however, should not be time for WWE to close with another John Cena vs Randy Orton main event. 
John Cena has main evented the last 5 pay-per-views since WrestleMania 30. Not to mention he has been heavily featured in the main event scene for over a decade. As an audience, we have seen Orton and Cena battle each other on countless occasions (Ed. note: Apparently, they’ve only gone to war nine times in a PPV setting). This matchup--while always an entertaining bout--has happened too many times for the fans to really care as much.
See what we mean?
Now, Ambrose vs Rollins? They are a fresh rivalry, with a great storyline behind it right now. Yes, they have fought a few times before--but not nearly as much as the other main event option. The Authority has touted Seth as the future of the company. Ambrose and Rollins battled together for 2 years in The Shield, and the subsequent break up on the Monday Night Raw after the Payback pay per view has been the best storyline in WWE right now. Seth Rollins put Dean Ambrose out of action for a number of weeks when he curb stomped him onto cinderblocks. So, the vengeance factor for this match is at Level 10 to say the least.
Plus we get to see this in some way, shape, or form. Who can be against
Rollins looking like he just got hit by a truck in GTA V?
Has the WWE forgotten how these two superstars stole the show at SummerSlam in a lumberjack match? Take away the lumberjacks and imagine that match in a cell, where there is nowhere for either man to run and hide. It will be both men’s first Hell in a Cell match, along with their first chance at main eventing a big event. Imagine the damage that they would inflict on one another. Imagine the crowd feverishly cheering and booing with every sequence of events. Isn’t that a recipe for success, a way to get fans excited about what they will see on the WWE Network?

The top prize in WWE will not be defended at Hell in a Cell. No disrespect to the Intercontinental Championship, but it’s not close to being viewed as a main event title (Ed. note: at least not anymore; gone are the days of Shawn Michaels and Warrior main eventing PPVs over the IC belt). However. the Money in the Bank briefcase has guaranteed the holder a main event title. Only John Cena and Damien Sandow failed to successfully cash in the briefcase for a world title. Seth Rollins in the main event can only elevate the status of the briefcase for future holders, and prove that Seth can be the future.


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