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Monday, November 17, 2014

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Down with The Authority?

Could Sunday be the last time we see what's "best for business?"
Survivor Series is on the immediate horizon, with a return of the traditional 5 on 5 elimination tag match. This match pits Team Authority vs Team Cena with a major stipulation. If Team Cena wins, The Authority will be no more. The idea of the end of  HHH and Stephanie McMahon doing what's "best for business" seems to be what the WWE Universe wants, right? While most think The Authority storyline has run been dreadful, there has been a lot of good done in the name of what's best for business.

Start with the rise of Daniel Bryan at WrestleMania XXX. Bryan and the Yes Movement successfully defeated HHH in a match that, quite possible, will be match of the year. Later on, in the same night, Bryan defied The Authority--and the odds--by defeating the rest of Evolution (Randy Orton and Batista) to win the WWE title and cap off a career night. Now, a new fan favorite had been anointed, all thanks to The Authority.
Get well soon, Bryan. WWE needs you.
At the Payback PPV, The Shield defeated Evolution in an epic battle. And the betrayal of Seth Rollins the next night on RAW was highly unexpected and instantly made Rollins the most-hated man in WWE. Adding Rollins to The Authority has lead to him and Ambrose main-eventing Hell in a Cell over Randy Orton vs John Cena. If Roman Reigns and Wade Barrett weren't out of action due to injury, I would suggest they would also be featured high on the card as well.

One of the most-shocking events in WWE this year.
While some have moved high up the card, everything hasn't been great under The Authority's reign. One could call it a selfish reign of terror, as they’re guilty of holding back several performers that the WWE Universe wants to see. For instance, it's been a long road to the IC title for Dolph Ziggler. The Authority has done him zero favors (for instance, putting him in a match against Rollins for the IC title right after being accosted by The Authority). Also, Total Divas is being shoved into our television sets and down our throats (Ed. Note: Remember when Nikki and Brie Bella weren’t featured in the marquee Diva match on a PPV?). Remember when there was a thriving tag division? No? Me neither. The Usos, Golddust and Stardust, and Wyatt Family had a few months of outstanding matches. But, there hasn't been consistency in the division.

So, with that said, for all of The Authority ups and downs what's the alternative? Do we go back to the days of General Managers running the show--only to be shown up by the McMahon-Hemsley Era 2.0? Is the answer People Power and the riveting shows that produce? (Total sarcasm). Maybe the Anonymous GM will return or Mike Adamle (with “Jeff Harvey” and his Adamle Originals)? Bottom line, be careful what you wish for. And remember the old adage: the grass isn't always greener on the other side.

I get scared just thinking about it...
-Jon (Twitter: @bigjondalegend)


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