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Thursday, November 20, 2014

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Survivor Series Preview with Nathan and Jon

Sunday is Survivor Series, one of the most legendary PPVs in WWE--and wrestling history. And no, not just for the Screwjob. EOTR contributors Nathan and Jon offer up their thoughts on what's going to go down this Sunday. So, without any further delay, take it away, Nathan.

Nathan: Hello, Eyes On The Ring readers. Nathan here once again along with Jon as we bring you your monthly fix of pay-per-view predictions and the like. This month, we are focusing on the 28th annual Survivor Series. Interesting fact, SS is the second longest running pay per view in WWE’s history (only behind WrestleMania). Although last year’s event was highly disappointing (and got the lowest buy rate of a PPV in 2013), 2014’s edition can be a good show--especially since it won’t take much to top last year’s show.
Jon: After the outstanding event that Hell in a Cell turned out to be I'm really excited. Nathan, I have to tell you I'm also excited because I was perfect on my Hell in a Cell predictions. So, I'm out to keep the streak going.
Nathan: Well said, Jon. I hope to do a bit better on predictions myself; I haven’t been all that great lately. I think I went 3 for 7 last month  but I honestly can’t remember (Ed. Note: Nathan went 6-2 in HIAC matches discussed). It wasn’t enough to win any prediction contests, that’s for sure.

Nikki Bella vs. AJ Lee ©
WWE Diva’s Championship Match

Jon: While the story hasn't had an exciting lead up so far I still have hopes for a decent to good match out of these two. With Brie still serving as her personal assistant doing her evil bidding, on the surface Nikki has the upper hand. But, I'm going with AJ to retain for that very reason. Brie has to exact some sort of revenge on her sister and what better way than to cost her a title.
Jon’s prediction: AJ Lee
Nathan: I haven’t been too enthused with this storyline. Quite frankly, I haven’t been that excited about anything in the Diva’s division. It’s like the writers aren’t even trying--again. They have a lot of talented women on the roster. But terrible storylines, way too short matches--and Total Divas--it makes for some cringeworthy television. I, however, am going to go with the opposite of Jon’s pick. Nikki Bella will win the title. That way, Brie and Nikki can have their blow-off match to end one of the worst storylines that the WWE has seen in YEARS.
Nathan’s prediction: Nikki Bella

Dean Ambrose vs. Bray Wyatt

Jon: Both of these guys haven't had a lot of PPV success recently. But, I'm still excited to see these two in the ring. Since HIAC, it's been Bray getting the better of Ambrose from in-ring shenanigans and backstage beatdowns. Bray will carry this momentum to a victory at Survivor Series. It will be interesting where this goes after Sunday though.
Jon’s Prediction: Bray Wyatt
Nathan: I am really looking forward to this match a lot. After Bray cost Ambrose his Hell In A Cell match with Seth Rollins, this has all of the makings of a good match. I hope the two at least have some chemistry as in ring opponents to go with it. I don’t recall them having a one-on-one match--forgive my memory being so bad, WWE Land (Ed. Note: they’ve at least had one).  This match could really go either way. But, I’m going to go with Dean Ambrose as they seem to be building him up to be one of their next big stars--and they seem to have forgotten about Bray Wyatt.  And according to WWE Logic, and multiple Twitter theorists--Wyatt doesn’t need to win in order to get his message out. But, if he keeps losing, I am going to have a hard time taking him seriously. After all, this is wrestling, and in order to succeed within it, one must win their matches.
Nathan’s Prediction: Dean Ambrose

Natalya, Alica Fox, Naomi, and Emma vs. Paige, Cameron, Summer Rae, and Layla

Jon: This was thrown on the card last minute, and I don't really care who wins because the viewers all lose. Going with the good girls Nattie, Emma, Alicia Fox and Naomi. Jon’s Prediction: Team Natalya
Nathan: First of all, I feel bad for Paige in this match. She has to be on a team with two women who can’t wrestle their way out of a paper bag--and Layla (Ed. Note: their team is, however, packing in the booty department. But, this is wrasslin’. The only way a** matters is if you’re retired, if you’re AJ/Lana apparently, or if you’re making one out of yourself. Hi Santino, get well soon). This match was a last-minute addition to the card and I’m not really looking forward to it. But, it is what it is and it got added so I’ll suffer though it. I expect this match go to all of five minutes with elimination after elimination after elimination.  I also expect it to not be that good and Natalya’s team to win. That’s about it. Nathan’s Prediction: Team Natalya

The Miz and Damien Mizdow vs. Los Matadores vs. The Usos vs. Gold and Stardust ©| Fatal Four Way match for the WWE Tag Team Championships
Jon: It's kind of sad that these four teams make up the entire tag division. The Usos are former champs--whom have received several title shots since losing to Goldust and Stardust. Los Matadores have picked up a win in singles competition against the champs, while The Miz and Mizdow have been trading wins with the Usos. Now that we are caught up with recent history, this match is a pick'em, so I'm going to go the safe route. Goldust and Stardust retain.
Jon’s Prediction: Goldust and Stardust
Nathan: This match could be good and with three teams vying against the tag team champions. Odds are that Gold and Stardust will not come out of this Sunday with the Tag Team Titles. I really like Cody Rhodes but him as Stardust is a disservice to his talent.  I was fine with it as a short term thing, but this has gone on way too long. 
I am ready for Gold and Stardust to lose the titles. Why? That way, they can split up and feud, Stardust will go back to Cosmic Land, and we’ll FINALLY get Cody Rhodes back. Goldust has always wanted a WrestleMania match with Cody and maybe this is a way to start it. Or maybe, I am thinking this could happen too early. But I was raised in old-school WWE where they would actually take time to build things and let them transpire. Of course, back then, they only had four pay-per-views a year. Unfortunately, we are not in that landscape anymore. Anyway, my prediction for this match is The Miz and Damien Mizdow as your new WWE Tag Team Champions. It pains me to say that because I hate The Miz. However, Mizdow (Sandow) has been fantastic in a role that was destined to fail and he has really made something out of it. For that, they need to reward Sandow for his hard work and determination with some championship gold. This way, Sandow can finally get his first WWE Title. The guy deserves it; he is just fantastic.
Nathan’s Prediction: The Miz and Damien Sandow

Team Cena (John Cena, Ryback, Big Show, Dolph Zigger, and Erick Rowan) vs. Team Authority (Seth Rollins, Kane, Rusev, Mark Henry, and Luke Harper)
5 vs. 5 traditional Survivor Series Match: If Team Authority loses the Authority is out of power. If Team Cena loses, they are fired.
Jon: Cena’s team consists of himself, Big Show Ryback, Dolph Ziggler and Erik Rowan while The Authority has Mark Henry, New IC champ Luke Harper, U.S champ Rusev, Kane and "The Future of WWE" Seth Rollins. We have seen Cena lead teams before.  Win or loss, the careers of some talented IWC favorites change. Remember how promising Wade Barret’s career was as the leader of Nexus? That's the past. In the here and now, the future of WWE is on the line. Too much is on the line for HHH and Stephanie to lose. However, there is a new stipulation, as noted above.  Now, Nathan I don’t know what to say about this stipulation besides that it adds fuel to this match. I’ve decided to take your advice and think logically (per our Twitter conversation earlier this week). Team Cena wins. There is now no way they fire eighty percent of the baby face upper-card. Jon’s Prediction: Team Cena
Nathan: I am writing this at 2:00 AM on Monday night/Tuesday Morning four hours after RAW went off of the air. We had some interesting developments on that show.  The way these teams were filled out was a bit lazy. They could have done something different in having Cena walk around backstage all night trying to recruit people (Ed. Note: Like the old days), but that’s not how they went about things.  
At the end of last week’s, show when Luke Harper (your new Intercontinental Champion by the way. YES!) joined Team Authority, I thought it was a nice twist that Erick Rowan would join Team Cena. I don’t like Rowan at all as he doesn’t impress me, but I am not--by any means--hoping he fails. I do like the fact that two former partners (Rowan and Harper) are on opposite sides.  
I also like that they are centering the entire pay-per-view around this one match. It makes the Survivor Series concept feel special again. The meaning has become lost over the years  and hopefully this match’s build and execution will go a long way in re-establishing Survivor Series as a big pay per view. Survivor Series used to be one of the Big Four PPV, until it was replaced, in my opinion, with Money In The Bank. And while the prestige and lineage of the Survivor Series event is still there, it doesn’t hold as much weight as it used to.  
Anyway, enough of my rambling. I feel that Team Cena will win and that The Authority will finally dissolve. They should have dissolved after Daniel Bryan dismantled the entire group during WM 30 and won the title. With Daniel Bryan out, The Authority serves no purpose, which is why it needs to go away. This win for Cena (if it happens) will be the first time in a long time where I wont complain on the internet after the match is over. The Authority needs to die. I will say that, even though I am picking The Authority to lose I have a feeling that Rusev will have a strong performance this year akin to what Roman Reigns at last year’s event. Nathan’s Prediction: Team Cena

PS: We also found out after Tuesday’s tapings for Smackdown that if Cena’s team loses, they will all be fired. I am still standing by my choice that Team Cena will win. I am ready for change and I think everyone else is as well. Not only are the WWE giving this pay-per-view away for FREE, they are essentially also giving away the result of their main event. That’s, in my opinion, not a good move because it takes out all of the intrigue to the match in the first place. But, what do I know? I’m just the one writing this article (along with Jon) and questioning some of the pre-booking scenarios.

Closing Thoughts:
That’ll do it for Jon and myself and our preview of this Sunday’s Survivor Series. As always I’m looking forward to seeing how Jon and I did on our predictions come Sunday night. I also look forward to having a good banter back and forth with everyone on Twitter.
So, until Sunday, be sure to follow Jon on Twitter at @BigJonDaLegend and also myself at @Headliner5--as well as the Eyes On The Ring Twitter feed (@EyesOnTheRing). If you have thoughts on Sunday’s event, be sure to voice your two cents. Who do you think will win? Lose? Will there be any surprises? All these questions and so much more will be answered live this Sunday.  

Be sure to keep your Eyes On The Ring.