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Monday, November 17, 2014

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Top Five Things to Love About WWE

Well, there are a litany of things going on in World Wrestling Entertainment that I could focus on complaining about. That seems to be the route that most take when watching the product. However, even with the shortcomings of WWE and its creative, there always seems a glimmer of hope and a reason to keep tuning in week in and week out. So, here are the top 5 reasons that I enjoy the WWE product right now.
5. RKO Out of Nowhere!:

Ever since the Randy Orton RKO out of nowhere vines went viral online, WWE has taken every opportunity to take advantage of it. The RKO is RANDY Orton’s signature finishing move, and it is almost always done to perfection.  A few years ago we have seen him hit this move in a various ways. The most spectacular one he hit on Evan Bourne while in midair going for a shooting star press.
4. Bray Wyatt vs Dean Ambrose:

This feud has yet to get physical ever since Hell In A Cell when Wyatt cost Dean the victory, yet its build up to an eventual matchup between the two. Bray Wyatt is quickly becoming the master of mind guys, his cryptic words combined with the timely power outages and great camerawork makes the whole presentation creepy yet awesome. While Dean is embracing his crazy side more and more, no longer is he pulling pranks as a way to exact a measure of revenge.

3. A New Day:

Let me be perfectly clear. Xavier Woods, Kofi Kingston and Big E have tons of charisma and personality. Don’t believe me? Take the time to check out their hijinks on the WWE app. I don’t know what this new stable gimmick will ultimately be, “The NEW Nation (of Domination)” or something else. I do hope it’s not in any way similar to The Shield gimmick; those three men have an in-ring talent and more personality as a whole than the trio of Woods, Kingston and Big E. Nevertheless, it’ll just be good to see this group on TV and (hopefully) winning matches and titles.
2. Dolph Ziggler:

Seems like ever since he lost the World Heavyweight title, that  Dolph has been in the dog house. Even throughout the losing and bad angles he consistently has been phenomenal in the ring. The fans have stuck by him always cheering and showing their respect for his hard work despite the authorities’ efforts to hold him back. So it’s great that he has the Intercontinental title which historical is the “worker” title.
1. NXT:

NXT is by far the best produced show WWE has right now. What it lacks in glitz and glamour it makes up for it with great wrestling matches, good storylines and a very hungry group of athletes anxious to be the best. The fact that it’s only an one hour show doesn’t allow for some of the nonsense that you typically get with Monday Night Raw (Grumpy Cat, anyone?). Talking segments are limited and the talent gets over using their in-ring skills more so than on a mic. This doesn’t mean that there isn’t anyone with good mic skills on the NXT roster, though. For me, Enzo Amore shines with his pre-match introduction of himself--and his partner Big Cass. The icing on this NXT cake is General Manager William Regal, a highly respect competitor with a no-nonsense demeanor. I am looking forward to the next NXT Takeover event.
So, there it is folks. Five things that you can be thankful for during these wacky days of WWE.


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