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Tuesday, December 9, 2014

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Chris Jericho Returns...Again

Speed on the Beat here with the thoughts you don't want, but the thoughts you need, on professional wrestling. If you missed RAW--or the spoilers/recaps--last night, you missed a couple things. Charlotte (Flair) made her main-roster debut, Roman Reigns was named Superstar of the Year, and Chris Jericho is returning, yet again, next week (yes, I'm aware that it's just to be, for now, GM of RAW for the night).

Now, let's get it out the way: I'm a Jericho fan. I'm not a Jericholic or anything, but the guy's a legend. However, I've grown tired of his "coming back every so often, putting someone over (who usually loses their heat after they feud with Jericho), getting taken out by someone (usually the person they were putting over), leaving, then returning months--or years--later" shtick. I respect the fact that he doesn't want to completely destroy his body. However, with each return, Jericho's impact lessens. Yeah, he can still get the crowd going, but let's look at the people he's feuded with since his last extended exit from WWE (circa 2010).

CM Punk
Sheamus (kind of)
Dolph Ziggler
The Wyatt Family

Now, let's look at where those people are. CM Punk's in UFC after having some memorable feuds. Sheamus lost his WHC to ADR and recently lost the US Belt to Rusev (sound familiar?) Ziggler bounces around the mid-card to the point where most can't take him seriously if he got a legit run. Fandango recently returned "new and improved" with a gimmick that's pretty much the same as his last one. Ryback was supposed to be the next big thing, got injured, then got eliminated quickly in this year's Survivor Series (Ryback being pushed to the moon to spite Punk rumors be damned). And the Wyatts are feuding with each other now, while Bray Wyatt is in a feud with Dean Ambrose for no reason except Wyatt called Ambrose's dad an addict and a jailbird (sound familiar?)

As much as I like Jericho, looking at his track record recently, you've got to wonder if Jericho doesn't carry the luster he once did. I mean, he comes and goes a lot and doesn't really stick. Plus, if Jericho with no belt or title continues to do this, it lessens his impact. If you're going to have Jericho feud with someone random, at least give him a belt to bring in the casual fans.


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