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Friday, December 12, 2014

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The Potential Impact of a "Friday Night Impact"

By Jon (@BigJonDaLegend)

Dixie Carter and Destination America have made some big announcements this week. Impact Wrestling has a new logo and will be in a permanent time slot of Friday nights 9-11 pm. All of this is great news for Impact Wrestling to end 2014. Let's face it: 2014 wasn't the best year in the companies history.

The new logo is the most notable change to me. From a branding standpoint, this new logo is bold and grabs your attention. It features the 6 sided ring, and that is the one feature that separates them from any other company. Also the new logo just states Impact Wrestling, without any mention of TNA. To me, TNA is a very disappointing name for a wrestling company. While it may stand for Total Nonstop Action, it's merely a juvenile play on the term "tits and ass." Dropping the TNA from the brand should improve the companies appeal for advertising and ultimately him them grow on a relatively small network (Ed. Note: This isn't Ruthless Aggression or the Attitude Era anymore. Thankfully, more companies are learning you can be "edgy" without being explicit).

The time slot is a good time slot for them to stay on as they settle into a new network and attract viewers. Impact will not be competing with any other wrestling show on televisions on Friday. With WWE moving Smackdown to Thursday nights, and Lucha Underground claiming Wednesdays, Friday is all theirs. The only competition would be whatever is on the WWE Network and not what's on cable television. Impact currently can't compete with WWE in the same time slot like WCW did in its prime.

Not competing is the right course of action for them to take. Why potentially bury yourself even more when you have a second chance to build? Yes, Dixie Carter has made some very costly mistakes in the past. But, this is her second chance--and Impact's chance of redemption. From the recent news that has came out it seems that Impact Wrestling is taking positive steps to ensure its success.


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