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Friday, January 2, 2015

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Ring Of Honor Wrestling Review 12/27/14

By Nathan Neumann (@Headliner5 on Twitter)

Hello wrestling fans, Ring Of Honor fans and Eyes On The Ring Faithful! Nathan here once again to give you this review of the latest episode of ROH TV, the last ROH episode of 2014, which featured two matches.  Let’s get right down to the business at hand, shall we?

The show starts off with a few backstage pre-taped promos in the first The Briscoes wish everyone a Merry Christmas. We then cut to Jay Lethal who says he hates Christmas. Lastly, Adam Cole cuts a promo and says “All the chicks want a little Cole in their stocking.” I can’t believe he said that. It was awesome and super funny.

From there, we head inside of the arena where we are greeted by commentators Kevin Kelly and Steve Corino, who welcome us to the show and send us straight into the first match.

Match 1
Brian Kendrick vs. Adam Cole

Result: Adam Cole defeats Brian Kendrick via pinfall with the Florida Key.

Thoughts: Let me start off by saying that, as a guy who doesn’t like Brian Kendrick, he didn’t do to badly in this match. As the bell rang, the two would shake hands per the Code of Honor and Kendrick immediately kicked Cole in the face. Following that, Cole got heated and took over on offense until later in the match when Kendrick went for Sliced Bread #2 but Cole pushed him off of the top rope to the outside of the ring which brings us to a commercial break.  

Back from commercial and Cole hits a Death Valley driver on his knee to Kendrick to score a two count. Cole then follows that up with a shining wizard for another near fall.  Cole then hits a sunset flip powerbomb followed by another shining wizard for yet another near fall. Kendrick finally mounts some sort of offense as he picks Cole up in a reverse Death Valley Driver position and drops him square on the top of his head with a burning hammer for a two count.  

Later on in the match, both men were on the top rope and Adam Cole does a spider German suplex (he hooked his legs under the second rope so he could go back up to the top to follow it up). However, Kendrick would land on his feet. While Cole was hanging upside down in the tree of woe, Kendrick delivered a baseball slide drop kick to score a near fall. The finish of the match occurred when Adam Cole got the upper hand and took to Kendrick’s back in order to hit the Florida Key to score the pinfall victory.

Rating: **

From the first match we go immediately into the main event, which were the finals of Tag Wars 2014 so here we go.

Main Event – Match 2
ACH and Matt Sydal vs. The Addiction (Christopher Daniels and Frankie Kazarian) vs. The Briscoe Brothers (Jay and Mark Briscoe) vs. reDRagon (Bobby Fish and Kyle O’Reilly) ©
Tag Wars Elimination match for the Ring Of Honor World Tag Team Championship

Result: reDRagon win the match last eliminating ACH and Matt Sydal after Chasing The Dragon pinning ACH to retain the ROH World Tag Team Titles.

Thoughts: This match was nuts and there was a lot to keep track of within. So, if I don’t do it justice I apologize in advance because watching eight guys in one match isn’t an ideal wrestling situation for me...but I’ll try to make it work.

The match started out with ACH and Kazarian before Kazarian would tag in Daniels. Sydal would work over Daniels and keep him down long enough to execute a standing moonsault and get a near fall out of it. Daniels and Sydal are both up now and get sick of reDRagon’s trash talking so they decide to bring both Fish and O’Reilly into the match the hard way (by throwing them into the ring over the top rope) reDRagon aren’t in the ring for long as they immediately get knocked back out.  

Meanwhile on the outside Kazarian hits Jay Briscoe with a sunset flip bomb from there ACH runs across the ring and dives over the top rope (effortlessly, I might add) to take out everyone on the outside. Sydal flies out of the ring and then Daniels executes the Best Moonsault Ever to the outside of the ring as well. The first elimination would come when the Briscoes would fall victim to a backdrop into a lung blower double team maneuver by the Addiction, which allowed for the elimination.

The Briscoes have been eliminated

Back from commercials and reDRagon are now in the ring and have control over The Addiction. ACH tags himself in and jumps off of the top rope with a diving cross body on Fish to get a near fall. ACH and Daniels run at each other from opposite sides of the ring and collide in mid air after both trying a cross body block on the other. While Daniels is down, Matt Sydal uses the opportunity to hit a shooting star press and ACH (who has recovered by now) makes it to the top rope and hits a 450 splash to get the pinfall victory on Daniels allowing for the second team to be eliminated.

The Addiction have been eliminated

It’s now down to two teams as ACH and Matt Sydal face off against the tag team champions reDRagon to determine who will have possession of the titles. While Sydal, Fish and O’Reilly are all on the outside of the ring ACH uses the opportunity to fly out of the ring taking everyone that remains in the match to the floor including his own partner.  Back in the ring Kyle O’Reilly and Bobby Fish regain the upper hand long enough to hit Chasing The Dragon on ACH to win the match and retain the ROH World Tag Team Titles.  Damn good match if you are a fan of tag team wrestling go watch it.

Rating: **3/4

After the match we cut to another backstage pre-taped promo as this time it’s BJ Whitmer who lets everyone know that he hates Christmas. He also lets all the kids in the world know that Santa Clause isn’t real (NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!) as the show goes off of the air for the week.

That just about does it for me for this review of Ring Of Honor Television I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas. I also hope you enjoyed reading this review and just to note next week’s edition of ROH Wrestling is a best of 2014 recap show which means that you will not be getting a review from me for next week.  

I just wanted to say that we have had a hell of a 2014 here at Eyes Of The Ring and myself as well as everyone else on the Eyes On The Ring team can’t wait to bring you all the action that the year 2015 promises to provide for the wrestling fan. We will try to keep up and all do our best to cover everything that we can so that you can feel well informed on what’s going on around you so you can decide what you may want to see and what you may want to avoid.

So until next year I am Nathan saying so long and be sure and check us out at EyesOnTheRing.blogspot.com and all of the articles that we have provided for you.  Also please be sure and give us a follow on Twitter @EyesOnTheRing and Like us over at Facebook.com/EyesOnTheRing and we will all see you in 2015!


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