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Wednesday, January 7, 2015

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Ummm...what the hell, WWE?

Ok, so I've had a couple days to digest it and keep from completely crapping the bed over it. But, what in the high holy hell was WWE thinking with the ending to RAW on Monday? That crap made absolutely no sense and just made everyone involved look completely stupid. Never mind the fact that it was "Cena Appreciation Night," just look at the thing.

Between Stephanie's flub at the beginning to the segment, the hamminess of Triple H's delivery, Cena looking like a kid in the principal's office (when he, for better or worse, is marketed as the Face of all that's "right" within WWE), the "Why did I come to school today" look on Dolph's face at the ending, and the general disinterest from the crowd, it was one of the worst segments I've seen in a while (and that's counting Ambrose accosting a mannequin, Daniel Bryan and Brie Bella doing their best "teenage white couple in a horror movie" impersonation, many of the interview segments in TNA last year, Cheeseburger in ROH, and so on).

I get that we're trying to book The Authority as super heels by firing babyfaces and putting Cena in this predicament, but the segment just came off as a cluster-you-know-what. At the end, I wasn't asking "oh noes, what'll happen to Dolph Ziggler?" I was saying "Oh noes, we got another 'fired' storyline involving John Cena that makes little-to-no-sense, kayfabe-wise or 'legitimately.'" If this is what WINC, WZ, etc. were talking about when they said we'd see a "big angle" kick off on RAW...I'm already packing up and going home.

In short, if you want your audience to care about what's going on, do better. Don't piss on our heads--or collective intelligence--and tell us that it's raining.


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