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Friday, February 27, 2015

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Big Jon's ROH 13th Anniversary Show Predictions

I have to thank Nathan (@headliner5) for getting me into watching Ring of Honor wrestling. His great reviews peaked my interest in the product and over the last month I have watched several of their shows on ROHWrestling.com and have enjoyed every episode. Before I started watching, I knew of all the great wrestlers who have worked for ROH and became household names in WWE I just never took the time to consistently watch the product.  I am intrigued by several talents especially TV Champion Jay Lethal and Heavyweight Champion Jay Briscoe. With the upcoming 13 Anniversary pay per view on May 1, 2015 lets predict some matches. 
Jay Lethal vs Alberto El Patron:
It’s good to see Jay Lethal in prominent role in a wrestling company. I have been a fan of his since his TNA days. He has always shown great charisma and a supreme amount of Talent.  Alberto El Patron debut in ROH came with tons of anticipation, on his first night he came out and Challenge Jay Briscoe only to be interrupted by Jay Lethal and Truth Martini.  This match will be a match of the year candidate I can just feel it. El Patron had his ups and downs in the WWE but he was always talented in between the ropes.  While Alberto may have come into ROH to the delight of most fans Jay Lethal is the Man around ROH if you believe him and his manager Truth Martini.
Winner: Jay Lethal
Mark Briscoe vs Moose:
Mark Briscoe is–– a mix between a redneck and a cavemen, in his promos he screams and yells to the top of his lungs which can make his promos hard to understand. Nevertheless his training on the chicken farm has served him well in his career.  Moose is a very impressive rookie, reminiscent to Bobby Lashley in both physic and in ring style. His deadly spear has help him stay undefeated to this point in his career. Moose has something going for him with the crowd chanting “Moose” as a war cry in his entrance and throughout his matches.  Moose also has his lawyer Veda Scott and Stockely Hathaway with him at ringside.  In a brawl after his match with Michael Elgin on Valentine’s Day Mark felt just how much force and pain that spear can cause. Mark Briscoe might be the in the wrong place at the wrong time as I expect Moose to continue his win streak.
Winner: Moose
Triple Threat Tag Team Match
The Addiction (Chris Daniels & Frankie Kazarian) vs The Kingdom (Michael Bennett & Matt Taven) vs The Bullet Club (Doc Gallows & "Machine Gun" Karl Anderson):
The Kingdom has impressed me with their heel work and in ring work. The Addiction will always be a great tag team and put on a great match whenever and wherever they work. The Bullet Club is the hottest stable in wrestling compromise of some of the best and most exciting wrestlers in the world. I haven’t seen much of Doc Gallows and Karl Anderson recent work but on reputation alone they are one team you want to see fight. Due to the quality of the teams this one is a tossup and potential show stealer.
Winner: The Addiction
ODB w/ Mark Briscoe vs Maria Kanellis w/ Michael Bennett:
The Kingdom and the Briscoes have spent most of February fighting each over the title of love the Maria is carrying around which use to belong to Jay Briscoe. ODB coming to the aid of the Briscoes and evening up the odds was a great way to introduce her into ROH. Maria has her work cut out for her in combatting the physical style of ODB.
Winner: ODB
"The Phenomenal" AJ Styles vs ACH  AJ has been great ever since he left that little promotion in Florida. Prominently wrestling in New Japan Pro Wrestler and Indy promotions in the U.S. He is in the Bullet Club and seems to be enjoying wrestling now more than ever.  His opponent ACH is supremely athletic and smooth in the ring and has improved greatly in career. ACH has all the talent in the world and should match up great with The Phenomenal one. ACH has youth on his side but the experience of AJ Styles will win this one.
Winner: AJ
ROH World Tag Team Championship
ReDRagon (c) vs The Young Bucks:
Both Teams are excellent in the ring and have great chemistry against each other.  Bobby Fish and Kevin O’Reily have had a great run defending their titles all across the world and many times beating the Bucks to keep the titles. Young Bucks are brash, conceited and talented. While I’m on the fence of all the super kicks they do in a match, it’s a tactic that works for these two smaller guys.  This time around the Young Bucks will throw a successful Super Kick party and win the belts.
Winner: Young Bucks
"Mr. ROH" Roderick Strong vs The Decade's BJ Whitmer:
Roderick Strong has done it all in ROH since he debuted back in 2004. In his 11-year ROH career, he has won every championship the company has to offer. Roddy is one of the most consistent wrestler that this stacked locker room has. BJ Whitmer forced Roddy out of The Decade in late 2014 the two have been at odds. BJ Whitmer looks the best that he has in his career as well. This match is a true personal grudge match, both men have no short of malice for their opponent. It will be interesting to see if the consistency of Roderick Strong prevail over the brute force of Bj Whitmer.
Winner: Roderick Strong
Main Event - High Stakes 4 Corner Survival ROH World Championship Match
Jay Briscoe (c) vs "Unbreakable" Michael Elgin vs "Sicilian Psychopath" Tommaso Ciampa vs "War Beard" Hanson:
Has Jay Briscoe’s mouth wrote a check that he can’t cover? That’s the question many fans have are wondering. Even though each man creates a difficult challenge in a one on one match Briscoe has been able to defeat them. Michael Elgin is a former World Champion and lost the belt to Jay. After the lost he went to a dark mental state and has finally come back in the title picture.  Elgin would have fans believe his change in mentality was on purpose but losing your title has a really strange effect on you.  Hanson looks like a something out of the book Where the Wild Things Are. He is big, strong and hairy with a viscous mean streak in him. He has proven that he can dominate anyone in the ring.  Tommaso Ciampa is a superb athlete and a dominant wrestler in the ring.  Elgin, Hanson, and Ciampa are all extremely strong and physical but can they get defy the odds and pin Jay Briscoe. Jay Briscoe has had lady luck on his side for a while now, it’s been a long time since he has had his shoulders pinned for a 3 count.  This night in Vegas Jay Briscoe avoids rolling snake eyes and walks out still your ROH World Champion.

Winner: Jay Briscoe


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