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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

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ROH TV Review: 3/28/15

Ring Of Honor Wrestling Review 3/28/15
By Nathan Neumann
Twitter @Headliner5

Hello Eyes On The Ring readers, Nathan here once again with another weekly dose of Honor and your weekly ROH TV review. Supercard Of Honor IX took place live last weekend, but sadly we wont get to see any matches from it for another two weeks, so until then we got a few matches from ROH’s recent Conquest tour.

The show started out with a Samoa Joe hype video focusing on the fact that the match he has tonight with Kyle O’Reilly is his first match in ROH in seven years.  From this video, we go to the intro to the TV show and then head straight into the arena where we are greeted by commentators Kevin Kelly and Steve Corino, who are at ringside to call all of the action. Kelly and Corino welcome us to the show and send it down for the first match.

Match 1
Moose vs. Caprice Coleman

Thoughts: The match starts with the two men getting a feel for one another. Moose attempts the first bit of offense in the match when he goes for a dropkick which misses Caprice.  Caprice goes for a dropkick of his own, which connects on the big man but doesn’t take him down. Moose staggers over to the ropes and Caprice runs and latches his legs on to the shoulders of Moose hitting a hurricanrana, which sends Moose to the outside of the ring. Caprice attempts a dive to the outside of the ring on to Moose, but Moose catches him in his arms and throws him into the ring post.  From there, Moose grabs Caprice by the legs and giant swings him into the barricade.  From here, Moose rolls Caprice into the ring and covers him for a 2 count.  Later on in the match Caprice recovers and hits a cutter for a near fall. Moose recovers and runs full steam at Caprice, cutting him in half with a flipping spear to score the win via pinfall.

Result: Moose defeats Caprice Coleman via Pinfall with a flipping spear.
Match Rating: *1/2

This match should have been better than it was. I’ve stated before that Moose has potential, but he’s taking a while to progress the way I feel he should be.  I’m patient so I’m willing to give it some time, but for now he’s not really doing much of anything for me. Caprice Coleman on the other hand has really suffered ever since he broke off from Cedric Alexander and ROH hasn’t really done anything with him as of late to get me invested in him.  The crowd in this match wasn’t really a factor sadly because they were quite during most of the match, and if the crowd isn’t into it, it’s hard for me to get into it as well.

From here we move to the second match of the night.

Match 2
BJ Whitmer and Adam Page vs. Leon St. Giovani and Shaheem Ali

Thoughts: There was really nothing to this match to be honest.  I’ve seen Ali before but Giovani was new.  These two guys were obviously brought in to enhance both Whitmer and Page, who went on to win the match in about two minutes after hitting the All Seeing Eye on Shaheem Ali to pick up the pinfall victory.

Result: BJ Whitmer and Adam Page defeat Leon St. Giovani and Shaheem Ali via Pinfall with the All Seeing Eye.
Match Rating: N/A

Note: This match was too short to rate and rather than give it the one star treatment, I’m just going to not bother to rate it.

After the match, BJ Whitmer introduces everyone to the Decades new “Young Boy”, which turns out to be Steve Corino’s son Colby Corino.  This brings Steve Corino off of commentary, who is so upset he leaves his position at the announcers’ table and heads up the ramp and through the curtain.

From there we get a recap of what happened one week ago between Jay Lethal and Dalton Castle which resulted in Donovan Dijak joining the House Of Truth.
From here, we head to the third match of the night.  Before the match, Truth Martini made his way out to the ring and took Steve Corino’s seat on commentary.

Match 3
Donovan Dijak and J Diesel vs. Bob Evans and Cheeseburger

Thoughts: Cheeseburger starts the match and immediately goes after the much bigger Dijak.  Cheeseburger runs at Dijak who catches him by the throat and hits a chokeslam backbreaker that gets a near fall.  Dijak picks Cheeseburger up in a suplex position and hurls him halfway across the ring.  Cheeseburger gets a flurry of offense in and hits desperation DDT to Dijak while the big man is on one knee.  From here Cheeseburger tags in Brutal Bob Evans, but Evans doesn’t do much and has to tag in Cheeseburger.  The match breaks down with all four guys in the ring and once and in the middle of all of the commotion, Dijak hits Cheeseburger with Feast Your Eyes to score the pinfall victory for himself and J. Diesel.

Result: Donovan Dijak and J Diesel defeat Brutal Burgers via pinfall after Dijak hits Cheeseburger with the Feast Your Eyes.
Match Rating: **

After the match, Bob Evans gets in the ring as the House Of Truth members leave to the back.  Evans goes to check on Cheeseburger,  helps him up to his feet, but then knocks him back down with a shoulder block which officially brings Brutal Burgers to an end.  It was kind of anticlimactic in a way, but it is what it is.

From there, Truth Martini leaves the announcers booth to go celebrate the win with his guys, which brings Steve Corino back to the broadcast booth right before the main event.

Main Event – Match 4
Kyle O’Reilly vs. Samoa Joe

Thoughts: The bell rings and the match starts out very slow and technical, the two men trade holds and strikes and each exchange with their own respective flurries of offense.  Samoa Joe takes control and attempts a rear naked choke on O’Reilly, but O’Reilly is able to slip out of it and grab Joe’s ankle to lock on an Ankle Lock, which Joe counters into the first pinning predicament and near fall of the match. Both men make it back up to their feet and Joe works O’Reilly over in the corner with punches.  Joe whips O’Reilly into the opposite corner and follows him in with a back splash.

From here, Joe gets O’Reilly down in the corner, runs to the opposite end of the ring and runs full steam at O’Reilly kicking him in the face with the face wash.  O’Reilly recovers and grabs Joe’s arm that he was working on earlier in the match and drives him down to the mat.  Joe manages to break free and make his way back up to his feet. Next, Joe whips O’Reilly into the ropes and catches him as O’Reilly is coming towards him with a snap power slam to pick up a near fall.  From here, O’Reilly attempts a hurricanrana, but gets powerbombed by Joe who turns it into a pinning attempt, but instead of letting O’Reilly kick out Joe turns the pinning attempt into a submission attempt.  The two recover and Joe gets O’Reilly in the corner to set him up on the top rope to attempt a muscle buster.  However, O’Reilly turns the move into a guillotine for the submission attempt.  Joe rolls to the outside of the ring and O’Reilly follows him out hitting a dropkick to Joe’s already injured arm.  Back in the ring and the two exchange strikes in the ring for about a minute, until Joe gets the upper hand and is able to hit the Muscle Buster on Kyle O’Reilly to pick up the win via pinfall.

Result: Samoa Joe defeats Kyle O’Reilly via pinfall after a Muscle Buster.
Match Rating: ***

After the match, the two men shake hands in the middle of the ring as the show goes off of the air for the week.  If you can seek this match out, I would highly recommend doing so because it may just in fact be the only televised Samoa Joe match that we see from him in Ring Of Honor.

That as always will do it for me and another one of my weekly Ring Of Honor Wrestling TV Reviews for EyesOnTheRing.com.  This show was pretty solid all around, the main event more than delivered and the Tag match that lasted longer than a minute was pretty good.

Be sure to follow me on twitter @Headliner5 as well as the official Eyes On The Ring account @EyesOnTheRing.  Also be sure to check out the site for more ROH reviews as well as other great content from the entire EOTR team.

Finally don’t forget to like us on facebook at Facebook.com/EyesOnTheRing.  For now,  I am Nathan saying so long and I will see you right here next week for another Ring Of Honor TV Review.  Same Eyes On The Ring time, same Eyes On The Ring website.


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