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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

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The Reigning, Defending...Tug O'War Champion?!

By Peagle (Follow Peagle on Twitter)

What...IN THE BLUE HELL was that??! In case you missed it, last night's Monday Night Raw; The Go-Home show for the Show of Shows, The Showcase of the Immortals, The Grandaddy of... (wait, Vince doesn't want to use that name), WrestleMania was ended with The Beast Incarnate Brock Lesnar and Samoan Cena Roman Reigns playing Tug o' War with the WWE Championship.

If there was a more disappointing ending that could have occurred, I can't think of it. This entire build has been based around Paul “The Gawd of Loquaciousness” Heyman (I'm an English major, don't judge me) talking up Brock Lesnar in his usual fashion and telling Roman Reigns that he can't handle The Beast. Roman on the other hand went from wanting to make Lesnar respect him to the more Cena-like “I can and I will.” I haven't been too interested in the build to this point outside of listening to Heyman talk, but I just KNEW something had to go down on Monday. I just KNEW Lesnar and Reigns were gonna brawl it out. And it started good, Lesnar taunts Reigns with the title, so Reigns snatches it from him and holds it in Lesnar's face. Nice show of disrespect mixed with a lack of fear. Then Lesnar gets his hands on it but Reigns doesn't give it back. If you're watching the above video, PAUSE IT THERE!

I want to run through what I thought would happen next:

  1. Reigns pulls the title away, goes to hit Lesnar, Brock ducks and the brawl begins (Ed. Note: Kind of like how they managed for Bryan/Reigns, but wilder because, well...Daniel Bryan is no Brock Lesnar)
  2. Lesnar pulling Reigns in for an F5
  3. Reigns laughing confidently, letting the title go then hitting Lesnar with the Superman Punch

Those are just the first 3 examples off the top of my head. But what did we get? Lesnar and Reigns pulling at the title like two 4-year-olds fighting over a stuffed bunny rabbit and...fade to black. THAT'S IT. 

The man who has run through the WWE and the man Vince wants as the next big face played a quick game of Tug O'War to close out the show that's leading into the biggest event in the company. WWE spent a week hyping up the Lesnar/Reigns face -to-face only to give us that. I don't care if Lesnar has or hasn't re-signed, that's not how you go into WrestleMania. You don't impress upon us how physical both of these guys are then when they finally get face to face, they have a “MOM HE WON'T LET ME PLAY” moment. I just...don't have any more words for this. 

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