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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

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The Significance Of The Beast

Brock Lesnar has resigned to the WWE for a multi-year deal. This is the second time in a row that Brock has signed a multi-year deal with the company, and who could blame him? Vince drops millions of dollars in his bank account, Brock works 25-30 days a year, wrestles 4 times a year, and gets to be home with his family 90% of the year. Who wouldn't take that deal? To be fair, having Brock back in WWE hasn't seemed to provide the huge ratings or merch sales boost that WWE expected, but I think Vince sees Brock as a worthy investment regardless. Brock has never been a big media guy, and that doesn't seem likely to change, but his announcement on ESPN that he has closed the door on a MMA return, and would be staying with WWE for multiple years rocked all social media and delighted wrestling fans all over.

The question remains, what does this mean for WWE going forward? Who are some potential opponents for Brock? How many years is included in this particular multi year deal? With regards to the amount of years in Brock's resigned contract, I'm going to guess 2-3 years, with 2 years being the logical option as WrestleMania 33 is rumored to be in Minneapolis, Brock's hometown.

As far as what's next? And potential opponents? Here's my view:

There is no reason for Brock to lose to Roman Reigns at Wrestlemania 31. The most bland main event in WWE history, in terms of excitement for the match and build, should end with Brock victorious. Last year, Brock ended the Undertaker's streak and I cannot imagine throwing that away just to put Reigns in a title picture that he obviously isn't ready for. However, knowing WWE, Reigns will win, Rollins will cash in, and we get Rollins vs Reigns for the title afterwards as Brock takes his normal three-month vacation with great pay. This does nothing for the company in essence, if Brock is going to stay in WWE for another two years. I would like to see Brock vs Daniel Bryan at Summerslam for the WWE Title, and Brock even said himself that he looks forward to working with Bryan in the future, getting us closer to the reality of seeing the match we all really wanted at WrestleMania 31.

Now, we don't know if Brock's contract calls for a few more dates than before, but if I'm WWE, I'm making sure that this investment is 100% worth it, and using him as much as we can within the 2 years. Unlike The Rock, Brock's part time schedule isn't because he's busy doing 45 other things, its because he just doesn't want to work that much. Now, at 25 dates a year, that's no way to really build a huge feud, so if I'm WWE, I'm asking for 35-40 dates along with 5-6 matches per year.

Vince is backing up the money truck, the least Brock can do is add 5-10 more dates to the contract and 1-2 extra matches. I would say that its more than necessary at this moment. Brock returning initially made him a special attraction, but now that effect has wore off some. He is still a huge attraction, but the wrestle once, disappear for months, wrestle once, repeat disappearance shit has gotten old after three years.

Brock has committed to WWE for multiple years and canceled out MMA, so I believe that he should give the WWE a bit more as far as appearances go. Brock wrestling at Royal Rumble, Wrestlemania, Extreme Rules (or Money In The Bank), Summerslam, Night of Champions (or Hell In A Cell), and Survivor Series is what's best for business. It gives the fans more Brock Lesnar, which they want, while not over saturating his appearances/matches. A strategy that if utilized correctly, will be perfect. Now, the final question, and most important question would have to be, who can Brock face over the course of these next few years?

Daniel Bryan

This is the match that everyone wants. Bryan vs Brock. David vs Goliath. This is the money match. Bryan vs Brock could end up as an all time classic and if anyone should hand Brock his first loss since WrestleMania 29, it should be Bryan.

Randy Orton

In all seriousness, this match needs to happen. It should have happened at the Royal Rumble instead of Cena getting a shot at the title. But, WWE and their usual bullshit comes to mind. However, I fully expect a Brock vs RKO match, and I can't wait to see it. It will be extreme and intense.


In the future, after say the Orton and Bryan matches (Ed. Note: and potentially barring Rusev losing to Cena at WrestleMania), a big match between a face Brock and mega heel Rusev could provide a great showdown.

The Rock

This match needs to happen as well. A lot of people are saying "this isn't 2002," and you're right. It isn't. Brock Lesnar is a mainstream household name, The Rock is one of the biggest stars in Hollywood, and both are considered legends in this business. Yes, we saw Brock vs Rock in 2002. We also saw Undertaker vs Brock in 2002 and 2003. We saw Brock vs Cena in 2003 as well. The Rock was the one who helped get Brock over the top by losing cleanly to him, some 13 years ago at Summerslam 2002. Their careers since have both taken an interesting turn, and with all those years passed, I think it'd be perfect for one last match between the two in front of 100,000 plus at WrestleMania 32.

Dean Ambrose

Dean is one of the most over guys in the company period and he's positioned as a lunatic character wise. He's also selling merch considerably well, and has the vocal chops to spar with Brock's advocate Paul Heyman. The match between the two would be physical, brutal and I would love to see these two go at it.

Bray Wyatt

This might be the most exciting potential feud here. Heyman vs Wyatt on the mic? The New Face of Fear versus The Beast? This is MONEY. I'M SOLD!

Seth Rollins

I rather enjoyed the interactions with Brock and Seth Rollins leading up to the Rumble and would love to see him go one on one with Brock. That match would be great.


The ship hasn't sailed on this. With proper booking, decent build up, and more, I think Brock vs Cesaro could be a classic.

Closing thoughts:I'd keep Brock away from Cena, HHH, Taker, Sting, Ryback, Big Show, Kane, Mark Henry, and even Sheamus, to be honest. Let him work with the majority of the new blood, the quicker guys, the more sound wrestlers, with one huge attraction match against The Rock and call it a career. Brock is best with booked with great in ring performers, as this was evident in 2002-2003. Brock excelled against the Benoits, Edges, Rocks, Takers, Guerreros, and of course Angles of that era, but bored against the bigger men or older wrestlers. It is vital to keep Brock with fresher talent and let the magic happen.

Where does Brock go from here? Only he and the WWE know, but the whole world is intrigued. And that is special in its own right. Long Live The Beast.



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