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Saturday, April 18, 2015

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Seth Rollins: Can His Title Reign Be Successful?

Can Seth Rollins Title Run Be Successful?

Seth Rollins cashed in his Money In The Bank briefcase at Wrestlemania 31, making history by being the first man to do so at a Wrestlemania(in the main event no less). The possibilities seem endless for Seth as champ, as he could carry that belt for a very long time, maybe even into Wrestlemania 32 for a year long title reign before dropping the championship. So far, about a month into the reign, we've seen Rollins continue his feud with Randy Orton, along with put on a great non title match against Neville on RAW. We know the match against Orton at Extreme Rules will likely end with Seth walking out as champ still, but the question afterwards would be... What's next?

Now, with the weekly tension within The Authority(which is quite unnecessary, might I add), there is a lingering fear that WWE could go with a Seth vs Kane feud for the title that sees Seth retire Kane for good, but that serves no purpose to the product and will not draw any money. WWE, with their knack to give Big Show unnecessary title runs or pushes, could very well make us suffer through a Big Show vs Seth feud, or even worse, a feud with Seth vs Show vs Kane for the title as the Authority implodes. Jesus, that is a scary thought. There's the variable of Brock using his rematch clause for a one on one match against Seth for the title, but with his "suspension", I feel like WWE will use that to have him relinquish his title match. So, who would be the best options for Seth to face to ensure his title reign is exciting?? Let's take a look:

*Daniel Bryan

-Bryan is still the most over guy on the roster, and despite lingering issues with his injury, he's the best candidate for a feud at Summerslam or Wrestlemania 32. The story of Bryan working his way back up to the title picture after dropping the IC title belt and dethroning Seth for the WWE Championship at WM32 after winning the Royal Rumble would be amazing. Seth vs Bryan in a 25-30 minute main event at Wrestlemania for the title is a wrestling fan's dream. I can only assume that this match happens at some point, and when it does, the crowd will be on fire. Like I said, I'd do this at one of the bigger PPVs with Bryan going over to be the one who dethrones me likely. Who would the 2nd best option be?

*Dean Ambrose

-Despite terrible booking by the WWE(per usual), Dean Ambrose remains over with the crowd and a top merch seller. He also has yet to truly defeat Seth Rollins in a singles match or even win a PPV match since The Shield broke up in June 2014. The narrative seems almost too perfect to set up when you think of how WWE works. Dean wins the MITB briefcase, cashes in on Seth, reigniting their feud, but this time for the title. Or we can give Ambrose the much needed narrative of winning the Rumble and going on to beat Rollins in the main event of Wrestlemania 32. A Shield Triple Threat is a sure bet for the belt also, which leads me to my next feud.....

*Roman Reigns

-Reigns is not WWE Championship Material. However, I have no issue with him feuding against Rollins for their built in narrative that leads to say perhaps a Shield Triple Threat for the title at Summerslam or Wrestlemania 32 with Ambrose winning the belt. I could see Reigns vs Rollins for the title at Payback and Money In The Bank, or even Battleground. They could also hold off on the Reigns feud until after Summerslam and have it for the fall in the event Rollins keeps the title beyond Summerslam. Who would Rollins feud with before then?? Well, I have one idea....

*Dolph Ziggler

-Dolph is long overdue for a run or at least a shot at the WWE Championship. Dolph could win a no. 1 contenders battle royal or match after Extreme Rules and move right into prime position in the main event picture that fast. Dolph vs Seth at Payback, ending in a screwed finish, with a 2 out of 3 Falls Match for the title at Money In The Bank that ends with Rollins barely winning, finishing off with a Ladder match for the belt at Battleground to close the feud could give us some Match Of The Year candidates. There's also the chance that a Ziggler Rumble win leading to a WM32 title match versus Seth would be possible, though extremely farfetched. Maybe a NXT star could go straight to the main roster, get over huge and garner a title feud after the Summer? Hmmm....

*Finn Balor

-This is totally a long shot, but think of the matches. Say Finn comes up to the main roster in May, makes a big splash, then gets a shot at say Night of Champions and Hell In A Cell? The intensity would be off the charts, the matches would be insane. Not likely, but a definite fun idea.

*Bray Wyatt

-I'd like the idea of a Bray vs Seth feud. They're both heels and Bray is coming off of a strange loss to Undertaker at Wrestlemania, but he could very well turn his momentum and gain a title shot. This is extremely a long shot but Bray has never really had a title match and I can only wonder where his character goes next. Maybe a tweener turn?

*Brock Lesnar

There is still that chance we see Brock is Seth one on one as well, which would be great and make sense with Brock virtually being a huge face in the company after his WM31 feud with Reigns and disobeying the Authority's rules. This could very well be the Summerslam main event, which I'd expect to be competitive, yet end in foolery.

There are more options to choose from, and while Seth's reign is just beginning, it is firmly up to the WWE Creative Team to give him worthy feuds and matches to make it mean something. Will the WWE get this right, or drop the ball? Only time will tell.



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