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Thursday, April 23, 2015

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WIRTB Review: Andre the Giant versus Hulk Hogan at WM 3

Today, we're going to take a different approach. Instead of questioning whether or not a PPV or a PPV moment was really that bad, I'm asking if one, one which shall probably live on longer than I, was really that good. I'm talking Andre versus Hulk at WM III a/k/a "The Slam Heard Around the World" match. I'm Speed on the Beat, and try not to crucify me until you've read through this whole piece.

So, a bit of backstory, for those who don't remember/don't care enough to know why this match happened. A bit before WM III happened, both Hulk and Andre were given trophies by the WWF. Hulk received one for being champion for three years. Andre got justified penis envy over getting a smaller trophy for being undefeated for fifteen years (because three > 15, per WWF logic). Hulk came out to congratulate Andre on his trophy and ended up being unintentionally a giant tool.

This pissed off Andre, who later ripped off Hulk's crucifix and shirt. Andre thus became heel in the process. This also gave Andre the managerial awesomeness of Bobby "The Brain" Heenan, a guy who, even now with his cancer complications, could probably talk circles around most managers in wrestling today. Seriously. The guy is, was, and forever will be that damn good.

Now, let's be for real. The match itself is poorly worked. Andre, at this point, had seen better days. Heck, he was recovering from surgery at the time of their WM III match. Hulk was never the most agile of talents. The irresistable force versus immovable object cliche was true on many levels. Go back and watch the match. It's kind of crap--especially considering it came after the Savage/Steamboat match.

But...watching Hulk scoop slam Andre (for the first time on a grand stage)? It's a moment that deserves its spot among the other Hall of Fame moments. It was one of those moments It's kind of a "no, not really" to the "WIRTB" question, as the match sucks, but the moment surrounding the match is amazing. So, I'll cautiously say no.


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