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Friday, May 29, 2015

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Brock Lesnar: What His Return Means

By True (@TrueGodImmortal)

Well, after being "suspended" for about 2 months or so, it appears Brock Lesnar is on the way back to WWE TV to start his usual summer angle. But, this time is a little bit different: Brock is confirmed for a ton of dates in a row. This, since his return in 2012, has been rare, if not unseen. He's scheduled for a return in about three weeks on the June 22nd edition of RAW, and his schedule from there is pretty interesting. 

Usually, leading up to a match, Brock is there about three out of seven weeks for the build-up, and he never works non-televised live events. Well, that changes in June and July, as Brock is scheduled for about six RAWs in a row along with being set for the secondary WWE PPV, Battleground.

Brock is likely to wrestle at Battleground and SummerSlam, with the very possibility of working Night of Champions as well, which would make it the first time in over a decade that he worked three PPVs in a row and only the third time that he has worked two PPVs in a row since his return. A lot of questions have been raised with these schedule announcements, but the biggest shocker came a little earlier.

Brock will travel to Japan to wrestle on a non-televised event in July. His first in over a decade. Who is his opponent? Logic would say Seth Rollins, Roman Reigns or even a Kane or Big Show. Brock has been connected to those names somehow for the most part in his recent tenure, so why not one of those, right? Well, it looks like Brock is going to have a great squash match, as he will take on Kofi Kingston in Japan. That's very confusing for two reasons:
  1. The match is not going to be competitive, and is honestly one of the most random pairings I've seen in a bout.
  2. If you were going to use Brock for a match on a live event, why not put him against someone that will put on a competitive match and is believable in going toe to toe with him?

WWE likely just wanted to showcase Brock for his draw ability in Japan, while giving him an easy night. So, that's likely why they booked him vs. Kofi, but it's still strange. However, with Brock already facing guys like Reigns, Big Show, HHH, Taker, and Cena, my excitement for him returning is rooted in the fact that he will likely be working with newer wrestlers going forward. I suspect we will see a one-on-one match with Brock vs. Seth Rollins for the title, along with Brock vs. a big guy like Rusev perhaps. We could very well see that long awaited Brock vs. Orton match,along with a match that I predict will take place within the next year or so: Brock Lesnar vs. Kevin Owens.

That match, along with a Brock Lesnar vs. Samoa Joe match as well as that elusive Brock vs. Daniel Bryan contest are all possibilities in the next year or two, and this is exactly how Brock needs to be utilized. Putting Brock with top notch workers, great characters and people we've never seen him face before only adds to his legacy as it continues to grow. Likely after SummerSlam and/or Night of Champions, we won't see Brock until the Royal Rumble for his WrestleMania 32 storyline, but we can enjoy this next two-or-three month run, and think about what's next with great hope for the future. It feels like it's been a while since we could say that. 

Regardless, welcome back home Brock.


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