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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

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CJ's Top Five Tag Teams

In the spirit of the upcoming six-team Elimination Chamber match this Sunday for the WWE Tag Team Championship, I thought I would share my top five WWE tag teams. Now, fair warning. This may one of the oddest lists you read, but keep in mind that these are my personal favorites.

5. Edge & Christian

"For the benefit of those with flash photography..." 

As great as Edge and Christian were as members of The Brood, they both really came into their own when they broke away from Gangrel. They made the most out of what they were given, and because one of the most successful, and entertaining, teams in history. They went on to win the tag teams titles on seven different occasions, and helped set a standard for tag team wrestling.

4. The Shield

Hands down, the most dominate team of the 2010s so far. They debuted in my hometown of Indianapolis at Survivor Series 2012 and proceeded to rule and wreak havoc until the day they disbanded. They won the tag team titles at Extreme Rules 2013, and also won at back-to-back WrestleManias (29 & 30). The Shield is the perfect example of bringing up 3 fresh faces and giving them the opportunity to carve out their own path, and in the process, created 3 new stars in Seth Rollins, Dean Ambrose, and Roman Reigns.

3. The Hardys
Be honest with yourselves. Even though both Matt and Jeff have gone a bit off the deep end at times, we all wanted to be The Hardys as kids. It was an excellent dynamic that captivated wrestling fans in the '90s and early 2000s. Matt's more grounded, solid style of wrestling, coupled with Jeff's high flying and out of this world charisma, became a recipe for success that culminated in six WWE Tag Team Championship reigns. We all wanted to be Jeff because of his acrobatics,...but we really envied Matt because he had Lita on his arm. If you want a screenshot of the late '90s, look no further than Team Xtreme.

2. L.O.D.

Domination. That's the first word that comes to mind when I hear the names Hawk and Animal. While the majority of they're rule over tag team wrestling may have been with other organizations, they were, without a doubt, my favorite tag team in WWF. They held the tag titles on three separate occasions during their WWF run, and made an impression on millions of young fans, myself included. Everytime they set up for that dreaded Doomsday Device, you knew a 3-count wasn't far behind. To this day, I'm still trying to find some old shoulder pads so I can attach some spikes to them.

1. The Dudleys

Not only are Bubba and D-Von my favorite tag team, but I think they're the greatest tag team in the history of pro wrestling. Not only are they the most decorated, but for my money, they are the most entertaining and polarizing tag team as well. I remember seeing the TLC match from Wrestlemania 17, seeing Bubba and Matt getting pushed off the ladder through that wall of tables, seeing all of the carnage that they not only dished out, but took as well, just showed how far they were willing to go to be the best. Not to mention, they are the owners of the greatest tag finisher in history, the 3D. As a former trampoline wrestler (yes, that's a real thing. YouTube it; it's pretty awesome), whenever I did tag matches, we always used the 3D to put away the opponent. The Dudleys are still the measuring stick for tag teams everywhere, and I don't see them getting eclipsed anytime soon.


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