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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

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The Curious Case of Kevin Owens

Kevin Owens isn't your typical WWE talent.

That's the so-called bottom line that many drew upon learning that Owens (nee' Steen) had signed with WWE. In the ten months since, Owens has made waves, both among casual fans and "IWC" fans. He debuted in NXT by beating the crap out of CJ Parker, destroying Sami Zayn, destroying (Adrian) Neville, then winning the NXT Championship. Mind you, that was all in about three months' time. 

The man is being fast tracked to stardom, especially considering the events of last night's RAW. If you missed it, just watch the below clip.

Just like his NXT debut, Owens beat the crap out of a face of the promotion (let's face it: Cena, for better or worse, will always be a face for WWE), put himself and his skills above all--including the US Title, then stomping out the US Title. Add this to Owens seemingly being handpicked by Triple H and we potentially have two things going on here.

1) The Authority ends up becoming a "Kliq"-like situation, where Triple H handpicks guys and gives them free reign (even more so than typical RAW)
2) WWE is actually going for talent over looks and putting faith in a guy who's, arguably, a bigger name in the indie circuit than Punk, Joe, or Bryan were/are. If that's the case, it's going to be interesting to see where he turns up. Owens can work almost any gimmick, so "Mini Brodus" Owens, should he get buried by everyone under the sun, would still probably be a decent guy to watch. 

But, if Owens is being called up now...what happens to the NXT Championship?

Will things become inZAYN again, or will Owens defend two belts in a brand-meshing free-for-all? I see the latter. Why? Because the guy is that good and NXT's slow burn through the main roster is happening at a good rate (i,e., no New Nexus foolishness). Therefore, it'd be kind of silly for Owens to not reign supreme over both for a little while.


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