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Thursday, May 21, 2015

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What If TNA DOES Close Up Shop?

In wrestling, rumors are like assholes. Everyone has one and they all stink a good portion of the time. In recent times, the biggest victim of the rumor machine has been TNA. With the initial shock of being cancelled by Spike fresh in their and fans' minds, Dixie Carter and company probably had to deal with being linked to everyone from Disney to a WWE buyout. When Destination America announced they'd inked a deal with TNA, fans (myself included) rejoiced. Yes, it was a market smaller than Spike's. However, competition and alternatives in wrestling are always a great thing--even if they don't promote Monday Night Wars.

On the heels of TNA's purported cancellation by Destination America, one has to wonder: what would happen if TNA really did close up shop? TNA is in the same boat as ECW at the end of their initial run--except worse, in some ways. For starters, ECW's cancellation by TNN was still during an age where tip hotlines existed, where every "IWC" member wasn't considered a smark by every other "IWC" member. Essentially, while both situations sting, Paul Heyman could just say "screw it, let me call in some favors at WWF and try to help out myself and as many of my guys as I can."

But, if TNA does close up shop, there are endless possibilities. None of them, however, seem to lead TNA back to being the number two promotion in America. Most of these possibilities seem to end up having TNA talent go to ROH, PWG, CZW, and other indie promotions with a few maybe getting a whiff/another whiff at the WWE. Some of these possibilities would lead ROH to become the new number two, which would be...interesting to say the least.

At any rate, should TNA close up shop or even actually be cancelled, it's going to be a disaster in one way or another.


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