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Wednesday, June 17, 2015

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Bellator 138 WIRBTB Preview

By Speed on the Beat (@SpeedontheBeat)

Ok, we're trying something different here. Instead of wondering if a past event was really that bad, today I'm looking at an upcoming event and wonder: will it really be that bad? This week, we look at Bellator 138 on Spike. So, even though he can maybe kill me with one swat, should I give two fucks about a Kimbo Slice squaring up against Ken Shamrock in a Bellator fight this Friday that's been, at least, seven years or so in the making.


See, the thing about Kimbo is that he's a legend. Even if he gets gassed pretty quickly, it's like seeing Andre the Giant wrestle in his WWF main event run. It may not be completely pretty, but it's legendary seeing someone of such a stature and status go out and put on a show. That's even if the show itself may be ugly as hell.

I was a Kimbo fan coming up, since he was this big black [edit: Bahamian] dude beating the holy beejeezus out of people. With ease. Even after Sean Gannon beat him, I was still, to a degree, Team Kimbo. Why? Because, and I feel a bit bad saying this, he is a sideshow attraction among sideshow attractions. UFC, Bellator, etc., it's not pretty. It's downright ugly a lot of the time. So, to see this guy, with little to no official training, come out and halfway hold his own? It was a good time.

Ken Shamrock, on the other hand, is Ken fucking Shamrock. Yes, he's a bit too old to be considered a legitimate contender for anything at this point. Hell, he may be a bit too past his prime to be fighting at all. But, he's Ken Shamrock. I'm sure he won't embarrass himself too much on Friday.

But, even if they do, it looks like Bobby Lashley's fighting too. So, it's like a street fighting/MMA/pro wrestle-palooza. It'll probably be a friggin' train wreck. But, it should be fun to watch.


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