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Monday, June 29, 2015

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Dear TNA...

By Speed on the Beat
(Ed. Note: This somewhat doubles as a preemptive "WIRTB" on the TNA/GFW connection.)

Dear TNA:

You had one job. One measly, teeny-tiny, minuscule job. Keep Double J away from your reboot and let both you and GFW grow on their own merits. TNA was doing well not relying on its past "glory" to keep it afloat, and GFW steadily gained traction to the point where people were excited about more than their state-of-the-art lighting systems. TNA, even with your apparent mass exodus, you still had a glimmer of hope.

And then Slammiversary happened. Now, I get why it somewhat makes sense. "Invasion" angles are, when done correctly, fun, mindless entertainment. However, just about anyone--and I mean just about anyone--from the GFW roster would've made more sense to win the King of the Mountain match over Jarrett. The booking of that result was Diddy fall levels of bad.

Let's hope that TNA can quickly pull itself out of the hole it's begun to dig in enabling this to happen. Slammiversary wasn't even that bad. Random as all hell without many real storylines (which kind of sucks, considering that this is their WM equivalent), but not that bad. It also wasn't that good for Eric Young to go tell detractors to go copulate with themselves, but he's for the company. What do you expect? And besides, it could've been worse, right?

David Arquette could've come back.

There are worse things than Jarrett "invading" TNA and taking the TNA title as the GFW title...or something like that. He could've forgot what belt he won and rambled on about his legions of fans. However, the invasion storyline is tired. Jarrett winning TNA gold for no real reason is tired. Hell, I'm already tired of GFW and they haven't even had their first taping. Do better, guys. Sheesh.


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