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Friday, June 26, 2015

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Pros and Cons of Dolph Ziggler Re-Signing to WWE

So, the rumors have been buzzing that Dolph Ziggler resigned with the WWE in a multi year deal. Now, I know for most fans, we are happy that one of the best today is still going to be stealing the show on our TVs and WWE Network, but let's look at the pros and cons of this resigning. I would assume a multi-year deal comes with perks, but let's start with the cons first.


*Ziggler spends more time in the mid card
-Dolph deserves to be a main event player. However, he keeps getting saddled with mid card work and pointless feuds. I really don't get WWE and their start-stop pushes, but this could very well continue now.

*Ziggler and Lana Could Be A Long Term Situation

-Where does Lana and Ziggler go after Rusev heals up? That's the question and the thought of Lana being Ziggler's manager going forward on a regular basis bothers me. The storyline is strange, I see little chemistry between Dolph and Lana, and I would prefer Ziggler to be on his own.

*More Ziggler vs Sheamus Feuds Impending

-Really? Yes. It is possible. I'm damn sure sick and tired of seeing that match and feud.

*Missed Opportunity To Go Elsewhere
-New Japan, ROH, Lucha Underground, TNA even, Ziggler missed an opportunity to attack and win on the indies. Plenty of dream matches missed such as Ziggler vs ACH, vs Aries, vs Ricochet, hell the list goes on and on. Plenty of missed opportunities. Now onto the pros...


*Ziggler makes a ton of money in the deal
-Multi-year deals are usually pretty lucrative so I assume Ziggler stands to make a decent amount of money with this deal. Great for him.

*Ziggler finally gets elevated to main eventer
-Very unlikely, but there had to be an incentive to make him resign and perhaps this was it. Perhaps a WWE Title run is in the future along with a consistent main event spot finally.

*Mainstream Appeal
-Dolph has mainstream appeal.  He's been making a small name in Hollywood, even attending and getting pulled on stage during a Britney Spears concert. Dolph staying could only keep his name buzzing in pop culture, essentially helping his name and WWE.

*Dream Matches and Feuds

-Ziggler is one of the best in the business today with in ring work. Him resigning means a chance to see him work in feuds with Owens, Balor, Neville, Samoa Joe, Ambrose, Rollins, KENTA, etc.... And even get that feud with Daniel Bryan back running if Bryan stays healthy. That is a huge positive for Ziggler staying.

Ziggler staying can either turn out great or just more of the same. Certainly time will tell, but I truly believe that Ziggler resigned because WWE offered him a deal he couldn't refuse. We'll see if that deal was just a big money grab or really advances the future and career as well.



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