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Monday, June 22, 2015

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Pros and Cons of Sheamus as Mr. MITB

Good day. I have been admittedly pessimistic about WWE over the years, as you have probably seen via social media if you follow me(@truegodimmortal). I have not been on the bandwagon of Roman Reigns, never been a fan of John Cena, don't see a point in Ryback as the Intercontinental Champion(or him feuding with Big Show or Miz), but today, I am going to try to be slightly positive about Sheamus as the 2015 Money In The Bank winner as I look at the pros and cons here. Here goes nothing...

Let's start off positive, shall we?

*Sheamus could cash in on Brock Lesnar

-I think this is a possible con as well as pro. I do have minimal interest in a Brock vs Sheamus match simply for the physicality that would take place in it. Sheamus could cash in on Brock(if Brock were to get the belt back), get a victory, and a Brock vs Sheamus feud could happen. It's also possible Sheamus cashes in and loses to Brock, still allowing a feud to happen.

*Sheamus As A Main Event Heel
-The WWE severely lacks a monster main event heel. Up until May 2015, there was a huge void. You can't keep depending on Big Show and Kane to be giants and garner heat from the fans. Sheamus provides us with a possible alternative that we could have had in Rusev, before he was subsequently derailed by the Cena train. Granted, Kevin Owens is moving into a top heel spot, but at some point, the fans will be mostly on his side, as it usually happens. Sheamus, on the other hand, is not as well liked, and his heel run in the main event would be strictly booed, as needed.

*Roman Reigns Didn't Win
-I know... As funny as this sounds, the upside to Sheamus winning was that Reigns was not handed yet another opportunity that he isn't ready for. Sheamus isn't necessarily a great choice, but he has been in the title picture before, won the belt and ONCE AGAIN, Reigns didn't win. There's a bright side.

*Sheamus Could Lose His Cash-In
-I know... It seems like a negative thing. It might be. However, Sheamus is not guaranteed to become champion just because he has the briefcase. He could cash in and lose, which spares us a Sheamus WWE Title run, but still allows him to knock on the door of the main event.. Now onto the cons(I'll try to keep them to a minimum)..


*Nobody Wanted A Sheamus Main Event Run
-While I can see the good in Sheamus getting a heel main event run from a roster standpoint, let's be honest: nobody really wanted to see him in this position again. He just came back from injury a few months ago, and he hasn't garnered a ton of heat really. The truth is, Sheamus has never been seen as a true top tier talent and despite him having the briefcase, that does not change.

*Sheamus vs Roman Reigns for the WWE Championship

-Sigh. While the Reigns experiment has been put on hold, WWE loves to force who they choose as THE GUY. Reigns and Sheamus are both products of that and despite neither being a draw, WWE could very well go this route. It would be a terrible idea, but hell, WWE is famous for those.

*Other Deserving Stars Missing Out On An Opportunity

-WWE had a chance to push somebody else other than Sheamus or Reigns with the MITB match. Neville could have won it, setting him on a path for the main event. Ziggler could have won again, setting him up for a much deserved push. They could have included someone else in the match that truly deserved a shot at the briefcase and gave it to me. Sheamus won his first WWE Title back in late 2009 and here we are 6 years later with him winning the MITB, which has been mostly utilized to further a rising star's push. WWE blew an opportunity here.

*Sheamus is Not That Over
-Sheamus, while known and a former main eventer, is really not that over. He has rarely ever been that over. There was a brief period in 2011 I believe where he turned face and started to get over, but fans soured on him after the Wrestlemania 28 debacle with Daniel Bryan and I'd say Sheamus hasn't recovered since. He's had multiple title runs since, but has failed to capture the fans adulation as a face and merely gains a simple "You look stupid" chant because of his hair as a heel. That's not being over, folks. He certainly won't be over after cashing in, as fans will be more so wishing he was back on the mid card versus holding the title.

*Sheamus Joins The Authority

-This is very possible. The last two MITB winners(Orton and Rollins) cashed in while working with the powers that be, and with everything falling apart on Seth Rollins, why not have Sheamus join the Authority if he does cash in to win? Well, for one, Sheamus is not over enough to be the top heel and champ, and secondly that idea has been done to death. Which makes it a very likely scenario.

Regardless of how things go for Sheamus, it seems the bad far outweighs the good in any scenario. We shall see if he successfully cashes in. Only time will tell.

Oh, and P.S.