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Sunday, June 28, 2015

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TNA and GFW.... Is The Future Bright?

At this point, we realize that WWE is NOT the only dance in town. When asked of their favorite promotion, people usually say WWE, ROH, PWG, NJPW, some even say Lucha Underground. However, the one answer that never comes is TNA. I have never heard a fan say that TNA was the best or their favorite. Now, granted I haven't spoke to every fan but a large number online seem to look at TNA as an afterthought. With a solid roster, great talent, and the innovative X-Division, what is there not to love? Wrestlers who are years beyond their prime, shitty storylines, Dixie Carter, and many other variables keep TNA from truly getting over that hump. There was once a feeling that the reliance on Jeff Jarrett was also a huge hindrance, so when it was announced that Jeff Jarrett was back to wrestle at the Slammiversary PPV, it left me confused.

Jarrett, who went to start the long time mythical Global Force Wrestling, finally got things rolling this month with his first few events. I was a bit concerned about GFW and their success, but with the roster featuring guys like Justin Gabriel, The Young Bucks, Andrew Everett and many more, it seemed like it would be fine. Well, when I saw the first event inside a baseball field, I felt extremely disappointed. Now, I can't judge their choice of venue, however, a baseball field just seems like the worst place to host a wrestling event. Too spacey, fans can't really be that close, the ringside area is odd, etc. The one thing that GFW had going for it was being separated from TNA, and creating their own legacy..... Or it seemed.

Jarrett is now back in TNA, a lot of wrestlers are seemingly leaving TNA, and GFW is now launching regular events. There seems to be a partnership with GFW and TNA, and it seems like the benefits only truly work for GFW. With that being said, people still aren't that excited about this. Why should they be? TNA seems more and more like a sinking ship and even if the rumors of people leaving were just to start a GFW vs TNA war, it would just be great talented wrestlers wasted on more subpar TNA booking. I hope that if this is the plan, they execute it well, but is it too late? Is TNA a lost cause? Is GFW a lost cause? Do we truly care about either organization when you can see a good majority of their roster on better indie shows without the Dixie or Jarrett backing? Only time will tell, but the outlook does not look too bright.

Sorry, Double J.



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