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Wednesday, July 8, 2015

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Cesaro: Has the Swing King Returned?

By Speed on the Beat (@speedonthebeat)

A young talent, primed for greatness in WWE, comes in and gets over--even though some, myself included, considered him boring. However, as time went on, he began to get more and more comfortable within the Big E (no pun intended, because their matches are...weird, to say the least). But for whatever reason, he could never stay over. He won the US title, the Andre the Giant Memorial, had Paul Heyman by his side, had Zeb Colter by his side...and nothing seemed to stick. He was amazing in the ring, just a straight beast. And even though he had a damn-near classic match with Cena last year, he just couldn't catch a break.

Until he started to get his FACTS right with Tyson Kidd.

From late 2014 onward, Cesaro seemed to have finally got it right. He connected with fans, smarks and casuals alike. His vignettes with Kidd (and Natalya) showed a comfortable Cesaro hitting his stride. He had a match of the year candidate with John Cena...on RAW! He won the tag team titles. And, as of now, he's been able to keep that momentum going, even as Tyson Kidd recovers from a freak injury.

So...has the King of Swing returned to finally rip the Brass Ring off for himself? Or is he destined to yo-yo through the midcard? If he can keep improving on the mic, stay healthy, and keep delivering classic caliber matches, I see those rings in his possession not too long from now. And I'm not talking the Tag Titles.

And that's a...


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