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Tuesday, July 21, 2015

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Is WWE About To Ruin Summerslam 2015?

Now, I'm not necessarily the most optimistic guy in the world, especially when it comes to professional wrestling, or should I say WWE. I have good reason to be this way as WWE has a track record of fucking up their shows and Pay Per Views. Now, while I expect WWE to not care as much about their smaller PPVs, when the time comes for a bigger PPV, you should pull out all the stops right?

Well, the rumor began that The Undertaker would be returning for Summerslam and Sting would as well. Great, I thought. Two legends wrestling in two fresh matches along with Kevin Owens going into Summerslam as the new US Champion, and Seth Rollins with a new hungry challenger on the horizon. I had faith that WWE wouldn't fuck this up. I mean, how could they? It seemed pretty easy what should occur here.

Then Battleground happened.

Battleground was a decent PPV match wise, but it killed any buzz or excitement I had for Summerslam. No one, myself included, was asking for The Undertaker to come back. He barely seemed to be in good shape at WM31, we just wanted him to get one last match against Sting, then bow out. Then, we thought, well if Taker does return, at least we know they wouldn't waste him on a pointless rematch with Brock, right?

Wrong. WWE has us dealing with another Brock vs Taker match, yet another rematch since his return in 2012(4 matches involving Cena, 3 with HHH, and now his second with Taker). WWE has screwed up big time here, and the worst part? That's the only fuck up they have made.

Kevin Owens tapped out to Cena at Battleground. Owens is no longer NXT Champ, he didn't win the US Title, and guess what? Cena is now in line to get a title match against Seth Rollins for the WWE Championship. Why? For what? No one knows. WWE seems hell bent on ruining this PPV as best they can and it is quite alarming.

Summerslam has a great legacy and usually WWE has a good show with matches being fresh and fun, but for this year's event? It seems like they are going back to the status quo. And the rest of the card seems to be pretty standard or shaping up to be that. Damn WWE.... Can you GET IT RIGHT JUST ONCE?



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