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Thursday, July 16, 2015

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Lucha Headlines 7/15/15

Lucha Headlines 7/15/15

By Nathan Neumann @Headliner5
Hello Lucha Kliq and welcome back to Lucha Headlines and another one of my Lucha Underground reviews for both WrestlingSmash.com and EyesOnTheRing.com.  This week was a great week of wrestling a tad bit better than last week’s show (I don’t know how they keep topping themselves) but we are getting closer and closer to August 5th and Ultima Lucha and it’s the “Beginning Of The End” as this episode was appropriately titled.

The show begins inside of Dario Cueto’s office as he is sitting at his desk with the four unclaimed Aztec Medallions in front of him.  He tells Pentagon Jr. that he would like him to hold one of the remaining four medallions.  Pentagon says that his master as well as himself both do not care about rewards and Medallions.  He has one thing on his mind and that is the complete destruction of Vampiro.

Match 1
Bengala vs. Delevar Daivari
Aztec Medallion Match

This match was damn good, I’m really liking what I’ve seen from Bengala because he continues to bring it each and every week with new moves that we have yet to see from him which in wrestling goes a long way in keeping him fresh.  Daivari has always been a solid hand inside of the ring but I don’t know what it is about him here because he hasn’t really done much for me other than being there.  The match ended when Bengala hit Diavari with a German suplex to pick up the win via pinfall to pick up a medallion.
Result: Bengala defeats Delevar Daivari via pinfall with a German Suplex

From there Vampiro who seems preoccupied leaves the commentary table and makes his way into the ring to confront Pentagon Jr.

Vampiro grabs a microphone and calls out Pentagon; he says that Pentagon reminds him a lot of himself.  This brings out Pentagon who is still looking for a match with Vampiro at Ultima Lucha.  Vampiro once again refuses the match and says that his time in the ring is over and that he is a commentator through and through.  Ian Hodgekinson (Vampiro’s real name which is frequently brought up in this) says that Vampiro is going to kick Pentagon Jr’s ass come Ultimate Lucha.  He then attacks Pentagon Jr. with Vampiro’s Bite his old finisher.

From there we go backstage and see Sexy Star who is lacing up her mask, she reaches in a bag and pulls out the mask of Super Fly.  She then starts seeing flashbacks of the match that she had with Superfly where she was forced to take his mask because of Dario Cueto, from there she walks away visibly upset.

Match 2
King Cuerno vs. Killshot
Aztec Medallion Match

Another match for another medallion, featuring two guys who are very good and very colorful in Lucha Underground.  Killshot used his speed and tried to keep up with King Cuerno, Killshot kicks Cuerno on the outside of the ring and it echoed through the temple like a gunshot.  King Cuerno hits Killshot with the Arrow Of Death and while Killshot recovers and gets back into the ring he gets caught in a submission with a bow and arrow to allow King Cuerno to gain the submission victory and the Medallion.

Result: King Cuerno defeats Killshot via submission with a Bow and Arrow.

From there we go into the third match of the night.

Match 3
Superfly vs. Sexy Star
Aztec Medallion Match

This match was extremely fast as Sexy Star caught Superfly in a head scissors and brought him down catching him in an arm bar to make Superfly tap out to score the submission victory.  Sexy Star wins an Aztec Medallion.

Result: Sexy Star defeats Superfly via submission with a head scissors into an arm bar to win a medallion.

From there Marty The Moth Martinez makes his way out to the ring and first taunts then challenges Sexy Star.  Marty refers to himself as the “Big Bad Moth” because apparently Moth’s are supposed to be scary.  We go to the fourth match of the night and the main event of the night.

Main Event – Match 4
Marty “The Moth” Martinez vs. Sexy Star

Aztec Medallion Match

So Marty “The Moth” Martinez made Sexy Star defend the Aztec Medallion she just won against him (or rather Dario did because Moth’s can’t make matches) There wasn’t much to this match as Sexy Star did to Marty exactly what she did to Superfly defeating him with a head scissors takedown into an arm submission to retain her medallion.

Result: Sexy Star defeats Marty “The Moth” Martinez via submission with a head scissors into an arm bar to retain her previously won medallion.

A woman was in this week’s Lucha Underground main event, you wont see some other company that has a three hour show on Monday’s do that anytime soon.  

From there Matt Striker and Vampiro talk about Ultima Lucha and the matches that will happen at the event.  The event will be two hours long and will take place on August 5, 2015 on the El Rey Network.

From there El Jefe Dario Cueto makes his way to the ring and hypes the match between challenger Mil Muertes and champion Prince Puma.  This match is being billed as the biggest match in Lucha Underground history.  Dario orders a confrontation between both number one contender and the champion.  He introduces both men and before he can actually confront each other Dario steps in between them and tries to further provoke them into a fight.

From here Catrina and The Disciples Of Death make their way out to the ring with a casket, Mil Muertes blindsides Puma when all of this is happening and Konnan tries to help even the score by helping Puma but Konnan is old so it just doesn’t happen.  Mil Muertes and The Disciples Of Death lay out both Konnan and Puma but they aren’t done there.  Catrina then orders the Disciples Of Death to enclose Konnan in the ringside casket.  With Prince Puma being held against his will and forced to watch everything happen, Konnan is shoved into the casket and carried away by the Disciples while Catrina follows closely behind them as this week’s show draws to a scary close.

That however will bring an end to another exciting Lucha Underground review for WrestlingSmash.com and VOCNation as well as EyesOnTheRing.com I hope you enjoyed the read as much as I enjoyed writing it.  Until next week Lucha Kliq this has been Nathan saying so long and I’ll see you right back here next week as we get closer and closer to the Lucha Underground season 1 finale aptly titled Ultima Lucha.  

For now I am Nathan saying so long and make sure to follow me on Twitter @Headliner5 and lets talk some Lucha and make sure to come back here for Lucha Underground reviews each and every week leading up to Ultima Lucha.


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