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Thursday, July 23, 2015

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Lucha Headlines 7/22/15

Hello everyone within the Lucha Kliq, welcome to another installment of Lucha Headlines, a column where I review the latest and greatest edition of Lucha Underground for both WrestlingSmash.com and Eyes On The Ring. This week was a pretty good show and provided a lot of lead in and set up towards Ultima Lucha. We are nearing the end of season 1 of Lucha Underground, as well as getting closer and closer to Ultima Lucha with tonight’s episode titled PenUltima Lucha. So without any further hesitation lets get down to breaking down the action that took place tonight.

The show starts in Dario Cueto’s office, where Cueto is talking to Big Ryck, and he uses the term “Eye For An Eye”, which probably isn’t a wise choice when talking to a guy who is wearing an Eye Patch and who could also probably kill you, but I digress. Cueto says that tonight we find out what the Aztec Medallions actually do, which is something I’ve been wondering that for a while.

From there, we go into the Temple and we see Melissa Santos, who is wearing pink, introduce the first match of the night and it’s Texano taking on Johnny Mundo.

Match 1
Texano vs. Johnny Mundo

Thoughts: I really like what they are doing here because they are almost combining two different feuds.  Texano takes on Blue Demon Jr. at Ultima Lucha while Johnny Mundo will do battle with Alberto El Patron.  I felt as if both Texano and Mundo were imagining that their opponent tonight was a different person,  given who they have bad blood with. At one point in the match, Texano was sitting on the top rope and Mundo jumped off of the turnbuckle and nailed him with a kick that sounded like a gunshot.  Later, the two make it to the outside of the ring and Texano finds himself down on the ground near the barricade where Mundo kicks Texano in the face and his head has nowhere to go. The match ended when The Crew ran into the ring and attacked Texano in order to cost Johnny Mundo the match and Texano won via disqualification as a result.

Result: Texano defeats Johnny Mundo via disqualification.  

Finally, Alberto El Patron hits the ring and stares down Texano to end the segment.

Up next, Hernandez confronts Dario Cueto in Cueto’s office and Dario lets Hernandez know that he has been getting tweets from the believers and they have all said that they hate Hernandez. Hernandez is visibly upset, which leads Dario to announce that his match against Drago at Ultima Lucha will be titled “Believers Backlash”, where the fans inside of the temple will be carrying straps.

From there, we go to the next match of the night.

Match 2
Cage vs. The Mack 

Thoughts: This match was pretty short and The Mack got the win via surprise roll up on Cage. This made Cage mad and the two began brawling all over the temple, as security and wrestlers got involved to break it up. This then brings out Dario Cueto, who makes a falls count anywhere match between Cage and The Mack for next week.

Result: The Mack by rollup. 

From there, Dario Cueto tells us that after this next commercial break, he is going to make a major announcement about the medallions and what they are for.

Back from commercial and Dario is in the ring with something that’s on a stand with a red cloth over it. He takes the cloth off of what is a new championship in Lucha Underground. The championship is titled “Gift From The Gods” and the belt has a spot for each of the seven medallions. This belt allows its holder a guaranteed championship opportunity at the Lucha Underground title whenever that person wants, just as long as they can hang on to it. However it can’t just be cashed in, the holder of the belt has to let Dario know when they want their match so that he can properly promote the match.  From there, Dario makes a match with all seven Luchadores who have previously won a medallion where the winner will win the championship. The participants in the match make their way to the ring and Fenix returns, which makes Dario mad. Dario says that Fenix will be able to compete in tonight’s 10-man battle royal where he will have a chance to earn his medallion back.

Match 3(Part 1)
10 Man Battle Royal for the 7th Aztec Medallion

-Vinny attacks Fenix in the corner and hits his head against the turnbuckle. Ricky Mandel gets eliminated via Famous B. Argenis gets eliminated with a Pele kick from Famous B. Killshot starts brawling with Famous B as Delavar eliminates Killshot. Delavar eliminates Vinny with a neck snap off of the rope. Mascarita Sagratta takes out Superfly and himself in the process with a hurricanrana to the outside of the ring. Marty The Moth and Delevar begin working together and eliminate Famous B.  Fenix takes Delavar out of the match. The Battle Royal portion of the match is over, as now the final two men will face off in a one on one match that can only be won via pinfall.

Match 3(Continued)
Marty The Moth vs Fenix

Thoughts: This match was pretty short, and while Marty tried to do what he could, in the end, he was caught with a hurricanrana as Fenix would pin The Moth to retain his Aztec Medallion. Fenix thanks the fans and poses with them as an angry Dario Cueto looks on in disgust.

Winner: Fenix

This brings out Prince Puma for an in ring interview, and Puma comes down to the ring in a new mask.  Just as he’s about to speak, Catrina and the number one contender to the Lucha Underground championship, Mil Muertes interrupt. The Disciples Of Death jump the ring and go after Puma, but Puma is able to fight them off.  Mil looks on in frustration and eventually makes his way down to the ring. Puma and Muertes brawl and Puma gets the upper hand hitting a downed Muertes with a great.

And that will do it for me and another exciting Lucha Underground review, and it was a very fun episode this week. We only have two more weeks left of Lucha Underground this season and we found out tonight that Ultima Lucha is a two-week event that will start next week. So instead of it being a two hour special like we first thought, it looks like it’s going to be split into two one hour episodes over two weeks. I hope you enjoyed this review for WrestlingSmash.com and VOCNation as well as Eyes On The Ring. Until next week Lucha Kliq, I am Nathan saying so long and I will see you next week when we get hit with Part 1 of the awesomeness that is Ultima Lucha.

In closing make sure to follow me on twitter @Headliner5 and lets talk some Lucha!



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