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Thursday, July 30, 2015

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Lucha Headlines: 7/29/15

Lucha Headlines 7/29/15
By Nathan Neumann @Headliner5

Hello everyone and welcome to another one of my action packed Lucha Underground reviews titled Lucha Headlines as always I am Nathan here to review tonight’s episode of Lucha Underground for both WrestlingSmash.com (VOCNation) and EyesOnTheRing.com.  Tonight was part 1 of Ultima Lucha and what an action packed hour of wrestling it was.  So without any further hesitation from myself let’s get down to the action of the night.

The show begins with Black Lotus as she is training inside of the cage in which she has been held prisoner within for several weeks.  Dario approaches in a suit and offers her a drink during tonight’s event but she gives him the bird.  Dario brushes her off and begins talking about how his brother hurt so many people throughout the years.  He says he never touched Black Lotus’ parents; he then goes on to call her trainer Dragon Azteca a snake.  This infuriates Black Lotus who upon hearing the news begins punching the wall while constantly thinking about what Dario just said to her.  

From there we go to the first match of the night.

Match 1
Cage vs. The Mack
Falls Count Anywhere Match

Thoughts: A great match from the beginning bell all the way to the bell that signified the end of the match, what was different about this match that made it really stand out is the fact that they never once even got into the ring.  They brawled all throughout the temple and in the end Cage got the upper hand when he smashed The Mack’s face into a bunch of cinder blocks. After that Cage would get the win via pinfall.

Result: Cage defeats The Mack via Pinfall after smashing his face through cinderblocks

From there we go to the second match of the night, which is for the Trios championships

Match 2
The Disciples of Death (Bario Negro, El Sinestro de la Muerte, and Trece) vs. Angelico, Ivelisse and Son of Havoc.
Trios Championship Match

Thoughts: Really good match here as all six participants put in the work, Ivelisse seemed to take most of the damage per the norm as most of her opponents during these types of matches seem to target her more than they target Angelico and Son Of Havoc but it’s great storytelling because it’s easy to feel sympathy towards her.  The highlight of the match was when Angelico climbed to the roof of Dario Cueto’s office and once again dove off of the top onto his foes that were in the ring.  At one point in the match Katrina got involved and she and Ivelisse fought it out.  The finish of the match came when Katrina got into the ring and hit Ivelisse in the back of the head with the Stone of Death.  Ivelisse crumbled to the mat and one of the DOD pinned her to pick up the win and allow the Disciples of Death to become the second Lucha Underground Trios Champions.  Great stuff!

Result: The Disciples of Death defeat Angelico, Ivelisse, and Son of Havoc via pinfall after hitting Ivelisse in the back of the head with the Stone of Death.  The Disciples of Death become the second Trios champions in Lucha Underground history.

From there we go to the third match and the main event of part 1 of Ultima Lucha, before the match that is called Believers Backlash the “Believers” make their way out towards the ring with leather straps which they can use in the event that the action spills to the outside of the ring in this next match.

Main Event – Match 3
Hernandez vs. Drago
Believers Backlash

Thoughts: These two really seemed to click in this match, I’ve never been to high on Hernandez myself but when put with a guy who can go he’s more than capable and that’s exactly what we got with this match.  This match was really good from start to finish.  The highlight of the match was when Hernandez got trapped on the outside of the ring and got whipped by everyone to the point where he had welts all over his body.  From there Drago hit a tornado DDT out of one of the corners of the ring, but Hernandez would quickly recover to deliver a boarder toss to Drago onto all of the Believers.  Drago took a while to recover but when he finally did he spit blue mist in the face of Hernandez.  He then set Hernandez up on a table and delivered a splash to Hernandez through a table to win the match.

Result: Drago defeats Hernandez via pinfall after hitting a top rope splash to Hernandez through a table.

That brought an end to the action for part 1 of Ultima Lucha we are off to a great start, next week is the grand finale of season 1 of Lucha Underground (let’s hope there is a season 2) and it’s a two hour special and will feature the remaining matches from Ultima Lucha.  As always I hope you enjoyed this review of Lucha Underground for WrestlingSmash.com and the VOCNation as well as EyesOnTheRing.com.  Until next week I am Nathan saying so long and I will see everyone from the Lucha Kliq right back here next week as we all experience the two-hour season 1 finale of Lucha Underground together as Ultima Lucha culminates with a two hour special.  Finally make sure to follow me on twitter @Headliner5 and let’s talk some Lucha!


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