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Thursday, July 9, 2015

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Lucha Headlines 7/8/15

By Nathan Neumann @Headliner5

Hello everyone, and welcome back to Lucha Headlines and week 3 of my reviews for both WrestlingSmash.com and EyesOnTheRing.com. This was a great week of Lucha; we’re getting closer to the finish line and the conclusion of Season One, Ultima Lucha, looming on August 5th.  Without any further hesitation from yours truly let’s get down to business.

The show begins and Pentagon Jr. is shown talking to a mystery person many assume to be his master. He says that Vampiro is half the man he used to be. He also says that come Ultima Lucha, he will destroy Vampiro once and for all.

Pentagon, Jr. is talking with a mysterious figure, who seems to be his master. He says that Vampiro is not the man that he once was, and he vows to destroy him at Ultima Lucha.

Match 1
The Mack vs. Cage

This match was pretty damn good, I’ve always been a fan of Willie Mack (The Mack) and Cage is Cage. From the little I’ve seen of The Mack in Lucha Underground he has definitely gone out of his way to impress all of the believers inside of the temple. This match featured a really good performance from The Mack and he was able to catch Cage a bit off-guard by scoring the win over him with a roll up.

Result: The Mack defeats Cage with a roll up

From there, we go to the backstage area of the temple as Son Of Havoc is seen with his back to the camera. A hand reaches out and taps his shoulder and we find out it is the beautiful Catrina. She says that The Disciples Of Death will be coming for the Trios Titles. Not only that, 1,000 Deaths are coming his way in the form of Mil Muertes. Double whammy. Ivelisse confronts Catrina and tells her to leave but then the lights begin to flicker and Angelico makes his entrance with his partners Ivelisse and Son Of Havoc. There’s some weird thing where you think for a second that Ivelisse and Son Of Havoc may get back together but they both tell Angelico that their relationship now is only a business one.

From here, we go to a backstage interview where Vampiro is awkwardly interviewing Pentagon Jr. He apologizes for his earlier attack on him weeks ago. He then talks up how dangerous Pentagon Jr. is and while back in his day Vamprio may have been the same way, he is now a changed man that he is behind the desk. Pentagon did whatever he could to provoke Vampiro but Vampiro managed to keep his cool before leaving the set.

From there we go to the next match.

Match 2
Mil Muertes vs. Son Of Havoc

Another really good match here because--let’s face it--have you yet to see a bad Lucha Underground match yet? Both these guys’ styles gel very well together and it showed here, as it was a great back and forth contest with an equal amount of offense. During the match, the Disciples Of Death make their presence felt in order to attack Ivelisse and Angelico as Catrina managed.

Result: Mil Muertes defeats Son Of Havoc with a flatliner

From there, Texano enters the ring and says he has always represented Mexico--even though his own family doesn’t trust him. But, the last thing he wants to do is turn his back on his family. He says he doesn’t care what they think but calls out Chavo for being a traitor against Mexico. From there the Crew (Mr. Cisco and Cortez Castro) hit the ring and attack Texano until Blue Demon Jr. (of all people) rushes to his aid only for him to turn his back on Texano and join the Crew. He grabs a microphone and says that he is Mexico and that they will fight to prove which one deserves to represent Mexico.

From there, we find out that Drago will take on Hernandez at Ultima Lucha.

Out of that we head to the main event and the third match of the night.

Main Event – Match 3
Team El Patron (Alberto El Patron, Sexy Star, Aerostar, and Drago vs. Team Mundo (Johnny Mundo, Super Fly, Hernandez, and Jack Evans)

I really liked how this match was set up because it pretty much infuses four of the main feuds that are going on currently. This match was very good with tons of high flying spots and action, the action was so fast paced that you could barely blink while watching it. But, that’s what makes Lucha Underground so special. Not only is the action super fast but it’s also super crisp and everything that’s done inside of the ring makes perfect sense to the story that they are trying to tell which is something that’s often lost in the art of Lucha. The finish of the match came when Team Mundo got the win over Team El Patron when Johnny Mundo hits End Of The World to end the world of El Patron and his team in a must-see match.

Result: Team Mundo defeats Team El Patron when Johnny Mundo scores the win over Team El Patron with the End Of The World.

Just when we think things can’t get any worse, Pentagon Jr. is back and attacks Vampiro from behind and hits him with a chair. Pentagon gets on the microphone and says Vampiro is afraid of him. Pentagon then reaches for gasoline, dumps the gasoline on Vampiro, and lights a match. Vampiro is given an ultimatum: he has one week to decide whether or not he will accept the match at Ultima Lucha and fight him so that Pentagon can sacrifice Vampiro to his master. The show ends when Pentagon goes to drop the lighter on Vampiro. An excellent cliffhanger leading into next week which is another reason why Lucha Underground is the best thing going in wrestling today.

That brings an end to another exciting Lucha Underground review for WrestlingSmash.com and VOCNation as well as EyesOnTheRing.com.  I hope you enjoyed reading this review as I get into the grove of reviewing this show. So until next week Lucha Kliq this has been Nathan saying so long and I will see you right back here next week for another action packed edition of Lucha Headlines.  For now I am Nathan saying so long and be sure to follow me on Twitter @Headliner5


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