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Thursday, July 16, 2015

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So what if Kevin Owens wins the United States Championship?

By Speed on the Beat (@SpeedontheBeat)

We're coming up, fast, on WWE Battleground and Summerslam and the question seems to be, aside from will Seth be bitched into Suplex City, will Kevin Owens finally put to rest what many have been clamoring for since he debuted? Will KO take the brass ring from Cena, beat him with it, and walk out of Battleground the United States Champion. If you asked me that a couple weeks ago, I'd say "nah, probably not until after Summerslam on a sneak tip." But, then he lost the NXT Championship.

It's sufficed to say that all bets were off.

But, with that said, if Kevin Owens does win the United States Championship, what happens? Does he go on his Cena tip and tells randoms to "come get some!" every week? Does he become a chickenshit heel and run away from all challengers/challenges for the championship? Does he officially become the new face of The Authority now that Seth and company seem to be working more and more on their own (and Seth is, well, ya know, beating the crap out of his own team)?

I see it going one of two ways.

Let's say that Kevin Owens wins. He ends up trashing the NXT belt, saying it was "beneath him," and that while Finn Balor is a great competitor, he's still a novice. Owens is "ready for real challenges." He beats Rusev, because Rusev has been neutered like shit recently. We get the Cesaro/Owens feud for a few months, in which Cesaro ends up losing, but puts on a great show, elevating him still and allowing him to get back into contention for, let's say for conversation's sake, the WWE Title.

A few weeks before Survivor Series, comes Sami Zayn, back from injury (or someone of equal status/someone who has equal history with Owens). We've got a feud to last us through, probably, the Royal Rumble. Zayn finally defeats Owens for the United States championship and Owens then goes into the Royal Rumble, where he goes all Super Owens and takes everyone down, wins, and faces off against Rollins at WM 32 in a test of the "non-traditionals" headlining Wrestlemania by themselves. Owens wins and the IWC is up in arms because he was pushed too fast or some other fantasy booking bullshit (unlike my own; I know my fantasy booking is out there).

Or...Owens could win. We get a continuation of the feud between he, Cena, Cesaro, and Rusev. This takes us through SummerSlam where Owens gets the win in a fatal four-way. We're given a typical WWE circa 2015 overbooking where anything could happen...but Owens wins. In comes Sami Zayn and repeat. In other words, all roads seem to lead to an Owens/Zayn feud on the main roster.

And I'd be for that 125%. We've just got to get through Sunday.