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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

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TNA vs GFW... Why???

So, as I sit here reading TNA tapings results, because I never actually the show, I found myself begging the question, WHY? LORD, WHY???

Now, for those of you who are not aware, Jeff Jarrett is back in TNA and running GFW at the same time, which is the basis for an invasion storyline of sorts going on right. Outside of Tommaso Ciampa getting some love out in TNA, there is not much of an upside to anything occurring in TNA. Usually, when you set up an invasion, you would want to have performers, central figures, and voices that are not familiar to the company you are invading and make it entertaining. Well, with this invasion, it is really just more of the same. As TNA loses Austin Aries, MVP, Hernandez, and a few others recently, GFW brings "newer faces" like Chris Masters, Curt Hawkins(Brian Myers), and PJ Black(mostly known as Justin Gabriel) to the table. While this may be appealing to some, the GFW charge is still lead by guys like Magnus, Eric Young, and of course Jarrett himself. There is a small bit of joy hearing that Trevor Lee is now one half of the TNA tag team champions, but how long will that last? A lot of the guys that GFW have are just TNA alumni, and the ones who aren't used to be WWE glorified jobbers. Harsh? No, just realistic.

So, GFW turns heel in the coming weeks and we have a full storyline set in place with a match at Lockdown apparently to determine who gets all of TNA's shares. So, the next month of TV for TNA will see new tag champs, Matt Hardy get a world title shot, a Lashley vs Chris Masters, and more Dixie vs Jarrett promos. Riveting..... Just riveting.

I hate to be THAT guy, but TNA vs GFW is literally one company dividing their roster up and adding a few small extra pieces. It means virtually nothing. If you are a TNA fan, and you didn't appreciate the spoilers, I apologize for you being a TNA fan in the first place. Dixie, Jarrett, and whoever else came up with this bullshit should go back to the drawing board.



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