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Wednesday, July 15, 2015

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Will the NXT Diva Debuts Mean We're #GivingDivasAChance?

By Speed on the Beat (@SpeedontheBeat)

A few months ago, around the time of WrestleMania, a hashtag popped up during a not-so-great main roster Divas match. #GiveDivasAChance. It sparked a movement. It showed the world--and Vince--that people actually cared about women's wrestling. That is, if the women could:

a) actually wrestle
b) not be reduced to just tits and ass
c) not be placed into Total Divas/crazy chicks/borderline "Hot Lesbian Action" storylines. In other words, if "Divas" were allowed to be people.

We got some of this through A.J. Lee. But, then she became a crazy chick who was against the Total Divas and then engaged in some PG HLA with Paige. And then, she left WWE to spend time with her husband CM Punk. We got some of this #GDAC realness with Paige...until, once again, she turned into a crazy chick ("THIS IS MY HOUSE!!!!!" and all) with a push-up bra who rallied against the Total Divas and practically did v-licks on Natalya, A.J., and others. But, there was hope against the gloom and piss break action that some considered the Bella-dominated Divas scene.

The Four Horsewomen.

Ronda Rousey name-jacking aside, these four women (Sasha Banks, Charlotte [Flair], Bayley, and Becky Lynch) were pretty much all you need in women's wrestling. They had the psychology downpat. They could tell stories in the ring. They were beautiful, but that didn't detract from their in-ring abilities. So, imagine my elation when, this past Monday, three of the four debuted on the main roster.

Then, imagine my "huh?" face when they all but broke up and aligned themselves with Paige (Charlotte and Becky) and Naomi/Tamina (Sasha). So, again, great wrestlers reduced to Total Divas-caliber, catfight-pushing insanity. Somewhere in America, probably somewhere in Connecticut, Joey Styles is calling play-by-play, screaming "Ehrmegawd CATFIGHT!!!!"

Yeah, you can argue that this will probably be written so that the Four Horsewomen end up saying screw this and run roughshod in the "Divas" division and this was just their "in," a la the original Four Horsemen. However, something about it seems...off.

Perhaps it's Bayley's absense. But, the main roster debut of The Four Horsewomen just didn't seem like we're giving these "Divas" a chance. It honestly felt like more of the same. But, again...I'll give it time. But, if we're at Survivor Series, watching the same shit? I don't even know what I'll do. Maybe I'll eat my hat.


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