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Wednesday, August 26, 2015

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Can We Not- Volume Four: Sting versus Rollins

Call me a party pooper. I've been called worse. But, I'm leaning towards the side of "can we not have Sting and Seth Rollins at Night of Champions?" Yes, it's a new match, and us wrestling fans have a penchant for getting tired of the "same ol' shit" very, very fast (unless it's force-fed, but that's another story ::cough::John Cena::cough::). Yes, Sting gets a title shot in WWE, which is awesome, because it's STING! But, the way the went about it and the probable payoffs are sheer turd water.

For starters, Sting disappears for months and randomly gets granted a title shot from Triple H--the guy who beat him at WrestleMania. So, you mean to tell me that, if I'm Triple H, I'm going to willingly allow the guy who I just beat months ago and has been working with the likes of John Cena to overthrow me to come in, make his way into the arena, and challenge for my lifeblood's top championship? And that's just the kayfabe side of things. For all the smarks out there, it just doesn't make sense since most of you know what this is setting up.

Sheamus versus Sting in a Money in the Bank cash-in.

Yeah...fuck that. Butbutbut, you'll notice that, in Seth's acceptance of what he thought was a statue in his honor, Seth Rollins actually spoke kind of tweener-y, almost face-like. Sure, he said Cena was a plague on the WWE. But, he also put Cena and other faces over. So...unless Sheamus becomes the--nah, fuck that.

I don't want, nor need, Sheamus near the WWE Championship again. He's stale. He's bland. He's Randy Orton minus the RKO OUTTA NOWHERE and the whole "I'm the Viper. I'll kill anyone who's in my way" Randy Orton-ness. And Sheamus as part of The Authority, real-life stories be damned, just...no.

There are no winners in this feud. Not Seth Rollins. Not Sting. Not Sheamus. And not us, the fans. So, again, unless there's a SWERVE (copyright Tony Schiavone, circa 2000), can we not do this?

K. Thanks.

-Speed on the Beat


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