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Thursday, August 6, 2015

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Lucha Headlines 8/5/15: Ultima Lucha

By @Headliner5

Hello everyone, and welcome to the last Lucha Headlines(for now), I know it seems like I just started these reviews for VOCNation and Eyes On The Ring, but all good things must come to an end.  Tonight was the season 1 finale of Lucha Underground, and by god was it amazing. I can only hope that we will be able to get a season 2, but the jury is still out on that one.  For now, lets get down to reviewing the action packed two-hour finale that was Ultima Lucha.

The show starts with Matt Striker and his commentary partner for the evening, Michael Schiavello, since Vampiro had a match tonight. The two run down the card and we get right into the action with the first match of the night.

Match 1
Johnny Mundo vs. Alberto El Patron

Thoughts: Wow, what a great way to start the night. Alberto was out for revenge to avenge the time Johnny tossed him through Dario Cueto’s office window and he wanted Mundo’s blood.  Alberto El Patron pretty much beat the crap out of Johnny Mundo throughout the early parts of the match, until Johnny would sneak under the ring and throw what was apparently dust into the face of El Patron. El Patron clears his eyes and comes back with a top rope inverted suplex to get a near fall. From there, Alberto made his way to the outside of the ring, and Mundo tried to come out after him with a dive, but Alberto was smart enough to move out of the way, sending Mundo crashing and burning on the floor on the outside of the ring. Back in the ring, Mundo gets the upper hand once again and goes to the top rope to hit the End Of The World. He nails it, but El Patron kicks out, and from there, the referee gets knocked out and Alberto goes to lock on the cross arm breaker. This brings out Melina, who is officially making her debut tonight, as she beats the crap out of El Patron and Mundo is able to hit End Of The World to pin El Patron 1-2-3.

Result: Johnny Mundo defeats Alberto El Patron via pinfall after End Of The World given the assist from Melina.

After the match, Alberto El Patron exacts revenge and beats up Mundo and sends him face first into Dario’s office window, just like Mundo did to him a while back. Melina looks on in fear, as she doesn’t like what she sees.

We then go to the second match of the night.

Match 2
Pentagon Jr. vs. Vampiro 
Zero Fear Match

Thoughts: I didn’t know exactly what to make of this zero fear stipulation, but I took it to mean it was no holds barred and a no disqualification match. These two absolutely destroyed each other, using everything in the temple that wasn’t nailed down as a weapon.  Eventually, the match is stopped, as Vampiro is supposedly unable to continue. Vampiro is brought up the ramp, but turns around and makes his way back to the ring at the behest of the officials, and he gets into the ring as the match continues. Vampiro goes under the ring and grabs a bag of thumbtacks and eventually slams Pentagon Jr. on them. Pentagon Jr. recovers and starts beating on a bloody Vampiro, until Vampiro gets the advantage once again and hits Pentagon Jr. in the back with a chair.  The match comes to an end when Pentagon Jr. chokeslams Vampiro through a flaming table to pin him for the 1-2-3.

Result: Pentagon Jr. defeats Vampiro via pinfall after a choke slam through a flaming table.

From there, it looks like Vampiro just made a huge sacrifice to the master of Pentagon Jr.  However, it is then revealed that all this time Vampiro WAS Pentagon Jr’s master, in a twist that nobody saw coming.

We are one hour in and have one hour remaining, which brings us to the next match of the night, which is a seven way match for the Gift Of The Gods Championship.

Match 3
Aerostar vs. Bengalla vs. Big Ryck vs. King Cuerno vs. Jack Evans vs. Sexy Star vs. Fenix

7 Way Gift Of The Gods Championship Match

Thoughts: This was a great match, and you would automatically think it would be a mess, but this company knows exactly how to do matches like these correctly. Big Ryck starts off by destroying anyone and everyone in his path, because lets face it, he didn’t have to win a match to gain entry into this. The highlight of this match was when Aerostar flew off a balcony on to everyone. Meanwhile, King Cuerno delivers the Arrow Of Death to the outside of the ring.  The match comes to an end when Fenix hits Jack Evans with a fire thunder driver to pick up the pinfall victory and become the inaugural Gift Of The Gods Champion.

Result: Fenix wins the match pinning Jack Evans with a fire thunder driver to win the Gift Of The Gods Championship.

From here, we move to the co main event and the fourth match of the night.

Match 4
Texano vs. Blue Demon Jr. 
No DQ Match

Thoughts: This match was pretty good, and Texano has impressed me a lot in Lucha Underground, and while I’m not high on Blue Demon Jr., he’s proved to be okay. This match was made a No DQ match prior to the contest. This allowed the Crew to do all the damage they wanted to, so it was pretty much a glorified handicap match. The match would start out one on one and it was pretty back and forth but then Blue Demon Jr. gained the advantage, as Cisco and Cortez Castro made their way down to the ring to pounce on Texano. Chavo came down to the ring to help Texano, or so we thought, but he also joined Blue Demon Jr., giving him a huge advantage. The match came to an end when Blue Demon Jr. got the pin on Texano after a single chair shot to the face.

Result: Blue Demon Jr. defeats Texano Jr. after a single chair shot to the face.

Finally, we go to the main event of the evening.

Main Event – Match 5
Mil Muertes vs. Prince Puma {C}
Lucha Underground Championship Match

Thoughts: Everything was on the line for Prince Puma in this final match of the evening. These two went at it from the get go and pretty much destroyed each other.  It was a pretty back and forth affair if I’m being honest, at one point Prince Puma used Katrina as a human weapon against Mil Muertes, which was very cool to see. Mil took the advantage and nailed Puma with a chair in the back, as we get mixed crowd chants. Some want Puma to retain, while others want Mil Muertes to win the title, which sort of shocked me. While the two men are in the ring, Muertes runs off of the ropes and spears Puma through the ropes and through a table on the outside of the ring. Muertes brings Puma back into the ring and delivers the flatliner, but Puma manages to kick out at 2. However, Prince Puma was able to avoid the first flatliner, but he wasn’t able to avoid a flatliner off of the top rope, because that’s the move that Muertes used to pick up the pinfall victory over Puma, which allowed him to win the Lucha Underground championship. He becomes only the second champion since Lucha Underground began.

Result: Mil Muertes defeats Prince Puma via Pinfall after a top rope flatliner to become the second Lucha Underground Champion in History. 

The conclusion of this match brought out the Disciples of Death and Katrina joined them and Muertes in the ring. All four men held up their titles as Katrina got on the floor and gave the former champion Prince Puma the lick of death to signify the beginning of the era of Death within Lucha Underground, and bring an end to the episode and season 1 as a whole.

The end of the show saw a recap video hyping the entire series as well as what’s to come along with a message at the end that simply read “To Be Continued". I hope we will get season 2 very soon, because if we don’t things will feel incomplete.

That however, will do it for me and this review of Ultima Lucha and its two-hour finale. I hope you enjoyed reading this review as much as I enjoyed writing it for VOCNation, Wrestling Smash and EyesOnTheRing.com. Since this is normally when I would say see you next week, I have to say so long, and let's start praying to the gods for a season 2, because Lucha Underground has been a breath of fresh air. Until I write another review, I would like to just say so long and be sure to follow me on Twitter @Headliner5 and let's talk some Lucha or anything else wrestling related for that matter!



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