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Sunday, August 2, 2015

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ROH Review: 8/1/2015

Ring Of Honor Review 8/1/15
By Nathan Neumann Twitter @Headliner5

Hello everyone and welcome back to another Ring Of Honor Wrestling television review as presented by yours truly for http://www.EyesOnTheRing.com I am Nathan with you per the usual to run down the hour that was ROH TV and get you up to speed on all things Ring Of Honor related for the week so lets get things started.

The hour kicked off with a pre-taped interview of Roderick Strong talking about his one hour Broadway (time limit draw) that took place at Death Before Dishonor on July 24th with ROH World Champion Jay Lethal.  Roderick goes on to say that he wants another opportunity at the championship because even though Roderick didn’t beat Jay, Jay didn’t beat him either.

From there we head inside of the arena and start the wrestling portion of the hour as we head into the first match of the night.

Match 1
Hanson and Raymond Rowe vs. Matt and Nick Jackson

Thoughts: The match starts and the two teams feel each other out for the first couple minutes of the match.  Hanson and Rowe get the upper hand as they isolate Nick Jackson in the ring for a little while before throwing him to the outside onto Matt who at this point was on the outside of the ring and wasn’t allowed to come in.  The YB’s take over on offense and deliver back to back superkicks, from there Matt holds Rowe on the apron on the outside of the ring while Nick flies off of the apron with a flipping senton to send them both crashing to the floor.  Back in the ring the Bucks press the advantage with a combination top rope splash/moonsault that produces a near fall situation.  Rowe rolls back to the outside of the ring and Hanson follows him out, from there both the Bucks fly outside of the ring with stereo flips but Nick seemed to have landed on one of his ankles wrong which would be the story for the remainder of the match before going to commercial.  Back from break and Matt is in the ring getting worked over by both War Machine members as Nick is being tended to on the outside for his earlier injury.  We find out that Nick is unable to continue and the referee allows AJ Styles to be Matt Jackson’s replacement tag team partner for the remainder of the match.  From there Paul Turner (the referee assigned to the match) gets knocked out in the corner followed by some Bullet Club shenanigans before AJ Styles hits the Bloody Sunday and follows it up with the Styles Clash for the pinfall victory.

Match Result: AJ Styles (Nick Jackson’s replacement) and Matt Jackson defeat Hanson and Raymond Rowe via pinfall after the Styles Clash.

Match Rating: **3/4

Out of that match we head to the locker room where Adam Cole is shown talking about his allegiance to the Kingdom as he compares it to his friendship with Kyle O’Reilly his former Future Shock teammate.

From there we head back to the ring for our second match of the evening.

Match 2
Cedric Alexander vs. The Romantic Touch

Thoughts: The match starts fast and furious as Cedric Alexander rushes The Romantic Touch with two running dropkicks in the corner back to back.  Cedric immediately gets out of the ring, which allows The Romantic Touch some brief time to recover.  The Romantic Touch dives to the outside of the ring onto Cedric Alexander knocking him to the floor.  The Romantic Touch makes it back up to his feet and celebrates what he just did by thrusting in a random fans face at ringside.  From there the fun stops as the match turns more serious when Cedric Alexander quickly recovers and disposes of The Romantic Touch with the lumbar check in a very one sided affair.

Match Result: Cedric Alexander defeats The Romantic Touch via pinfall after the Lumbar Check.

Match Rating: **

I was leaning towards giving this match a one * rating because of how short it was but the match was decent and it progressed the story of Cedric’s darker side so I felt that giving it a one * rating would have been a harsh decision.  Still a decent match for what it was that told a perfect story.

After the match Veda Scott grabs a microphone and demands the Cedric Alexander remove The Romantic Touches mask to reveal who she thinks he really is in Rhett Titus (well everyone knows it’s him but you get the point).  However before Cedric can remove the mask of The Romantic Touch, Moose runs into chase off both Veda and Cedric.

From there we cut to a pre taped promo with Jay Lethal as he talks about what it means to be a double champion in Ring Of Honor and then goes on to talk about how awesome he is.

From here we go inside ROH with Mandy Leon who recaps what happened at Death Before Dishonor which took place about a week ago, she also talked about the Aftershock Tour and the respective stops to Hopkins Minnesota (the show I was at in July) and the stop they made to Milwaukee.  This package is literally the same thing they aired last week so I’m not sure if they are behind or if it’s a brief reset after the IPPV because this stuff happens every once in a while.

From here we head into the third match of the evening.

Match 3
Adam Cole vs. Kyle O’Reilly

Thoughts: Former Future Shock team members did battle in this one as they traded a lot of holds specifically headlocks for the first few minutes which included a chant of “Headlock City” from the crowd which I guess is Kyle’s new shtick.  Cole picks O’Reilly up for a back suplex but O’Reilly is able to maintain control of the headlock on the way down.  Cole rolls to the outside of the ring in frustration and gets into it with Christopher Daniels who was on commentary which leads to Daniels attacking Cole which causes the disqualification.

Match Result: Adam Cole defeats Kyle O’Reilly via DQ thanks to interference from Christopher Daniels.

Match Rating: N/A
Note: This match was too short to rate properly.

This would set up the main event of the evening which was an impromptu tag team match featuring the reunited Future Shock of Cole and O’Reilly taking on The Addiction of Daniels and Kazarian.

Main Event – Match 4
Adam Cole and Kyle O’Reilly vs. Christopher Daniels and Frankie Kazarian

Thoughts: The match starts with both Cole and O’Reilly in the ring working on Daniels, they take turns kicking and chopping the hell out of him.  O’Reilly leaves the ring to go to his corner which leaves Cole vs. Daniels one on one where Cole gets the upper hand by locking in a Figure Four Leg Lock on Daniels while Daniels was wearing jeans.  Adam Cole roles Kazarian up with an O’Connor roll to score the quick win.

Match Result: Adam Cole and Kyle O’Reilly defeat Christopher Daniels and Frankie Kazarian via pinfall after an O’Connor roll.

Match Rating: **

From here things get crazy as Sabin storms the ring to attack both Cole and O’Reilly but Bobby Fish comes to the rescue and chases Sabin off.  Daniels and Kazarian follow Sabin up the ramp and stare down Cole, Fish, and O’Reilly who are still in the ring as the show draws to a close for the week.

Pretty good show this week and while I wasn’t particularly a fan of the shorter main event as it was pretty much split into two matches/parts.  I can forgive it because they are obviously trying to go somewhere with it and that’s what got me hooked on wrestling in the first place was the storytelling aspect of it so I’m interested to see where and what this will lead to.

That however will do it for me and this review of Ring Of Honor Wrestling Television, a show definitely worth watching if you have a spare hour this week in closing make sure to follow me on twitter @Headliner5.  Also be sure to follow the Eyes On The Ring main account @EyesOnTheRing and please check out the radio show as we bring it to you live each and every Sunday night via blog talk radio at 11:00pm Eastern Standard Time via http://www.blogtalkradio.com/ElitePodcastNetwork Finally and probably the most important, make sure to check out http://www.EyesOnTheRing.com where you can get more of my Ring Of Honor reviews, my Lucha Underground reviews or anything else that the team provides you content wise throughout the week.  Also be sure and like us on facebook at http://www.Facebook.com/EyesOnTheRing and until next time Ringers I am Nathan saying so long and keep your Eyes On The Ring!


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