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Sunday, August 16, 2015

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ROH Review 8/15/15

Ring Of Honor Wrestling Review 8/15/15
By Nathan Neumann Twitter @Headliner5

Hello once again Eyes On The Ring readers, Nathan here for another dose of honor with my weekly Ring Of Honor wrestling television review.  So lets get down to it so I can get you up to speed on everything that happened this week.

The show started inside of the arena and we get Nigel McGuinness on commentary instead of Steve Corino because of what happened with Corino and Whitmer last week (there’s something there but it hasn’t developed yet) but Nigel joins Kevin Kelly on commentary this week to bring you the action from ringside.The action kicks off with the first match, which is part of the Silas Young vs. Dalton Castle mini feud that has been going on as of late.

Match 1--Dalton Castle vs. Silas Young

Thoughts: This match was pretty good; it started off very slowly with Dalton playing up his shenanigans and Silas responding accordingly.  The action picks up when Dalton picked Silas up for a dead lift suplex with ease.  Dalton executes the move, which causes Silas to move to the outside of the ring where he confronts Daltons’ Boys who are at ringside.

On the outside of the ring, Silas Young gets the advantage and throws Dalton into the barricade as we head into a commercial break.  Back from the commercial break and both men are trading blows in the center of the ring with neither getting a clear advantage.  Silas gets one last blow in on the face of Dalton and it causes him to roll to the outside of the ring and Castle’s boys begin fanning him to cool him off. 

Silas gets sick of waiting so he makes his way to the outside of the ring.  Dalton does a spinning move off of the apron to the outside and catches Silas by the head with his legs and delivers a hurricanranna.  Back in the ring Silas get the advantage once again and hits his backbreaker clothesline combination.  Dalton takes the advantage once again for the final time before defeating Silas Young with the Bang A Rang to score win via pinfall.

Match Result: Dalton Castle defeats Silas Young via pinfall after the Bang A Rang

Match Rating: **1/2

After the match Silas gets in the microphone and says that he wants one more match with Dalton Castle.  Silas says that if he wins he wants the services of Dalton’s boys. From there, Mandy Leon takes us inside ROH, the recap the reformation of Future Shock from a few weeks ago.  The segment ends when we find out that Future Shock vs. The Addiction will take place next week for the ROH World Tag Team Championships.From that, Bobby Fish comes out to the ringside area and gets on the microphone and calls out Jay Lethal.  Jay Lethal makes his way out to the ring and the two get into it before being separated by security and referees. From there we go into the next match of the night.

Match 2--Moose vs. Will Ferrara

Thoughts: The match starts and Moose dropkicks Ferrara off of the top turnbuckle to the outside of the ring.  Moose follows Ferrara to the outside of the ring and grabs him by the legs and begins giant swinging him back and forth against the ringside barricades.  Back in the ring Moose attempts a powerslam but Ferrara is able to reverse it into a DDT.  Back in the ring Ferrara runs towards the ropes and jumps through them to hit another DDT on the outside floor.  Back in the ring once again and Moose eventually gets the win with the flipping Spear to score the pinfall victory.

Match Result: Moose defeats Will Ferrara via pinfall after the Flipping Spear.

Match Rating: *1/2

From there we get a pre taped promo talking about his tag team title opportunity next week as he teams with his Future Shock tag team partner Kyle O’Reilly to challenge The Addiction for the ROH World Tag Team Titles.From there we go to the third match of the night, which was also the main event of the evening.

Match 3--Roppongi Vice vs. The Young Bucks

Thoughts: The match begins and the two teams begin the feeling out process, The YB’s get the upper hand for the first time as Nick Jackson hits a top rope arm drag.  He then goes for an early superkick but Baretta stops himself from running into it.  Later on, Nick hits a tornado DDT from the inside of the ring to the outside on Baretta.  Nick superkicks Baretta’s face off and gets a near fall.

The Young Bucks hit a moonsault suicide dive combination to the outside of the ring in a pretty smooth looking spot.  Back in the ring and Roppongi Vice hits a combination Lung Blower Footstomp combination for a near fall.  Baretta hits a shining wizard for a near fall, Nick kicks out and gets the upper hand and hits a corkscrew destroyer on Baretta for a near fall that could have easily of finished the match but didn’t.  Nick hits a 450 splash on Rocky while Matt was holding him in place on the ropes. 

The finish of the match came when The Young Bucks defeated Roppongi Vice with More Bang For Your Buck.  Pretty solid match overall I enjoyed it.Match Result: The Young Bucks defeat Roppongi Vice via pinfall after More Bang For Your Buck.

Match Result: ***

Out of that the Addiction storm the ring and attack both The Young Bucks and Roppongi Vice.  They hit Celebrity Rehab on one of the Bucks and they then hit a lifting double choke slam on Rocky Romero as the show comes to an end for the week.Good show this week that had a solid opener a forgettable second match and a pretty decent main event.  You definitely should give Ring Of Honor your time this week if you have a spare hour.

And with that we have come to the end of another one of my Ring Of Honor reviews for http://www.EyesOnTheRing.com.  Make sure to follow me on twitter @Headliner5, also make sure to check out and follow the Eyes On The Ring main account @EyesOnTheRing.  Also make sure to check out the radio show as we bring it to you live every Sunday via BlogTalkRadio at 11:00pm Eastern time as it comes to you via http://www.blogtalkradio.com/ElitePodcastNetwork we apologize for missing last week but something came up, we will be back with a great show this week.  Last but not least make sure to keep your Eyes On The Ring and the website for more of my ROH reviews as well as everything else that I decide to bring you throughout the week.  Also make sure to check out the other articles from all of the other EOTR contributors and team members.  Finally visit http://www.Facebook.com/EyesOnTheRing and be sure to like us and until next time Ringers I am Nathan saying so long and make sure to keep your Eyes On The Ring!


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