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Monday, August 10, 2015

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ROH TV Review: 8/8/15

By Nathan Neumann 

Hello once again Eyes On The Ring readers, I am Nathan here for yet another one of my Ring Of Honor Television reviews. It’s that time once again to get you up to speed with everything that happened on the show this week and what you need to know if you are a Ring Of Honor enthusiast like myself.

The show kicked off inside of the arena, as the cameras panned around the entire building to get a shot at the sold out crowd that was in attendance. From there, we go to Kevin Kelly and Steve Corino on commentary, as they run down the action that we will see tonight before sending us to the ring for the first match of the evening.

Match 1
Takaaki Watanabe vs. ACH 

Thoughts: Pretty good match here, but I still can’t decide whether or not I like Watanabe. He’s been okay from what I’ve seen of him, but something about him just doesn’t work for me and I’m not sure what it is. Eyes On The Ring favorite ACH was also in the match, which for me made it entertaining because that guy is simply amazing. The match started out with both guys trading chops in the center of the ring.  ACH shows off his athleticism to both the crowd and his opponent by doing some flips before delivering a dropkick to Watanabe. Watanabe recovers and hits a front suplex, and then Watanabe rolls to the outside of the ring as ACH recovers on the inside and runs off the ropes, flying to the outside of the ring with a vaulting body press.  ACH then decides to do a backflip off of the ring post on the outside of the ring just because, but his cocky attitude doesn’t prove to be wise, as Watanabe grabs ACH by the waste and delivers a German Suplex onto the floor. Watanabe gets in the ring and ACH is soon to follow after recovering for a bit. ACH shakes off the damage and nails Watanabe with a brainbuster and follows it up with a 450 splash on Watanabe to score the win via pinfall.

Match Result: ACH defeats Takaaki Watanabe via pinfall after a 450 splash.

Match Rating: **3/4

From there, we head to a pretaped segment where Nigel McGuinness is in the ring, and he announces that the winner of the match between Roderick Strong and Jay Lethal will go into All Star Extravaganza 7 as the Champion to defend the belt against former champion Jay Briscoe.
Next, we get a ridiculous commercial from reDRagon where Bobby Fish calls everyone fat because we eat Twinkies and other unhealthy foods.

Then, we go to another commercial, this time with Dalton Castle, who tells us to order his shirt because it’s going to change our lives!

We then head into the second match of the night.

Match 2
Donovan Dijak and J Diesel vs. War Machine (Hanson and Raymond Rowe)

Thoughts: This match was pretty intense throughout, the match began with big moves from the start, as Donovan Dijak and J Diesel showed some pretty good chemistry as a team, as Diesel lifted Rowe up and Dijak kicked Rowe in the face before Diesel brought him down for a spinebuster. Rowe recovers and hits Diesel with a side slam and Hanson gets tagged in and immediately hits a cartwheel clothesline. From there, Rowe made his way back into the ring and hit a T-bone suplex on Dijak. There was a point in the match where Dijak looked to have gotten dropped on his head and he quickly rolled out of the ring, so I hope he is okay.  Dijak was laid out in the corner and Hanson and Rowe took turns washing his face with their boots.  The match came to an end when Hanson hit a spin kick of doom and then both War Machine members hit Fallout On J Diesel to pick up the pinfall victory.

Match Result: Hanson and Raymond Rowe defeat Donovan Dijak and J Diesel via pinfall after hitting Fallout.

Match Rating: ***

We go to the third match of the night.

Match 3
Adam Page vs. Jobber #37

Thoughts: Okay, so Adam Page’s opponent’s name wasn’t actually Jobber #37, but they didn’t give him a name on commentary and the match didn’t last long enough for us to really care, which is why I’m not even going to bother to look it up. This match was very short and it ended when Adam Page hit his opponent with the Rite Of Passage for the pinfall victory.

Match Result: Adam Page wins via Rite Of Passage

Match Rating: N/A

After the match was probably the most important part of the entire thing, as Adam Page got on the microphone and called out Jay Briscoe when he knew that Jay Briscoe wasn’t even in the building that night. From there, BJ Whitmer gets on the microphone and begins throwing insults at Steve Corino,  and just as the two are face to face on the outside of the ring and yelling at one another, Nigel McGuinness is there to make sure that there is no physical contact.  This is leading to a match somewhere down the line, but like I’ve said before, I wonder if they are going to try and stretch this entire angle out until Final Battle or if they will do it sooner. Either way, I can’t wait to see where it leads.
From there, we flashback to two weeks ago when BJ Whitmer used Colby Corino as a way to provoke Steve Corino.

Finally, we head to the ring for the main event of the evening and at this point, Steve Corino has left commentary so it’s just Kevin Kelly for this one.

Main Event – Match 4
Matt Taven and Michael Bennett vs. Bobby Fish and Kyle O’Reilly

Thoughts: Before the match gets underway, Adam Cole makes his way out to the ring and joins Kevin Kelly on commentary. The match begins and the two begin the feeling out process, as Taven goes for an early sunset flip attempt, but O’Reilly manages to catch him with an armbar before he tags in Fish.  Taven kicks O’Reilly, who at this point wasn’t the legal man, from the rope and Bennett spears O’Reilly off of the apron. Bennett tags in and hits a Thesz press and follows it up with the Stone Cold Steve Austin Elbow drop, because lets face it, it would probably kill Bennett if he did something original right?  From there, Taven gets back in the ring and Bennett holds Kyle for Taven to clothesline him, but O’Reilly escapes and Taven accidentally clotheslines his own partner. Fish tags in and hits an exploder suplex on Taven in the corner of the ring.  O’Reilly hits Axe and Smash while Bennett hits Fish with a backpack stunner, as Taven comes off of the top rope to score a near fall.  Bennett hits a superkick and Taven hits an enziguri on O’Reilly followed by a spike piledriver that O’Reilly manages to kick out of. O’Reilly manages to tag in Fish, but Fish is tired as well and gets greeted in the ring with another spike piledriver which puts out reDRagon for the win and gives the IWGP Heavyweight tag team champions the win via pinfall.

Match Result: Matt Taven and Michael Bennett defeat Bobby Fish and Kyle O’Reilly via pinfall after a spike piledriver.

Match Rating: ***

Pretty decent show this week and three solid matches, though I wasn’t a big fan of Adam Page getting an enhancement match, but I guess they have to build guys up so why not do it the old fashioned way?

That however will do it for me and this review of Ring Of Honor Wrestling Television, a solid hour of wrestling and the main event this week is definitely worth seeing, as is the second match of the night, so if you can find the time this week,  watch this show and you wont be disappointed.  Make sure to follow me on twitter @Headliner5, also make sure to follow Eyes On The Ring @EyesOnTheRing please check out the radio show as we bring it to you live every Sunday via BlogTalkRadio at 11:00pm Eastern time via http://www.blogtalkradio.com/ElitePodcastNetwork. Finally, make sure to check out the home of everything, Eyes On The Ring as will of my reviews for ROH as well for my review of the two hour finale of Lucha Underground which aired this past Wednesday night. Last, but certainly not least, make sure to like us on facebook at http://www.Facebook.com/EyesOnTheRing until next time Ringers, I am Nathan saying so long and as always keep your Eyes On The Ring!



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