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Saturday, August 8, 2015

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Should Sting Have A Role In Summerslam?

Since signing with the WWE, we have watched Sting appear on RAW, cut a promo, lose his first match at Wrestlemania 31, then fade away. Speculation was that he would reappear at Summerslam, and with him confirmed to be there for the weekend, one would wonder if he would have a role in the actual event.

I personally think that Sting should not wrestle at Summerslam, since a one on one match with Bray Wyatt is out the window now that Reigns and Ambrose vs Wyatt and Harper has been set(hello 2014). However, with the mundane main event of Brock Lesnar vs The Undertaker taking place, I believe Sting's role in the event should be more than clear.

Interfere or distract The Undertaker, causing him to lose.

Now, I get it. Sting isn't a heel and he doesn't have a vendetta against The Undertaker right now, so why interfere? That's the good ol' question and while I don't have a solid answer for why Sting should do it outside of setting up a Wrestlemania 32 feud, I can say that most things in WWE rarely make sense, but they do it anyway. Hell, Taker vs Brock again doesn't even make sense, but as you see.... We have that now.

Sting could play mind games with Taker, leading to Taker being distracted by a flickering of the lights before Sting appears in the ring, as Taker goes to set up for a tombstone. Taker, distracted, drops Brock, and looks puzzled as Sting stands there while the crowd goes crazy for the first face to face encounter between the two. The lights flicker again, Sting is gone, Brock catches Taker with an F-5, then 1-2-3. Brock can't afford to be pinned by a weaker, older Taker and having Brock go over with a future Sting vs Taker match looming at Mania is the perfect way to have Taker lose, yet be set up for another feud.

Knowing WWE, Sting won't appear at all, and Taker will go over clean on Brock, once again doing something stupid that no one will understand. WWE logic.

What will Sting do at Summerslam? Will he even appear? Only time will tell.



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